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Best Mehndi Designs of 2020 – Most Unique Ideas


Fri Mar 1

Mehndi designs have changed a lot from decades and decades from simple application to beautiful floral designs.
The cultural diversity of mehndi designs are showing the versatility of Indian culture & Mehendi Artist Too.
In the world of continuous changing, here we have the best mehndi designs of 2019.
Indian culture, our heritage, and our mehndi designs are famous for its beauty in the whole world.
Mehndi from the past ten years has changed a lot. Showing simplicity to beautifully crafted designs. Earlier Mehndi is just like very simple without any creativity but then now the trend is changing and you can see the level of creativity in the mehndi designs.

Lets’ Discuss the Best Mehndi Designs of 2020

best mehndi designs

 Let’s talk about the themes of mehndi

Designs differentiate from themes, events, occasions, festivals, culture, and religion too.
Mehndi shows the versatility of the culture of India. And the emotions connected with the Mehndi.
Any festival or occasion is incomplete without the fragrance of mehndi and mesmerizing color of mehndi. The beauty of mehndi carried from decades in beautiful hands.
Eid or Diwali both are incomplete without mehndi. And even all the major functions are incomplete without Mehndi.

Let’s talk about the designs of mehndi crafted on beautiful hands-on Eid and Ramadan in 2019!!! 

Chaandraat, the night when every girl and women put up on mehndi on their beautiful hands before Eid.
Popular designs and trending floral print completes the occasion.  And also the beautiful designs made it more attractive and cool.
Then everyone strives for the perfect color and fragrance and also the emotions attached to them.
Mehndi is something that fits every occasion and festival.
Not only for brides but mehndi suits every event and beautifies every hand.

Let’s talk about the new designs turning up for Diwali, Mahashivratri, and more Hindu festivals. 

simple mehndi designs
Everyone wants new and more beautiful designs for every event or occasion. Our festivals like karwa Chauth are glorified with the mehndi. Women put on henna and fast the whole day for their husband’s long life and good health.
Our mythology connection with henna is very vast. We say that putting on henna attracts the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and goodness.
So the beauty of mehndi completes the festival of Diwali as well.
Not only a few festivals or occasions mehndi embraces our every happiness

Now the topic turns to the mesmerizing designs of mehndi. 
From simple to beautiful complex designs. 
From floral to Arabic designs. 
For school girls to married women. 
simple mehndi designs
best mehndi designs
    Simple the henna, elegant the henna. 
It’s well said as the designs which are simple are much prettier and beautiful.
School and college going girls like simple and elegant designs of mehndi.
Small flowers or simple chain designs look mesmerizing and wonderful in beautiful hands.

The jewelry designs in mehndi complete bridal mehndi and are loved more by the married beauties.
Mehndi designs convey feelings and themes as well.
Jewelry designs are majorly shown in marriages as it conveys that marriages include beautiful heavy Pieces of jewelry so to fulfill that look jewelry design plays a vital role.
The jewelry designs showed up more in 2019.
The elegance of this design is admired by everyone.
simple wedding designs

Reason to have the best Mehndi Designs on your Plam and Legs

The bride and her henna is admired by everyone

Bridal mehndi designs are the beauty of marriage.  It embraces bridal hands. Elegance and beauty are the pride of marriage and engagement ceremonies. The bridal designs have turned so beautiful in 2019.
The designs from the past few years replaced by the designs showing up in 2019.
Every year brings many new things. 
This year started with mesmeric henna designs. 
Henna attracts happiness.
Therefore women get happy when they hear mehndi word. They get enlightened when they hear mehndi word.
Henna conveys emotion and completes the occasion and turns it best.
It attracts happiness to everyone’s heart. 
Henna is loved by all.  Husbands admire their wives hands beautified with henna. 
2019 turned huge fan following not only from India from abroad too. 
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