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30 best wedding photography tips every couple need to know before planning wedding shots!!!


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Wedding photography is very different from regular function photography or even from portraits. The lighting, the crowd, the attires, colors, everything is so much different at a wedding. All the rituals must be captured. The face of the bride and the groom must be in focus or strategically out of focus to deliver some signature wedding photographs.

All this is no job for a rookie. You will need a professional camera, a professional photographer, and some expert wedding photography tips to make sure the pictures represent the grand wedding to its full glory.

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Wedding Photography Necessities

Many people ask one of their friends to be their wedding photographer. But Indian wedding couple photography is not for every guy with a DSLR. The photographer needs to have some idea of how to shoot a wedding, how to take wedding photos, how to make the pictures look like they belong to a perfect big fat Indian wedding. In order to make sure the wedding photographs are perfect, you need certain prerequisites.

A professional camera with two sets of the lens to capture different kinds of angles and frames.
Separate equipment for videography so that every moment is captured both, in images, and in action.
A professional photographer and videographer, or at least a budding photographer from the family who has a good idea about photography, especially wedding photography.

A list of the crucial moments of the wedding that must be captured on camera. The photographer needs this list in order to be able to be at the right place at the right time.
The camera will have a flashlight attached to it but the natural and electrical lighting of the venue needs to complement the camera’s work. Without good lighting, the photographs will be all shiny and unevenly overexposed in the flash. They will need a lot of editing.
These were the prerequisites. Now let us move on to some wedding photo tips for perfect wedding photography.



Tips for Successful Wedding Photography

The prerequisite elements are indispensable. They must be arranged for well in time, days before the wedding. But you need some more expert tips to make sure that the elements find their best use.

A daytime wedding must be captured in natural sunlight. Whether there is an open mandap or not, make sure you take out the time to get some pictures clicked in the natural light. The smiling bride, the elated groom, their friends, the siblings, cousins, parents, everybody should get their pictures taken before the ceremonies start and they start to get all sweaty and their makeup starts wearing out.
The camera needs a dedicated charging point or at least 10 rounds of spare batteries.

The worst mistake a photographer can make is not having enough batteries.
The pictures need to look candid in a perfect way. You need the cooperation of the subjects of the photograph to make them beautiful and perfect.
Some pictures need to be candid shots. The true candid shots will be the best photographs from the wedding.

This is entirely a job for an expert photographer. This is the reason why just a person with a good camera is not enough.
The bride, groom, and other people in the frame should pause for the photographs. It is very tiring for the photographer to keep saying that 100 times an hour.

Also, saying that makes people conscious of the camera and results in lame pictures. The trick is to always be camera ready.
These were some wedding photography tips that must be kept in mind. Now, remember the list in the prerequisites? We could help you out with that.



Important Wedding Rituals and Moments to Capture

A wedding has many crucial moments. Some of them are the rituals that are carried out in the wedding process. Some of them are the joyous and emotional moments between the bride and the groom, and their families. There are so many precious moments to capture that even the best wedding photographer will fail to remember it all. Hence, here is a list to help you out.

The anticipation before the entry of the groom and the bride. The running about can be captured in the videos. Pictures of the bride getting ready are a must. These are easy because they are basically portraited shots in already good lighting. Do not miss out on the emotional moments between the bride and her mother and sisters. The makeup room is where all this happens. This is a place you need to be.
The groom’s entry must be captured top to bottom in the video. Make sure you do not miss this either. There must be enough stills from close range. The photographer needs to get close to the groom on his path of entry.

The bride entry is a huge deal as well. The typical Indian wedding scene of the bride walking down the stairs is a must. Her sister, cousins, and best friends walking with her need to be in the picture too. But the bride needs to be in focus.
Don’t forget to capture the face of the groom when he sees his bride for the first time, all decked up in her bridal look.
Also, don’t miss the subtle mischievous look the bride throws the groom’s way the first time their eyes meet on the day of the wedding.
The aashirvaad ceremony or its corresponding rituals must be captured. A classic mistake in this case is focusing only on the face of the bride/groom or on the elders who are blessing. Both the faces need to be in the frame. You may or may not ask them to look at the camera. The best thing is to have both the side faces in focus and symmetrically within the frame.
Next comes the phere. This is crucial. Keep taking photos of the bride and the groom as they walk circling the holy fire. The faces of the bride and groom should be in a close up focus in at least one picture. The bridal attire should be in full focus too. The knot and the holy fire in the same frame with one in focus and one out of focus but clearly in the frame is another essential photograph.
The sindoor scene is another must capture. The groom should be aware and pause for a few seconds to let the photographer capture the moment. The bride should have her face only slightly bent so that her eyes are in the picture and not just the head.
The bride and the groom looking at each other while the priest chants the mantras is another shot.
The friends of the bride and groom chatting each other up is a good moment to capture.
The bride having a secret sharing moment with her sister or best friend is a moment to capture candidly for real.
The groom stealing a glance at the bride, thinking nobody else is watching, is a very important shot. It is important enough to fake the candid if the photographer does not find the moment in real.
The sassiest wedding photograph would be if the bride is caught winking at the groom. This moment can be fabricated too.

The bride’s hand in the groom’s hand displaying her mehendi (and the groom’s if he has a bit of it too) is an essential take.
The close family and relatives feasting on a chicken leg is a funny wedding photo to take. Have the funny guys and gals of the group pose for these shots.
Take a picture of all the kids with the bride and the groom. This will be an endearing picture. This one is best taken in the open for natural light.
Take a picture of the bride and groom with all their friends in one frame. Make sure everybody has the patience to keep moving and posing till everybody’s faces are in focus.

Take snaps with the bride and groom standing in between both their parents.
After that, remove the parents and get the siblings from both sides, continue that with the maternal and paternal aunts and uncles from either sides. Make sure no important person goes without a photograph with the bride and groom on stage.
These photographs will make the wedding album look complete and perfect. Follow these wedding photography tips and you will need no further guidance. Of course, the photographer himself or herself might need some planning of their own. It will be very good if there are two cameras apart from the video camera. If there are two photographers on the spot, nobody has to run around the entire time, making sure every moment is captured.

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