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10 Indian Dresses for Groom to have the Regal Look


Wed Sep 18

Wedding season is both an enjoyable and stressful time. For grooms, you are preparing to enter one of the most crucial stages in your life. If you are groomsmen, you sadly have to bid said goodbye to yet another trusty wingman. And here we are to help you in search of the best dresses for groom in which you will get the best regal look.

Either way, it’s a big- big day for everyone. To make the best out of this day, your suit needs to be on point and sharp. Whether you are a groom, groomsman or just another guest attending the wedding, we have got you covered when it comes to choosing that perfect and right wedding suit.

dresses for groom

And, we get that groom’s wear always takes a backseat when you are too busy choosing the perfect lehenga and jewelry for your beloved bride. But, since it’s your big day too, we provide you with the best choices you could choose from on your big day!

All the grooms and best men in the house, this is a serious game and dressing your best is the best play. The pressures of the wedding season can be excessively stressful and trust us, we feel you!

We can surely help you choose the perfect dress out of this forest of wedding dress for men.

Before jumping into the list of outfits you could consider, there are certain points to keep in mind before buying that dapper outfit.

  • Perfect Fit is Crucial

You should never under-estimate that fit is everything. With all eyeballs on you and your bride, you need that fit to be faultless. No matter how great and sharp your suit or tux fits off the rack, perfect tailoring is very important to getting rest of the way.

  • Outfit That Compliments Her’s 

Make sure you are looking dapper and don’t forget that it’s you who is the star in the tux. It’s your Big Day, so it should be obvious that you are the leading man. But, in the middle of all this, don’t forget that this is her big day. Your job is to compliment her dress, not overshadow it. So before choosing your outfit to keep in mind, how formal her dress is, it’s color and things like its design. These should all factor into how you dress.

  • Know Your Venue

Many couples opt for different types of locations for their big day, make sure that you know your place well and try to dress to match the vibe of the place. Being a dapper groom really is made or broken here.

Now, Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list.

  • Sassy Asymmetrical

Combine the two hottest trends going on, asymmetrical and bold colors. Asymmetrical will surely help you to stand out of the crowd and perfect for the cocktail night. This design is definitely a little different yet innovative and super stylish. Make sure to have one of these in your shopping list to absolutely rock your look.

  • Wine is the new Black!

With fast fashion changing every day, the new and hot trend going on is without a doubt, wine colour. Wine is going in circles. Many Grooms-to-be who choose red for their wedding colors will prefer a darker red instead of the traditional red, such as burgundy, which I think was the wedding color of 2018 and it’s just getting stronger for 2019.

  • Heavenly White

Choosing the color white is a risky yet super stylish choice to make. White is also incredibly classic and romantic. This totally timeless color scheme can never go out of fashion. The key to getting this look right is all about texture and lovely fitting. Using a different type of style creates interest and all the lightings can set the right kind of tone.


  • Super Sharp Bandhgala

Divine example of richness, class, and sophistication. The Bandhgala is a favorite with royals and nobles. These are great to be worn for a high class, expensive wedding. This is one of most dashing and latest dresses for groom

Two popular styles of the bandhgala dress for men are the kurta with churidar for the ultimate Indian look or the sleek pants with rajputi kurta for a contemporary look.


  • Simple and Sharp

For a relatively simple mehndi look, opt for a band collar kurta prettified layering it with an ethnic jacket.

  • Coordinate With Her: The most trending dresses for the groom

When it comes to couple clothing, the safest bet, beyond doubt is to be all match-match with your man on the wedding day! If you and your guy are tying the knot sometime soon, make sure to color coordinate your wedding outfits with a classy twist!

dresses for groom

You don’t have to go all out, just keep it nice and subtle, for the two of you to be in sync with each other. It’s super adorable and cheerful and somehow, adds that extra personal touch to the entire wedding event. And indeed this is the sweetest and most trending and latest dresses for groom.

  • Get Fancy

If you have a thing with trying something edgy and going OTT. Then, this type of outfits is ideal for you. Go extra and absolutely steal the show with wearing something off the beat and looking sharp. Move over monotone tuxedos and monotonous sherwanis! Grooms, update your wedding wardrobe with something wacky.


  • Starry Sherwani

A sherwani for your big day should be absolutely a show-stealer. Look regal at your reception in a fitted and heavily embellished sherwani such as this one. It’s in a beautiful deep black shade with colored zari.

  • Bracing in Blue

How can we not to mention the blue shades? Whether it is the hottest choice of navy blue,  dusty blue, royal blue, baby blue or any other shades of blue, the blue shades have gone to the front of the line for popular wedding colors. This is a super sleek choice for a groom who likes to keep it cool.

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