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15+ Wedding Hairstyles that will make you Wow! – Set My Wed


Thu Jun 23


Hair is the jewel of a women’s personality and style it appropriately makes them look exceptionally beautiful. Wearing the best-looking hairstyle enhances the grace of your expensive and glamorous apparel. Be it long hair, straight, curly, or wavy hair, we have got you covered for all the perfect hairstyles for your wedding. Complementing your attire and makeup are these attention-worthy hairstyles. Whether you want to go simple and minimal with cascading curls or love traditional elaborated buns and perplexing braids or adore trendy ponytails, we have curated a list of hairstyles of your choice.

To make your search easy we have created various sections as per your choices. Like, if you want a simple and minimalistic look, below are these mesmerizing bridal hairstyles, which you will love.

1. Cascading Curls with floral adornments:

This semi-open hairstyle with crown braids adorned with floral accessories is completely ravishing. And how can you ignore such pretty flowy curls making this hairdo a simple yet such a gorgeous one! You can also add a variety of other hair accessories like pearls, butterflies, or even real flowers, to make it more attractive. This is a perfect hairstyle for Mehndi or Haldi function.

Source: Ritika Hairstylist


Source: Deepak Sheshodiya


Source: Hairstylist Gopi

2. Loose Open Hair with Roses:

Tell me something more gorgeous than fully open hair with a bunch of roses. Oh, it’s an unparalleled beauty! This hairstyle is perfect for a Pool party or Haldi. With a middle parting in the front and locks falling over your face, this simple yet graceful hairstyle is never out of style. A gorgeously paired Maangtika would enhance the look of this alluring wavy hairstyle.

Source: Pinterest

3. Messy Ponytails:

Looking for a stylish hairstyle? Well, there’s nothing more popular than a messy ponytail. You would probably be wondering how would a casual ponytail fit with traditional or classy attire, here’s how! With pearl embellishments or heavy ornaments or floral accessories, this would be a perfect fashion-inspired hairstyle.

Source: Isha Multani


Source: Ritika Hairstylist


4. The Princess Look:

These softly curled beach waves are extremely pretty. Effortless as it seems this beautiful wavy hairstyle is truly eye-catching. Amidst all those chic waves, is a floral tiara perched on the crown. It is such an easy hairstyle that you can flaunt this hairstyle flawlessly for your Haldi.


Nothing beats the ethnicity of braids. These twisted and turned strands of hair give such a subtle and elegant look to any type of hair. When accessorized properly, these hairstyles most are dapper and pretty ones.

5. All About Braids:

Enchanting as it looks, it is quite an easy hairstyle. Numerous braids with partially open hair and a butterfly clip on the intersection of two braids make this a lovely hair art. With wavy hair at the bottom, these multiple braids are neatly stacked and infinitely layered. Adding to the sartorial, this hairstyle will make you look even more stunning!

Source: Ritika Hairstylist


6. Advance Leaf Braids:

Oh my goodness! Look who just found a perfect Glam hairdo. These leaf braids are an ideal blend of trendy and gorgeous. With sparking accessories, they look breathtaking. A combination of a messy ponytail and pretty plaits is this wonderful eye-catching hairstyle.

Source: Style your hair by Divya


7. Fishtail Braids:

The simplicity of this hairstyle is what allures our eyes. This evergreen style along with some accessories gives a complete ethnic look. Adding some flowers or pearls or stones will enhance the beauty of this design.

Source: Hairstylist Gopi


8. Braided Elegance!

This magical inclusion of gypsophila flowers and Gota Patti in the front braid makes this hairstyle ethereally beautiful. Along with locks in the front and a crown braid, this hairstyle is ideal for a minimalistic bride. Due to the choice of lightly tinted bouquets, these blend perfectly with pastel-shaded bridal lehengas.

Source: Pinterest


9. Twisted Braid Style:

Want a unique hairstyle to flaunt? Here’s the solution! This neatly twisted braid adorned with tiny flowers is a total delight. With several twisted braids and multiple layers, this pretty hairstyle is different from the basic ones.

Source: Vinayasa


10. The Jasmine Braid:

Remember, Jasmine from Aladdin? This is the same hairstyle! With roses and gypsophilas, this balloon braid is such an exquisite piece of art. Truly adorable and overwhelmingly beautiful, this hairstyle is a total game-changer.

Source: Make up by nrv


11. Twisted Braid With Gajra:

This single twisted braid with a Jasmine flower gajra is another prepossessing hairstyle. This hairdo will perfectly blend with a traditional embellished lehenga for your Big Day. Messy as it seems but it gives quite an imperial look.

Source: Deepak Sheshodiya


12. The Quintessential South Indian Hairstyle:

Don’t know what to do with your long hair? Here’s the best option for you. A long simple braid with heavy metal brooches along with a double-layered gajra on the top is just the appropriate South Indian bridal hairstyle. This is the very embodiment of royal magnificence. This is just the ideal hairstyle and goes extremely well with heavy traditional outfits.

Source: Hairstylist Gopi ‌

Bridal Judas never goes out of fashion. A bridal bun is the most sophisticated hairstyle to go with. Here are some of the best ways to accessorize your majestic bun to enhance its look.

13. Fully Flowered Bun:

These are traditional judas but are completely covered with flowers. Be it hydrangeas, mogras, roses, jasmines, peonies, or any other flowers of your choice. These floral adornments add to the charm of bridal hair and make it exquisitely aesthetic.

Source: Ritika Hairstylist


14. Semi Covered buns adorned with flowers:

These are ornate and elaborated buns partially covered with flowers. The flowers are arranged in different ways around the bun but do not cover it completely. Highlighting the fancy bun are placed vibrant blooms.

Source: Ritika Hairstylist


15. Embellished Judas:

Different embellishments and accessories are added to the simple bun to make it look exquisite. Pearls, brooches, and glittering jewels are used to enrich the style. Matha Patti or Maangtikas furthermore yield stunning results!

Source: Deepak Sheshodiya


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