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Top 50 Banquets Halls in Jhansi With Price – Wedding Venues & Farmhouses


Mon Feb 19

Banquets Halls & Wedding Venue in Jhansi

Look no further than these magnificent banquet halls and wedding venues in Jhansi if you’re looking for the ideal combination of elegance and charm for your big day in Jhansi. Located in the center of Jhansi, these venues provide an unmatched level of refinement and adaptability, guaranteeing a memorable Wedding.

Certainly! Here are some top banquet halls and wedding venues in Jhansi, along with their details: SetMyWed curated a list of top 50 banquet halls & venues for you.

  1. 1. Jannak’s Marriage Garden:
    • Location: Near GRS Motors Showroom, NH-76, Shivpuri Jhansi Road, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh 284419
    • Features: A good place for weddings and celebrations with beautiful decorations and easy accessibility from anywhere in Jhansi.
    • Contact: ???? +91 96530 67527
    • Website1
  1. 2. Hotel Chandela:
    • Type: 4-star hotel with banquet halls
    • Price: Veg menu starts at ₹1,800 per plate, non-veg at ₹2,000 per plate
    • Capacity: 250-2000 guests
    • Rooms: 89
  1. 3. Prema Kunj Resort:
    • Type: Lawns/Farmhouses with rooms
    • Price: Veg menu starts at ₹1,000 per plate, non-veg at ₹1,200 per plate
    • Capacity: 400-800 guests
    • Rooms: 30
  1. 4. Amar Mahal:
    • Type: Lawns/Farmhouses and resorts
    • Price: Veg menu at ₹750 per plate
    • Capacity: 1250-2000 guests
    • Rooms: 51
  1. 5. Orchha Palace and Convention Centre:
    • Type: 4-star hotel with banquet halls
    • Price: Veg menu starts at ₹1,100 per plate, non-veg at ₹1,500 per plate
    • Capacity: 100-1000 guests
    • Rooms: 97

Remember to explore these venues further to find the perfect setting for your special day!

Banquets Halls & Wedding Venue in Jhansi

What is the best time to book a banquet hall & Wedding venue in Jhansi?

The ideal time to book a banquet hall in Jhansi depends on several factors, including your preferred wedding date, the availability of the venue, and your budget. Here are some helpful tips to guide your decision:

  1. 1. Plan AheadEarly planning is crucial. As soon as you have a tentative wedding date, start looking for venues. Popular banquet halls tend to get booked quickly, especially during peak wedding seasons.


  1. 2. Seasonal Considerations:
    • Peak Season: If you’re planning a wedding during the popular wedding months (typically spring and fall), book at least 9 to 12 months in advance. These months see high demand for venues.
    • Off-Peak Season: For weddings during less busy months (winter or summer), booking 6 to 9 months ahead should suffice.


  1. 3. Weekdays vs. Weekends:
    • Weekends (Friday to Sunday) are the most sought-after days for weddings. If you have your heart set on a weekend wedding, secure your venue as early as possible.
    • Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) are often more available and may offer cost savings. Booking 6 to 9 months ahead is advisable.


  1. 4. Budget Flexibility:
    • If you’re flexible with your wedding date, inquire about off-peak discounts. Some venues offer reduced rates for weekdays or less popular months.
    • Last-minute bookings may be possible if you’re open to adjusting your date based on venue availability.


  1. 5. Guest Count and Venue Size:
    • Confirm your estimated guest count before booking. Some banquet halls have a minimum or maximum capacity.
    • If you’re planning a large wedding, book well in advance to secure a spacious venue.


  1. 6. Special Dates and Holidays:
    • If you have a specific date in mind (anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc.), book early to avoid disappointment.
    • Be aware of local holidays or festivals that might affect venue availability.


  1. 7. Tour the Venue:
    • Schedule visits to potential venues. Seeing the space in person helps you make an informed decision.
    • Ask about any upcoming renovations or changes that might impact your wedding date.

Banquets Halls & Wedding Venue in Jhansi

What is the average cost of a banquet hall in Jhansi?

The average cost of banquet halls & wedding venues in Jhansi can vary based on factors such as location, amenities, and capacity. While it’s challenging to provide an exact figure, I can offer some insights:

  1. 1. Hotel Chandela:
    • A 4-star hotel with banquet halls.
    • Veg menu: Starts at ₹1,800 per plate.
    • Non-veg menu: Starts at ₹2,000 per plate.
    • Capacity: 250-2000 guests.
    • More Details


  1. 2. Prema Kunj Resort:
    • Lawns/farmhouses with rooms.
    • Veg menu: Starts at ₹1,000 per plate.
    • Non-veg menu: Starts at ₹1,200 per plate.
    • Capacity: 400-800 guests.
    • More Details


  1. 3. Amar Mahal:
    • Lawns/farmhouses and resorts.
    • Veg menu: Priced at ₹750 per plate.
    • Capacity: 1250-2000 guests.
    • More Details


  1. 4. Orchha Palace and Convention Centre:
    • A 4-star hotel with banquet halls.
    • Veg menu: Starts at ₹1,100 per plate.
    • Non-veg menu: Starts at ₹1,500 per plate.
    • Capacity: 100-1000 guests.
    • More Details

Remember that the cost may vary based on additional services, decor, and customization. It’s best to contact the venues directly for precise pricing and availability. Happy wedding planning!

How do I negotiate with the venue for better prices?

Negotiating with a venue for better prices can be a strategic process. Here are some tips to help you get the best deal:

  1. 1. Research and Compare:
    • Know the market: Research other venues in the area to understand the average pricing. This gives you leverage during negotiations.
    • Compare packages: Compare what each venue offers in terms of services, amenities, and add-ons. Use this information to negotiate effectively.


  1. 2. Timing Matters:
    • Off-peak seasons: Consider booking during less busy months. Venues may be more willing to negotiate during these times.
    • Last-minute bookings: If the venue has availability close to your wedding date, you might get a better deal.


  1. 3. Be Polite and Professional:
    • Build rapport: Establish a friendly relationship with the venue manager or coordinator.
    • Express interest: Let them know you love their venue but are exploring options. Show genuine interest.


  1. 4. Ask for Discounts or Inclusions:
    • Package customization: Request modifications to the package. For example, exclude certain services you don’t need.
    • Complimentary services: Ask if they can include extras like additional decor, a bridal suite, or a complimentary room for guests.


  1. 5. Bundle Services:
    • Combine services: If you’re booking multiple events (reception, sangeet, etc.), negotiate a package deal for all events.
    • Catering: If the venue provides catering, negotiate a better rate for a larger guest count.


  1. 6. Be Prepared to Walk Away:
    • Don’t settle: If the initial offer doesn’t meet your budget, express your concerns politely.
    • Be ready to explore other options: Sometimes, showing you’re willing to walk away can lead to better terms.


  1. 7. Flexibility on Dates:
    • Flexible dates: If the venue has open dates, inquire about discounts for booking on less popular days.


  1. 8. Ask for a Detailed Breakdown:
    • Understand costs: Ask for a breakdown of charges (venue rental, catering, decor, etc.). This helps you negotiate specific items.


  1. 9. Leverage Your Guest Count:
    • Larger events: If you’re expecting a significant number of guests, emphasize this. Venues may be more accommodating.


  1. 10. Put It in Writing:
    • Document everything: Once you reach an agreement, ensure it’s documented in the contract.


Which Are the Best 5-Star Wedding Venues in Jhansi?

Certainly! While Jhansi may not have many 5-star wedding venues, there are some excellent options for hosting a grand celebration. Here are a few venues that offer top-notch services and elegant settings:

  1. 1. The Lalit Temple View Khajuraho:
    • Located in the UNESCO World site of Khajuraho, this venue is a paradise of elegant comfort.
    • Capacity: Accommodates 200 to 1000 guests.


  1. 2. AKS Parinay Garden, Jhansi:
    • A spacious venue for weddings and other events.
    • Capacity: Suitable for 100 to 3000 guests.


  1. 3. Shri Sitaram Vatika, Jhansi:
    • A beautiful wedding venue with ample space for celebrations.
    • Capacity: Accommodates 50 to 500 guests.


  1. 4. Jhansi Hotel:
    • Known for its comfortable ambiance and excellent services.
    • Capacity: Suitable for 80 to 400 guests.


  1. 5. Krishna Banquet Luxury, Jhansi:
    • A magnificent place for hosting regal affairs.
    • Capacity: Accommodates 100 to 800 guests.

Remember to explore these venues further and choose the one that aligns with your vision for a spectacular wedding!


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