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12+ Vintage Wedding Decor Elements That Would Look Super Adorable At Your Wedding


Fri Feb 12

If you are planning to have a vintage wedding with lush green surroundings then, this article is a must-read for you. We have listed some adorable wedding decor elements for you below. Well, we find these decor elements super adorable and dreamy for your wedding. Also, you can make your own vintage decor to make your wedding look even more personalised. Well, the idea is to make sure that every nook and corner at your wedding looks adorable with tiny decorations. Moreover, these wedding decor elements are some of the most whimsical ones we have listed for you below. So, make sure to check out our complete list of vintage wedding decor elements below and pick your favourite ones now.

Whimsical Vintage Wedding Decor Elements

A Vintage Ladder With Floral Decor

A vintage wedding ladder embellished with gorgeous pastel flowers is one of the best wedding decor elements that you can simply put together all by yourself. We love the whole look and vibe of this decor element. Check out the image below.

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A Wooden Polaroid Frame

Well, if you and your other half have a dozen of polaroids together then, make sure to cherish those moments at your wedding. All you need is a large wooden frame with some fairy lights to customise your wedding decor.

Wooden Crate with Floral Embellishments

How about something innovative and beautifully vintage for your big day? Lots of wooden crates decorated with your favourite flowers would make a perfect vintage decor element for your wedding. Check out the image below for your reference.

Minimal Decor With Wooden Hoops And Flowers

Well, we have something super gorgeous with adorable vintage vibes to it. All you need is some huge wooden hoops and some enchanting floral garlands and there you have it. A vintage hanging decor element for your wedding.

Tiny Hanging Bottles With A Bunch of Flowers

Another cutest little decor ideas are these tiny glass bottles with beautiful flowers in them. Well, we are in love with this wedding decor element and you should check it now.

Popsicle Sticks As Flower Vase With Lace Embellishments

One of the easiest DIY vintage vases for the table decor. All you need are some popsicle sticks and glue them together and decorate them with beautiful lace. Voila! A vintage flower vase is ready.

A Tin Full of Flowers

Well, we have this super cute and vintage hanging decor idea for your special day. Just add some beautiful looking flowers to a tin container and hang them at the gate. Check out the image below for your reference.

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A Carved Wooden Box for Rings

How adorable are these wooden boxes for rings! Well, if you want to add some astonishing vintage vibes to your wedding then, these carved wooden boxes are perfect as your ring holder.

Embroidery Hoops to Hold Your Polaroids

We absolutely loved this idea of using embroidery hoops as photo frames with little floral decor. Check out the image below for inspiration.

A Wooden Ladder Shelf Decorated With Flowers

Well, this wooden ladder shelf is the most vintage look wedding decor of all. You can use it as photo shelf too and don’t forget to add a touch of floral decor to it.

DIY Wooden Frame Embellished With Floral Garlands

If you want to keep it simple then, this large wooden frame with some floral garland embellishments is just the perfect wedding decor element for your vintage wedding.

A Paper Lantern with Flowers On Top

Well, we are in love with the idea of paper lanterns especially when they are decorated with beautiful flowers. Check out the image below for your inspiration.

A Huge Polaroid Frame With the Couple’s Name

Polaroid frames are quite famous these days to get that picture-perfect shot at your wedding. Well, below is an adorable inspiration for you.

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