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15+ Gorgeous Real Brides Looking Divine in Their Sabyasachi Saree


Thu Aug 6

In India, different cultures are represented by their food, clothes, and traditions. The cultural diversity in India defines the diverse nature of our country. Just like our nation, the bride in India represents their culture via their bridal attire. Some brides wear gorgeous red lehenga on their wedding whereas some brides choose to wear a red saree. Well, the diversity in traditions makes us united as well. We have seen many Indian brides ditching a red lehenga for an ethereal bridal saree. These brides have got the courage and we appreciate it the most. So, here we have some gorgeous real brides who chose to wear a Sabyasachi saree instead of a red lehenga on their wedding.

If there was any competition of the most surreal-looking brides in sarees, we bet these Sabyasachi real brides would have won it. Well, who would want to miss out on a chance to wear a Sabyasachi bridal outfit on their wedding? These brides chose grace over ethnicity and decided to wear a Sabyasachi saree on one of the most special days of their lives. These off-beat brides in Sabyasachi saree would melt your heart. So, don’t forget to read the whole article and take all the inspiration from these goddesses in saree.

  • The Sabyasachi Bride in Peach

This beach wedding has got everything one looks for. A gorgeous couple and a Sabyasachi bride looking surreal in saree. We loved the mesmerising peach saree with beautiful handwoven motifs.

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  • Ethereal Bride in Net Saree

The bride is looking stunning in her Sabyasachi saree. This beautiful piece of clothing is one of the most popular works of the designer. Celebrities like Anushka Sharma wore this beautiful saree on an event and we are crushing over it so hard.

  • Covered in Glitter and Pink

If you wish to keep your bridal saree over the top then, this all glitter Sabyasachi saree with pinkish tones is your best option. The bride is looking no less than an Indian princess in this saree.

  • Real Bride in Fairy-Like Saree

We absolutely adore this bride in her Sabyasachi saree. The beautiful hues of pink with intricate silver work is stealing our hearts.

  • Subtle Bride in Beige

If you need a pictorial representation of subtle yet gorgeous then, this bride in saree is the answer. The bride looks absolutely beautiful in her beige saree.

  • A Combination of Floral and Peach

If you want to go for a unique look on your wedding day then, this bride is your inspiration. We loved the combination of peach saree with beautiful floral pattern in blue.

  • The Surreal Combination of Ivory and Black

Want to go for a more classy look on your special day? We have got you covered with this bride in ivory and black. We are gushing over this saree so hard.

  • The Sabyasachi Bride in Red

Nothing beats the traditional red bridal saree. Well, this bride is making sure her wedding look is traditional with a modern touch and we are already in love with it.

  • The Stunner Bride in Ivory and Gold

The bride in her ivory saree with gold hand-woven motifs is stealing the show. We loved every aspect of her look from jewellery to hair. Check out the image below.

  • All Glam and Glitter in Gold

Want to go for an all glam and glitter look on your wedding day? Well, this bride is your inspiration. The gold saree with intricate work is all you need for that glam look.

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  • Floral Bride in Sage Saree

A beach wedding deserves a floral outfit and this bride made sure of it. The bride looks super pretty in her sage floral saree on her beach wedding.

  • The Surreal Bengali Bride

A Bengali bride in red saree us a combination that can never fail. This bride is a perfect inspiration for all the Bengali brides out there.

  • Sabyasachi Real Bride in Pastel

This bride with her bridesmaid in pastel is one picturesque view you need today. Check out the beautiful bride in pastel saree below.

  • Sabyasachi bride in Chikan Saree

An off-shoulder blouse with a subtle light yellow chikan saree is everything a contemporary Indian bride can wish for.

  • Real Bride in Hand-Woven Benarasi Saree

Benarasi sarees can never go wrong especially when Sabyasachi designs them. Well, this bride is your perfect inspiration for a Benarasi saree wedding look.

  • Real Bride of Sabyasachi Looking Divine in Red

This Sabyasachi bride is looking no less than a goddess in her red saree. We loved the simplicity and ethnicity of this bride. Check out the image below.

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