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#Coronavirus Outbreak, Immediate Actions to Be Taken for Your Wedding Business


Sun Mar 22

As we all are aware of the ongoing global pandemic endangering the lives of thousands of people and bringing down the economy of the whole world. These are one of the most uncertain times and no one knows when the spread of this deadly virus is going to end.

We know as a wedding vendor or someone who owns a wedding business must be dealing with a hard time as the impact of the coronavirus is growing on every business including the wedding industry. None of us are truly aware of the estimated impact of this pandemic on the wedding industry due to its uncertain behavior.

It is no doubt, acknowledged that the situation of our country is far better than the other nations worldwide and our government is taking every possible action to make sure the chain of the spread of this virus can be broken. To support the government of India, we would request every business person or vendor in any industry to coordinate with the government and help the country to be virus-free.

Well, having said that we are aware of the situation of panic among wedding vendors and people in the wedding business as weddings are all about large gatherings and at this point, all we need is to avoid such large gatherings. Hence, a decline in the wedding business is observed. Well, these are not the times to panic rather focus on some important measures and steps that must be taken to keep up with your wedding business.

We are here to help our vendors in that, by providing you with some of the most urgent and helpful guidelines that are to be followed to make sure your wedding business is far from shut. So, make sure to read and follow these guidelines and avoid the situation of panic.

1.Be aware and spread awareness

The first and foremost step to be taken by all the vendors and wedding business owners is to stay aware of the current status of this pandemic in our country. A wedding business involves various workers from decorators to caterers coming from a place with little or no awareness about this deadly virus. So, make sure to stay acquainted and keep others aware of this ongoing pandemic and help them to learn the measures to avoid it.

2. Go completely digital

In today’s world of social media and fast networks, working from home is made easy. We all should be thankful to have all the facilities to keep us from getting bored during the home quarantine. Well, we are suggesting you use these amenities and follow up with your clients digitally. You can also build a profile on SetMyWed to make sure your business does well even during such hard times. Get in touch with as many customers as possible and reach them out in times of need.

3.Take care of your clients

If you are someone whose clients have postponed their wedding due to the ongoing pandemic then, make sure to stay in contact with them and assure them of your quality service after the situation gets better. Make sure to be available for them to help them out in the hour of need so they come straight to you when everything goes back to normal.

4. Make a new cancellation policy

During these times of uncertainty, your customers need you the most. If you want to run an ethical business then, try to modify your cancellation policy as it would not be fair to your customers to stay abide by your old refund policies in these uncertain times. Make sure to keep your customer relationship as well as your business ethics in mind. This would not only help you contribute a little to the society but also help you gain faithful customers and recommendations.

5. Help the ones in need

In these times, we all need to help the unprivileged and needy. Especially, the workers and the labor class in your business. Make sure to provide them with their daily wages to help them stay put in these hard times. If you are privileged enough then, make sure to help those who work for you in the hour of need.

6. Boost your immunity in the meantime

At present, there is no cure or vaccine in markets to treat the deadly coronavirus but, all we can do is stay home and work on our immunity. Make sure to eat your greens and other vitamin-enriched foods to strengthen your immune system to fight against this life-threatening virus.

7. Stay safe and keep your loved ones safe

Lastly, all we need to do in this hour of urgency is to make sure that we keep ourselves and our closed ones safe and isolate at home. Make sure to spend some quality time with your family and contribute in this fight against Covid-19.

These are some of the most helpful guidelines that you can and should follow to make sure your wedding business is not falling apart as well as to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and safe.

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