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10 Brands To Get Your Exquisite Bridal Footwear From – Must Check Out!


Mon Mar 11

Exquisite Bridal Footwear
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

Bridal shoes are one item that stands at the nexus of grace and elegance in the subdued atmosphere of a softly lit bridal suite, where whispers of anticipation dance with delicate lace. With each stride, these alluring shoes transcend beyond being simple accessories and serve as dream-catchers, guiding the bride into her destined path of love. Each pair is a work of art, telling tales of classic romance and sophisticated style.

Everyone is aware that after accepting your wedding gown, shoes are the following step! Bridal footwear is a crucial component of every bridal trousseau, even though it doesn’t get much of a chance to shine with those eye-catching lehengas and bold jewelry pieces taking center stage. To be honest, those bridal gowns are very heavy, therefore you’ll need some comfortable shoes to wear it stylishly and without having to work too hard, won’t you?

The lively collections of Indian Footwear Labels that we have gathered for you today will knock you flat. Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi, and other pre-wedding festivities are planned, so brides-to-be will require more than a few pairs to match their wedding attire!  Therefore, there is a bridal shoe just ready to be put on, whether you like classic juttis, bridal sneakers, or heels with a little more flair and personality.

Here is the well-curated a list of 10 Brands To Get Your Exquisite Bridal Footwear From. This is something that you absolutely need to check out!

1. Papa Don’t Preach

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika is anything but your typical bridal style if you’re looking for a striking pair of shoes with a whimsical design and a pop of color. It was created in 2010 in Mumbai, the city of dreams, and it gives your bridal trousseau a touch of surprising and unusual artistry! One of the Best wedding Footwear Brands for upscale, luxurious shoes, Papa Don’t Preach Bridal Footwear collection, should be at the top of your list if you’re a bride hoping for an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind wedding appearance for your special day!

Buy It From Here: Papa Don’t Preach

2. Mochi

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

There is no need to introduce the well-known shoe brand! Since its inception in 2000, Mochi has lived up to the aspirations of several brides by fusing comfort and sophistication without breaking the bank. There is a shoe for every mood, event, and style, whether you’re looking for edgy pumps, lively heels, cozy sneakers, or attractive flats!

Buy It From Here: Mochi

3. Fizzy Goblet

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

Explore Fizzy Goblet’s bridal footwear collection if you’re a free-spirited bride searching for something unique and new to wear on your special day. Known for being both stylish and comfortable, their bridal shoe collection gives conventional designs a contemporary spin. Designer Laksheeta Govil’s team at Fizzy Goblet offers the best of both worlds for your feet, whether it’s with lively heels, sophisticated juttis, or cozy sneakers!

Buy It From Here: Fizzy Goblet

4. The Cai Store

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

Finding the ideal pair can occasionally be more difficult than finding the ideal mate. I mean, haven’t we all been there? So why not work with The Cai Store to realize your vision of the perfect pair of shoes? Your bridal ensemble will seem even more glamorous if you pair them with their chic flats, sultry pumps, or stylish heels. Their selection of unique and incredibly adaptable Indian footwear for aspiring brides will undoubtedly make you feel like Carrie Bradshaw.

Buy It From Here: The Cai Store

5. Fuchsia By Aashka Mehta

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

The bespoke bridal footwear collection by Fuchsia is the latest fashion must-have—it is vegan and entirely devoid of leather! When it comes to the most significant day of your life, Team Fuchsia can help you look your best by customizing your shoes to your exact specifications! With their exquisite selection of Indian footwear for weddings, you may add a touch of elegance to everything from dainty mojaris to gorgeous kolhapuris to stunning block heels.

Buy It From Here: Fuchsia By Aashka Mehta

6. Aprajita Toor

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

Do you need a little something to wear as your footwear, to go with your glitzy wedding look? The bridal shoe lines created by Aprajita Toor are highly recommended! Their footwear line is so colorful and well-made that we won’t be shocked if you decide to stock your entire wardrobe with it. Who can blame you with bridal shoes this gorgeous and brand-new?

Buy It From Here: Aprajita Toor

7. Needle Dust

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

The saying “To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to give reality to one’s dream” by Roger Vivier came to me as I was admiring Needle Dust’s dazzling jutti line. And on your special day, their jutti patterns are really magnificent—like something out of a fantasy! Their gorgeously comfortable juttis and traditional shoe styles are all you need to finish off the dream bridal ensemble!

Buy It From Here:

8. KKarma Accessories

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

The bridal footwear collection by KKarma Accessories is designed to stand out and is just as dazzling as you will be on your special day! Every pair, whether they are classic juttis or slingback heels, is elegantly made to satisfy the needs of millennial brides in terms of comfort, style, and adaptability.  Sincerely, we are already completely enamored with their selection of wedding shoes!

Buy It From Here: Kkarma Accessories

9. Veruschka Label By Payal Kothari

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

People frequently claim that nothing is perfect, but after seeing Veruschka’s Bridal footwear collection, I have to disagree. Each pair is expertly made by seasoned artisans using their skills, adding that extra sparkle to your bridal look. Who knew that lovely bridal heels could be both fashionable and practical!?

Buy It From Here: Veruschka Label By Payal Kothari

10. Pastels & Pop

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

Pastels & Pops is a novel approach to the Indian handcraft of manufacturing shoes, true to its name! The Chhabra sisters, Akanksha and Aarti, grabbed the world by surprise in 2015 when they launched their colorful and utterly enchanted jutti line for men and women! We nearly forget that they aren’t the ones shopping for shoes today because their wedding shoes are so gorgeous and vibrant. You might even be able to find a couple pairs on sale for the upcoming holiday season if you get over to their website right away!

Buy It From Here: Pastels & Pop

What is the average cost of Bridal Footwears?

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

The starting price of a bridal footwears is about 4000/-, but the rate depends on the type of footwear and the brand that you go forward with. The price will rise according to the exclusivity and brand name. Some bridal footwears cost around Rs. 30,000/- depending on the brand and the intricacy of the footwear’s design.

Remember to consider factors such as the customer reviews, reputation, and the brand details when selecting a bridal footwear for your special day!

Where can I Find The Best Bridal Footwears?

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Exquisite Bridal Footwear)

You can easily find bridal footwear and other bridal wear vendors on

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