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20+ Aww Worthy Candid Bride & Groom Pictures That Would Melt Your Hearts


Tue Sep 1

A wedding is incomplete without some beautiful bride and groom pictures. From the bridal entry to the pheras, every moment is worth capturing. Well, this pandemic has given us major stress and anxiety issues. Especially, to the couples who were planning to get hitched this year. Well, if your wedding is postponed until the corona situation comes under control then, this article is for you. Since, you will get a hell lot of time to prepare for your wedding, pass your time looking at these adorable cuties on their wedding. We have compiled some of the cutest candid bride & groom pictures that would make you go awwww.

Moreover, these pictures are so cute and adorable that you would surely forget about the pandemic for a short amount of time. Well, we cannot guarantee you wouldn’t crave to get married this instant thought. These candid bride & groom pictures would not only melt your hearts but, you can also take some inspiration for your wedding pictures from them. Don’t forget to look into the eyes of your other half and give that hundred dollar smile on your wedding. Need more candid shots inspo? Well, all you need is to check out the most adorable candid bride & groom pictures below.

  • This Cute South Indian Couple Is Stealing Our Hearts!

This is literally, one of the cutest candid moments and we are going aww over it. The bride is looking super gorgeous pulling the cheeks of her mischievous groom.

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  • Nothing Is Cuter Than a Groom Receiving His Bride

This duo is crossing every limit of cuteness and we are drooling over it. Forehead kisses are the cutest and this duo is making our hearts melt.

  • The Blushing Bride and the Handsome Groom

A sudden back hug makes our bride blush and we are awestruck looking at this picture. This was a must-add to our list of all the candid bride & groom pictures.

  • This Sweet & Sour Shot Is One of Our favourites

Now you know what to do when your groom is irritating you while the henna artist is at work. Just scare them with your henna filled hands and you get a cute candid shot with it.

  • Two Yellow Faces Never Looked This Cute Before

Two haldi covered faces looking with love into the eyes of each other. Could a candid be any cuter?

  • Peeking and Sneaking A Look of Your Bride

Have a look this adorable groom peeking from his sehra to steal a look of his beautiful bride #cutenessoverloaded.

  • How Can We Miss Out on the Most Adorable Hollywood + Bollywood Jodi?

Found this adorable shot where the Desi Girl of Bollywood is adjusting her groom’s brooch while Nikk Jonas is holding her hands.

  • Oh! So Cute

One thing is confirmed, all the brides love to pull cheeks of their cutie grooms and we have found the perfect candid pose for you.

  • Staring Into Each Others Eyes with Love

If there was a competition of staring into your loved ones yes then, these couples would have won it. It is one of the most romantically cute ways of expressing your love to your other half.

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  • Coz The Couple Who Laugh Together Looks The Cutest

We are gushing over these couples laughing and loving together in their wedding outfits. Well, as we say, “couples who laugh together looks the cutest” and the pictures below are the proof of the saying.

  • “Hold My Hand and Never Let Me Go” #CoupleGoals

These gorgeous duos are making it hard for us to stay single. Holding hands and smiling together is everything you need to have a beautiful married life.

  • Dance Your Way to the Cutest Bride & Groom Candids

Well, who doesn’t love to dance at their own wedding? These stunningly beautiful couples are everything but not cute. Check out the adorable candid shots below.

  • Spotted Some of the Cutest #DeepVir Candids and We Can’t Stop Smiling

Deepika and Ranvir are one of the most adorable B-Town Couples and their wedding pictures were filled with candid shots. Well, we found the cutest of all just for you.

  • These Brides Cannot Stop Adoring Their Grooms

These adorable candid shots where the brides are looking the cutest adoring and smiling at their handsome grooms and we think that’s how love would look like. Check out these super cute candids below.

**All pictures belong to their respective owners. No copyright intended only for inspiration purpose.

Source: Pinterest

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