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15+ easy and beautiful Mehndi designs – Set My Wed


Sat Jun 18

15 easy and beautiful Mehndi designs:-

Haven’t chosen your mehndi design yet? Well, fear not! we have curated a variety of impressive mehndi designs for your Big day. A perfect mehndi design to compliment your wedding look and personality is a must in Indian weddings. Besides signifying auspiciousness, mehndi also adds to the beauty. Etched on the hands are the exquisite motifs of this ever-evolving art. Whether you love stylish henna or a minimalistic, we have got you covered with all types of designs. Awestruck by these beautiful henna-laden hands, I’m quiet you would pin down a few of these pretty designs.

If you prefer modest elegant designs over extravagant mehndi designs, these are ideal choices for you.

1. Half-Hand Mandala Design:

This simple yet graceful mandala-style henna design is the perfect option for a minimalist look. With a detailed mehndi bracelet on the wrist and floral and leaf designs on the fingers, this is one of the evergreen designs. Even Alia Bhatt, a popular B-town celeb, chose a similar design for her wedding.


mehndi designs
Source: Mehendi by Isha


mehndi designs
Source: Instagram [Alia Bhatt]

2. Flower-Patterned Jali Design:

Looking for a chic mehndi design for the backhand? This might impress you. Small flowers with dotted jali are a great combination for presenting a simple and elegant look.


mehndi designs
Source: Pinterest

3. Floral Veil Mehndi:

Though traditional mehndi designs never go out of fashion, these Arabic veil designs are suitable for everyone. Be it a distant relative or the bride itself, this is a perfect fit for all. Flowers with henna-filled gaps and detailed designs on the wrist are truly eye-catching.


mehndi designs
Source: Instagram [Naima henna blog]

4. Haath Ful Design:

Keeping it simple is the key! This intricate haath ful type of mehndi is yet another subtle and pretty design. With fine details and thin strokes of henna and looking just like a piece of jewelry, this is an OTT look for a minimalist bride.


Source: Pinterest

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5. Geometric design:

Finding some exclusive and easy mehndi design, then this one is for you. Going for rather simple geometric shapes yet surpassing the beauty of heavily ornate ones is the ultimate desire. This ornamental design resembles a haath panja. With its fine dots and neat shapes, this looks super effortless.


Source: Pinterest


If you love the traditional mehndi and showing it off gives you immense pleasure, then these are the best picks for you.

6. The Perfect Bridal Mehndi:

Imagine a mehndi design manifesting your wedding look and at the same time displaying the ceremonies! This overwhelmingly magnificent mehndi has the intricacies of your lehenga and is beautifully crafted. Making it more auspicious are the details of rituals that harbinger new beginnings. This inquisitive piece of art on your hands is completely worthy of its efforts.


Source: Instagram [Raju Mehendi art Bhopal]


7. The Katrina Kaif Look:

This Katrina Kaif-inspired design is another dapper mehndi. This is an elegant combination of flowers and peacocks with traditional designs. The heavily embellished design on the palm and a rather decent identical design on both hands are what make this exquisite. The simplicity of this full-handed bridal mehndi is remarkably beautiful.


Source: Instagram [Katrina Kaif]

8. Stylish Mehndi Design:

If you love an extensive mehndi but don’t want the traditionally old creations, then this is a pin-worthy design for you. With thin mehndi lines, floral patterns, and small spirals, this is a completely trendy design for the backhands.


Source: Pinterest


9. Black Mehndi With Lotus:

Tired of the conventional mehndi and want something new? Why not try black mehndi instead. These lotus motifs on the palm and comprehensive designs on the fingers adorn your hands in an entirely different way. This simple and decent mehndi design is highly recommended.


mehndi designs
Source: Instagram [Bharathi Sanghani]

10. Full-Hand Mandala Design:

Like the half-hand mandala design, this is a full-handed design with dotted lines, small flowers, and leaves. The ring-like structures on the fingers and fine spirals on the hands make this design distinct. The topmost arch in this design is unbelievably attractive.


Source: Pinterest

11. The Royal Bridal Design:

This majestic design is another alternative to the above-mentioned design. Apart from containing the essential rituals this design also includes peacocks, shaded lotus, and dholaks. Indicating the celebratory and spirited festivities befitting the bride. Elephants suggesting an extravagant look is another spectacular aspect of this design. The royalty of this masterpiece is visible in these henna-etched hands.


Source: Instagram [Mehendi by Ginni Kaler]

12. Simple Arabic Mehndi:

This modern Arabic style mehndi is truly intriguing. Flower patterned veil along with intricate keris and beautiful spiral patterns on the fingers is a fantastic combination. The floral arch on the top and line jalis with four-dotted flowers at the intersection of these lines makes it a classic design.


Source: Instagram [Brown hue mehendi]

13. Black Henna Flowery Mehndi:

Imprinted with black henna is this combination of blossoms and leaves. This unique and exotic kind of mehndi is ideal for someone who loves trying new things. With lotus on the edge of the palm and gaps filled with henna, this leaves behind a delightful dark stain. Various types of jalis in the hands and the topmost flower-filled arch make it look exquisite. The initials of the bride and groom are inscribed on a leafy wreath. The neatness of this design is what appeals to us the most.


Source: Instagram [Brown Hue Mehendi]
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14. Mehndi Portraits:

Nowadays, picturing the images of bride and groom on the hands is a trend. This makes a superb design and can be enhanced by adding different images. Apart from portraits, the hanging lotus, elephants, and palkis on the top along with the floral border are other features of this stunning design.


mehndi designs
Source: Instagram [Henna by Divya]


15. Elephant Engraved Backhand

Tiny elephants imprinted on the backhand paired with flower arched keris leave behind beautifully henna-stained hands. This charismatic design with a neat dotted jali and four-dotted flowers enhances this captivating design and makes it eye-pleasing.


Source: Instagram [Henna by Divya]
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