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12+ Beautiful Rakshabandhan Mehendi Designs That Will Surely Impress You!!


Thu Jul 28


All set for Rakhi? Let us remind you of the checklist. I bet there’s something you still won’t remember! The special Rakshabandhan Mehendi design, duh! But don’t worry SetMyWed has got your back.

For the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, you need some pretty Rakhis, puja samagris, and of course, some inspo for your henna etched hands.
To commemorate the special bond between brother and sister and even sister-in-law, we Indians celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan. And Mehendi holding a deep-rooted significance in our culture is a must-have in our festivals. The sisters and sister in laws get their hands adorned with henna-laden stains for this very occasion.

Now, Whether you want a simple Mehendi design with flowers and traditional patterns or some fancy and cute Rakhi special designs, we have them in store for you. Bookmark your favorite ones as there are gonna be many gorgeous ones! 

With Rakshabandhan right around the corner, let us quickly help you with some beautiful Mehendi designs.

raksha bandhan mehendi design

mehndi designs for raksha bandhan

Simple But Detailed Mehendi Design

Need the simplest yet prettiest design? We got you! This simple, traditional, and delightful mehndi design is just for your beautiful hands. The short design is suitable for working women. Plus have you had a look at the intricacies? It’s just a piece of art I must say! Flowers, swirls, detailed keris, and circular patterns make this a wonderful design.


raksha bandhan mehendi design
Source: Pinterest


Floral Patches With Bracelet

Traditionally, it is believed Mehendi on the backhand is for a brother’s good luck. This elegant backhand design is another stunner! Detailed floral patches with whirls, leaves, and other small flowers in the center and a floral bracelet for the wrists look so ethereal! And the pretty designs on the fingers are also no less!

Raksha Bandhan Mehendi Design
raksha bandhan mehendi design
Source: Henna By Haajarah


Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic Mehendi is so in trend! And flower patterns on the edges of your hands with some checks design make it a distinct type of design. And not to mention it looks so appropriate for festivals like these.


raksha bandhan mehendi design
Source: The Adorn Mag


Unique Check patterned Mehendi Design

Check patterned boundaries enclosing small floral intricacies and an elaborate finger design to make it totally distinguished and unique design. The design on the wrist enhances its beauty to another level. Making it a modern and contemporary design, the black or extremely thin henna would work perfectly well with this design.

Mehndi Designs for Raksha Bandhan
Rakshabandhan Mehendi Designs
Source: Henna By Mayaa


Modern Backhand Mehendi Design With Lotus

Swirls and semicircles all over the backhand with detailed design make it look so beautiful. Semicircles filled with jaalis and lotus and the detailed work in the fingers also allure our eyes. Perfectly charming is this simple, sophisticated, and modern Mehendi design.

Raksha bandhan mehendi design

mehndi designs for raksha bandhan
Source: Brown Hue Mehendi


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Elaborate Mehendi Design

Who doesn’t love elaborate Mehendi etched hands? We are in awe of this grand Mehendi design which includes lots of Ful Patti patterns, intricate borders, and jalis with floral motifs. Just jaw-dropping it looks! If this is your first Rakhi as a newly wedded then this design is perfect for you.


mehndi designs for raksha bandhan
Source: Henna by Divya


Half Mandala Style Mehendi For Backhands

The simplicity of this Mehendi design appeals to us the most! A half mandala style design with the floral interior on the backhand and beautifully etched henna on the fingers in a crisscross jali pattern looks so pretty. With stars added to this design, it makes it look like magic! Completely adorable, it appears!


mehndi designs for raksha bandhan
Source: Brown Hue Mehendi


Lumba And Latkans Etched On Hands!

Lumbas are rakhis for sisters-in-law. Adding lumbas and your brother’s name signifies so many things. Showing your love for your sister-in-law and your brother is so pure! This design is so pretty and dear you would love to try it out this year!

Raksha Bandhan Mehendi Design

mehndi designs for raksha bandhan
Source: Mehendi Artist Bhumi


For Bhaiya Ki Laadli Behen!

Etching your Pyaare Bhaiya’s name on the Mehendi of your hands is such a nice way to show your love! Such a pretty design with lotus, flowers, and several jaalis along with an image of a sister tying Rakhi on her beloved brother’s hand is just awesome. And adding your brother’s name on top of this beautifully decorated Mehendi design makes it so wholesome, doesn’t it?

Raksha Bandhan special mehndi

raksha bandhan special mehndi
Source: Ayushi Art


Raksha Bandhan Special Mehndi Design

Rakhi is incomplete without a creative Mehendi on your hands, isn’t it? The image of the brother on one hand and the sister tying the rakhi, on the other hand, looks completed when both hands are together, signifying the bond of togetherness and love between brother and sister. This design is so beautiful and creative.

Raksha Bandhan Special Mehndi

raksha bandhan special mehndi
Source: Nandini Maheshwari Mehendi


Cute Childhood Moments!

Want to add some unique and personal touch to your Mehendi? This is perfect for you! A cute miny cartoon version of you and your brother imprinted on your hands will surely bring a smile to your faces. Recreating old memories through your Mehendi is such a unique way! This super cute and pretty Mehendi is a great thing to try something out of the box and slay your festival!!


raksha bandhan special mehndi
Source: Kalakruti Mehendi


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We wish you a very Happy Rakshabandhan!

These are some of the trendy and beautiful Mehendi designs for Raksha Bandhan. We hope our ideas have inspired you. For more such ideas follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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It is a customary ritual that has been followed by the Indians for centuries. Every sister ties a rakhi on her brother's wrist and prays for his long life and prosperity. In return, the brother offers her gifts. Raksha Bandhan is a grand festival and an occasion for brothers and sisters to meet, pray for each other's betterment and strengthen the bond of love.
Absolutely not. The only condition is that the person needs to be someone you consider to be a sibling. So, you can make promises to your best friend, maternal uncle or even your parents if you want to. It's all about love, not about blood relations. If you want to make your brother happy, you can make a promise to help her with her work or even with her studies. It is all about giving and taking, so you decide what you want to give to your brother and/or sister.
Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of a unique bond of love, affection and protection between a brother and his sister in India. This festival holds a special significance in the culture of Hindus and Sikhs. There are many legends about the origin of Raksha Bandhan. The most famous one is about Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who performed a selfless service for his younger sister, Sita. When expected to protect himself, he protected his sister instead. This teaches the lesson of selfless service of a brother towards his sister. It is the day of Rakhi when a sister ties the Rakhi or Rakhi Thread on her brother’s wrist. It is considered to be the strongest bond of love and protection between a brother and a sister.

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