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12+ Lip-Smacking Finger Foods to Serve At Your Wedding


Mon Feb 15

An exquisite wedding menu is one of the most important parts of a wedding. Well, we are sure you would want to amp up your wedding menu and so, we have some delicious finger foods for the purpose. The best part about serving finger foods at your wedding is zero food wastage. Well, they are also easily accessible and doesn’t ruin the makeup of those gorgeous girls at your wedding. So, we are making sure you serve the best of finger foods at your wedding and make a memorable menu for your wedding guests. Check out our list of some of the most unique finger-foods to serve at your wedding below.

Lip-Smacking Finger Foods to Serve At Your Wedding

The Mini Burgers Are Just Perfect

Mini burgers are something you hardly see at a wedding. Well, we are sure this would put a wide smile on the faces of your guests. It would be a unique way to serve one of the most loved snacks at your wedding.

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Everyone’s Favourite Bite-Sized Pizzalettes

Well, who doesn’t love pizzas? From little kids to adults, everyone looks for that one food item on the wedding menu and that’s pizza. So, here we have found you a perfect way to serve mini pizzas on a stick at your wedding.

Mexican Mini Tacos On the Go

People in India love to have foods from different places around the globe. Well, one such cuisine includes the Mexican tacos. Thus mini tacos would be one of the most perfect finger-foods to serve at your wedding.

Chatpati Chaat In A Cone

Well, everyone loves to have chaat at a wedding in India. So, to make sure everyone can have their favourite snack at a wedding in a unique way, these chaat cones are perfect. They are mini bite-sized cones with a twist that would surely make your wedding menu stand out.

Golden Yellow Bhutta On A Stick

How about some buttery golden-yellow bhutta served steaming-hot at your wedding? Well, we are a fan of this perfect wedding appetizer especially if you are tying the knot during monsoon. This would add a unique touch to your wedding menu for sure.

Tangy Spaghetti On A Fork

We are totally in with this idea of serving fork-sized spaghetti as appetizers to your wedding guests. Well, everyone loves to have nice Italian food at a wedding but given the variety of food available, not everyone can enjoy it. So, these finger foods are a perfect way to make sure your guests get to cherish every food item on your menu.

Finger Chips In a Shots Glass

This is one of the most epic ways of serving finger chips to your guests. We are sure they would love the little shots of their favourite potato snack.

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Buttery Popcorn In A Paper Cone

We hardly see popcorns at a wedding so, here’s your cue to serve a paper cone full of buttery popcorns and let your guests savour the taste.

Jam Stuffed Churros Are Love

Churros are not commonly seen at an Indian wedding. So, if you want to go overboard with your wedding menu then, don’t forget to add jam-filled churros to your list.

Mini Nutella Pancakes With Berries On A Stick

Nutella pancake sandwich is a perfect treat for everyone at your wedding. Well, don’t forget to add some berries to the sticks to make it more delicious.

Chocolate Glazed Marshmallows for The Kids

Kids love to have marshmallows and so, we found these chocolate-coated marshmallows on a stick perfect for the dessert at your wedding.

Caramel Popcorn On Popsicle Sticks

We loved the idea of serving caramel popcorn on popsicle sticks. This dish is going to amp up your wedding menu for sure.

Cookies and Milk In A Shots Glass

Lastly, every Indian wedding has snacks or beverages at the time of Pheras and so, we have found just the perfect food for it. Milk in shots glass with a cookie on top. Isn’t it adorable?

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