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12+ Gorgeous Couple Seating Ideas Perfect for Your Intimate Wedding


Sat Oct 3

A wedding is incomplete without an extraordinarily beautiful couple’s seat. One of the most beautiful and astounding décor elements include the couple seating at the wedding. With the ongoing pandemic, weddings in India have taken a new shape. Weddings in India have become more close-knitted and intimate than ever. Well, we are both loving this newness and missing the old times. Moreover, the décor game of an intimate wedding is difficult to bring up. Well, worry not as we have some interesting couple seating ideas for you to keep your intimate wedding lively and extravagant.

These couple seating ideas have us swooning over them and we admire them for their uniqueness. Well, if you are a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be then, these couple seating ideas are worth looking at before your intimate wedding. Some of these are DIY ones while some are super exquisite and extravagant. We have got both the home weddings and luxurious intimate weddings covered with these beautiful couple seating ideas. So, make sure to choose your favourite from our list below and start ordering the decoration elements you need to make your own DIY couple seating from our list below.

  • The Bright and Vibrant with Flamingos Around

One of the brightest and most vibrant couple seating ideas we have ever seen. The flamingos are enhancing the beauty of this seating decor and we are awestruck by the choice of colours and shades.

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  • Specialised Bride & Groom Chairs

A simple yet effective way to add an exquisite element to the couple seating at your wedding. Two chairs, specialised for both the bride and the groom with a veil in the back and bow tie for the groom.

  • The Couple’s Nest with A Hashtag

We are absolutely loving this couple’s nest with a personalised hashtag for the bride and groom. The minimal floral decor and woody vibes are making this couple seating one of the best in our list.

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  • All the Vibrancy In the World

OMG! Look at the vibrant colours used here. This looks absolutely refreshing and stunning for a couple’s seating. Well, we have found the best of all couple seating ideas for a poolside wedding.

  • A Pair of Floral Decor Chairs

One of the cutest of all, this seating idea is melting our hearts with its adorable decor and aesthetics. Beautiful colourful bulbs hanging over the couple’s seat with minimal floral decor is everything you need to make your couple seating adorable.

  • Simple and Subtle Mandap Seating

A subtle yet elegant way to arrange the couple seating over the Mandap. These two beautiful chairs are giving us antique vibes and the little decor with Jai mala is adding so much more beauty to the whole frame.

  • The Coachella Themed Seating

Well, this one is our favourite. The Coachella themed couple seating is so much in trend these days and we see absolutely no reason for this to go out of trend.

  • Comfy Chairs with Lush Green Backdrop

Two simple and comfy seats arranged in a lush green surrounding is everything you need to add the decor element to your wedding. Let nature be the decoration at your wedding.

  • A Floral and Peachy Swing for the Couple

A blushing affair with beautiful pastel coloured swing and cushions decorated with astonishing floral bouquets.

  • Gorgeous Shell Shaped Seating

Well, isn’t it the most unique couple seating ever? A shell-shape couple’s seating is one of our favourite couple seating ideas, for your beach wedding.

  • A Garden Style Couple Seating

Have a stunning backyard with a proper garden? Well, all you need is a beautiful couch and the flowers in your garden as the backdrop to make the best DIY couple seating ever.

  • A Pastel Affair with OTT Floral Decor

An OTT floral decor on a beautiful swing can never go wrong. Well, for a personalised touch, you can add your hashtag to the seating area. Check out the image below for more inspiration.

  • The DIY Couple Seating with Astonishing Backdrop

A gorgeous balcony, some quirky cushions, a small couch, and a stunning backdrop surrounded by flower pots completes the list of ingredients for a perfect DIY couple seating for your intimate wedding.

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