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10 Bollywood Theme Wedding Decor Ideas You Should Check Out Right Now


Sat Jan 16

Themed weddings are super trendy and we have a winner theme already. The Bollywood theme wedding is one of our favourites and well, we all have cherished the romance, drama and action. So, here we have some amazing Bollywood theme wedding decor ideas for your big day that are a must-see for you. These are perfect even if you are opting for an intimate wedding ceremony. So, make sure to check out some of the quirkiest and filmiest Bollywood theme wedding decor ideas below and get ready for the filmiest wedding decor elements ever.

Bollywood theme wedding decor ideas

  • The “Premiere Night” Entrance

Well, we are drooling over this super glamorous Bollywood them entrance. Bollywood is known for its glam and glitters and well, this “premiere night” entrance is one of our favourite decor element for your wedding. so, if you are a Bollywood or movie lover, then this is your dream wedding entrance for sure.

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  • How About Some Action and Dram On Your Wedding Cake?

Every Indian wedding menu includes some of the most extravagant desserts and well, we have the most special one for your Bollywood theme wedding. A tower of movie hall theme cupcake topping with a beautiful film wedding cake. Well, we are in love with this idea and we are sure you are going to love it too. Check out the image below for your reference.

  • A Bollywood Special Food Truck

How about a food truck for your Bollywood theme wedding? If you want to serve snacks in the most quirky way possible at your wedding then, this is exactly what you are looking for. A food truck decorated with Bollywood blockbuster posters. Your Bollywood loving soul would be fulfilled with this for sure.

  • Some Decor Elements for Your Bollywood Theme Wedding

Well, every wedding decor includes some gorgeous floral decoration. So, for your special Bollywood theme wedding, we have found a special way to add those decorative flowers to your special day. Also, we have found some other amazing decor elements to accompany the filmiest floral decorations. Check out the image below for your inspiration.

  • Serve Food Like Movie Theatres

Serve those deliciously lip-smacking snacks to your premiere night in a special way. Well, if you are hosting a Bollywood theme wedding then, your guests are no less than a cheerful audience. So, just as movie theatres serve you popcorns in those mini, you can serve the snacks in those little thingies at your big day. Ain’t it an amazing idea?

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  • An Entrance with All The Bollywood Blockbusters

Well, if you are looking for more ideas to enhance the entrance of your special day then, this one has got all the Bollywood tadka you need. A star-studded entrance with all the famous movies of Bollywood is exactly what you need at your wedding entrance. So, make sure to pick your favourite Bollywood movies now.

  • Some Quirky Filmy Props Are Must

Well, a photobooth is always incomplete without some quirkiest props to add the much-needed quirk to your pictures. So, here we have included some of the filmiest props that are perfect to entertain your wedding guests at the photo booth. We are sure you are going to have the most stunning wedding pictures with a filmy twist.

  • Wedding favours That Are Way Too Perfect for Your Filmy Wedding

Need some ideas for your wedding favours decor? Well, we have got you covered as these little boxes are a perfect way to remind your wedding guests of your amazing Bollywood theme wedding. You can also add the rings to these boxes if you are planning a Bollywood inspired Engagement ceremony. Check out the image below for your reference.

  • A Cake with Your Filmy

Wedding cakes are the adoption of western culture that we are totally loving in Indian weddings. Couples nowadays are including a customised wedding cake to their big day and well, we are a big fan of this inclusion. So, here we have an amazing idea for your wedding cake below. Check out the image now.

  • A Photobooth for Bollywood Lovers

Lastly, a photobooth for your epic Bollywood wedding that is perfect if you want to opt for an Intimate wedding ceremony. Check out the image below for your inspiration.

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