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12+ Breathtakingly Dramatic Long Veil Bridal Photoshoot Ideas


Wed Mar 10

Bridal photoshoot ideas are changing every year and we are here to make sure you stay updated with the latest trends. Well, we have seen so many brides opting for a long veil bridal shot inspired by Priyanka Chopra Jonas to get that astonishing bridal photoshoot. So, here we have some breathtakingly beautiful long veil bridal photoshoot ideas that are perfect for your bridal photoshoot inspiration. Also, make sure to bookmarks your favourite poses and practice them from our list below.

Breathtakingly Dramatic Long Veil Bridal Photoshoot Ideas

The Gorgeous Bridal Photoshoot In Ivory Lehenga And Long Veil

Well, we loved this bride looking divine in her ivory bridal lehenga. Also, the long veil shot is just super astonishing and inspiring. So, if you want some amazing bridal photoshoot ideas then, make sure to check out the images below now.

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A Stunning Long Veil Shot With Cinematic View

We are so in love with this long veil shot giving us major cinematic vibes. The bride and her groom are looking so adorable with an astounding long veil shot from the back. Well, this has got to be one of our favourites.

Long Veil Shot at The Stairs Is An Absolute Stunner

Well, if you wish to get that picture-perfect shot with your groom on your big day then, this is just perfect for your inspiration. We loved the elegant posture of the couple with the added effect of a long veil bridal shot at the stairs.

Well, Ain’t This Bridal Veil Shot Super Dramatic And Astounding?

This dramatically gorgeous long veil bridal photoshoot is just splendid. We are in awe of the painting at the back giving such a cinematic view and the long veil is just adorable. Make sure to check out the image below for your bridal photoshoot ideas.

We Loved the Long Veil Bridal Entry Shot At The Stairs

We all got inspired by Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s bridal entry photo with a long veil. Well, this bride took thee inspiration to another level and we are so in love with this bridal entry shot. This bride is looking nothing less than a royal princess in this picture.

A Beautiful Bridal Veil Shot for Your Inspiration

Well, if you want to have a not so over the top bridal photoshoot with a dramatic veil then, this is your perfect inspiration. So, do check out the image below for reference and start practising your poses.

The Adorable Long Veil Shot by The Window

Well, every bride longs for the arrival of her groom’s baraat and this bridal shot is perfectly depicting the wait. A beautiful bride standing next to a window, looking enchantingly beautiful with her long veil waiting for the baraat.

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An Astounding Long Veil Bridal Photoshoot At The Beach

Oh so adorable! Well, we just cannot get over this beach wedding photoshoot for its perfect shot. The bride is looking an absolute perfection in her blush pink floral lehenga and a long veil. Check out the image below.

“Looking Over the Balcony” Long Veil Bridal Shot

The “looking over the balcony” is priceless and we are in love with this one. Moreover, the dramatic long veil is giving us major bridal photoshoot goals.

We Are In Awe of This Contemporary Long Veil Shot

Well, we are sure of this shot to be perfect for the millennials. A beautiful bride in her ivory lehenga walking down the stairs with a long veil, perfection!

Bridal Entry Photoshoot With A Long Veil

This has to be one of the best bridal entry photoshoots we have ever seen. Just have a look at the image below and adore the beautiful bride.

Let Your Bridesmaids Handle Your Veil Shot

Well, why don’t you let your bridesmaids handle your long veil while you walk down the aisle? We are in love with this bridal shot.

“On The Way” Bridal Long Veil Shot

Lastly, we find this “on the way” bridal photoshoot super adorable with a long veil. Check out the image below for more inspiration.

**All pictures belong to their respective owners. No copyright intended only for inspiration purpose.

Source: Pinterest

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