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10 Must-Try Recipes You Should Cook During This Quarantine


Fri May 15

This lockdown is proving to be quite stressful for everyone with the global pandemic going on. It is a dream of many to stay at home and chill but, this lockdown has made everyone to urge going back to their work life. Well, we not only realized the value of working but this lockdown has made everyone realize the value of street food. Everyone is missing the chaat and gol gappas, that this lockdown took away from us. Not just that but, people are also turning into chefs to get the lip-smacking taste of their favorite street foods

So, if you someone stuck in your house, which we all are and missing your favorite junk food then, this article is your cooking guide. Since, everyone is turning into a chef, the brides, and the grooms to have an amazing opportunity to learn how to cook some of the most delicious dishes of all time to impress their other half. Make sure to read our complete list of delicious foods you can try at home without many ingredients. Check out our list below and try out your favorite dish now.

1. Dalgona mug cake

This lockdown has brought many trends but, the dalgona coffee trend is here to say. We can bet that you must have already tried out the delicious dalgona coffee as soon as the trend went viral. Well, if you haven’t yet then, we have something even better than the simple dalgona coffee. Yes, you read it right, all the coffee lovers out there this one is for you. try out this amazing dalgona mug cake by adding the dalgona coffee to your simple mug cake batter and when it is done add the frosting of dalgona coffee to enjoy the taste of rick coffee.

2. Mango barfi
We all love summers for many reasons and mangoes are one of them. This mango burfi is a must-try for a mango lover. All you need is some mango puree, a cup of milk powder and you are good to go.

3. Mumbai style pav bhaji
Aren’t we all missing the street style pav bhaji with extra butter? Well, it is not that difficult to make your own Mumbai style pav bhaji. So, collect as many veggies as you can and mash them up with spices to your taste. Don’t forget to add lots of butter and also make sure to prepare garlic chutney to add a garlicky twist to your pavs.

4. Mojito with a twist of Mango
One of the most refreshing drinks we all loved to have in summer is a chilled glass of mojito. Well, why make an ordinary mojito when you can add a little twist of mango to it? Yes, that’s exactly what you need to refresh yourself in summers. Prepare some mango puree and add some mint leaves, a squeeze of lemon, and sprite or soda to your glass. Don’t forget to add some ice cubes to get the ultimate refreshment.

5. Cheesy nacho chaat
One of the simplest recipes to try at home which also makes your taste buds dance in joy. A nacho chaat is all you need to savor your taste buds. Get some packets of Doritos of your favorite flavor, cut some onions, tomatoes and add corn and mayonnaise to it. Grate some cheese over the veggies and crush some nacho chips and microwave it for 2 minutes and you are good to go.

6. Cocktail momos
If you are done making the old-style steam momos then, this is what you need to make now. Just fry some momos instead of steaming them and meanwhile prepare a coating of schezwan sauce and mayo. Now put these fried momos to the sauce and coat them evenly. Serve them with mayo and enjoy it.

7. Gol gappe
If you are missing your favorite street food, gol gappas then, this would be a perfect time to make some at home. Fry up some gol gappas and add imly chutney, mint chutney, and sweet curd in each. Garnish these balls of heaven with some coriander leaves and enjoy.

8. Oreo ice cream
Ice cream is one of the most amazing things about summers and during this lockdown, we are hardly finding any ice cream vendor nearby so, why not make your ice cream at home? All you need is a packet of Oreos and a liter of milk to make this delicious ice cream and chill in summers.

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