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20+ Jhoola Decor Ideas Giving Us Major Intimate Mehndi Decor Goals


Sat Oct 3

If you are planning an intimate mehndi ceremony then, we are sure you need some amazing décor ideas. Well, good for you, we have got you the best of all. A mehndi ceremony is incomplete without a stunningly decorated jhoola. We have seen many mehndi ceremonies and the most beautiful element of décor was the jhoola. So, to make sure your intimate mehndi ceremony looks as extravagant and Insta-worthy we have got the most epic jhoola decor ideas for you. we have selected the best of the rest available on the internet for your inspiration.

These jhoola decors are making us weak in the knees and we cannot wait to show them off to you. So, when it comes to wedding decoration ideas, you know where to go looking for the best. Yes, you get that right, setmywed is not India’s most loved wedding website for no reason. Well, let’s get right to the amazing jhoola decor ideas and make your intimate mehndi look even more spectacular than your Pinterest pins. We are sure you would love these jhoola decor ideas and don’t forget to let us know your favourite ones. Check out the images below for all the jhoola décor inspiration you need.

  • The Vibrant Marigold Decor

A vibrant marigold covered antique jhoola is all you need to make your intimate mehndi extravagant.

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  • The One with An Epic Backdrop

A special idea for the millennial brides with an epic backdrop to keep their swag on.

  • Your Own Little Marigold Swing

Have a backyard with a little swing in it? Well, your mehndi decor problem is solved with a little swing covered with marigold flowers for that extra vibrant touch.

  • The Floral Decor with Touch of Vibrancy

If a minimal floral decor is what you are looking for then, the image below would help you with all the inspiration you need.

  • Minimal Yet Astounding Jhoola Decor

We are in love with this minimal yet astounding jhoola decor with its vintage and enchanting forest vibes.

  • A Floral Affair with Peachy Vibes

Love floral decor? Well, this one below is going to be your favourite from our list of jhoola decor ideas.

  • For The Traditional Ones

A simple jhoola with traditional vibes is what you need for your intimate mehndi ceremony at home.

  • Build Your Own Nesty Swing

We are swooning over this gorgeous swing decor. A nest for the bride to be to get her hands henna ready.

  • A Vintage White Jhoola

White always brings the most vibrancy out of your decor and the image below is a proof of it. Some vibrant pink and yellow elements with a white jhoola is the definition of perfect.

  • That “Dulhaniya” Backdrop

Well, a jhoola decor ain’t complete unless it is made especially for the bride aka “Dulhaniya”.

  • Cover It Up with Blush Tones

Got a hammock at home? Well, this would make the best mehndi decor element of all. Check out the image below for more inspiration.

  • The Enchanting Ring Swing

A ring-shaped swing covered with green and floral hangings makes the best jhoola of all. It is no different than an enchanting tiara of your own.

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  • Add Lotus As Your Special Element

Never thought of using lotus flower as your decor element? Well, check out the image below and learn how beautiful and exquisite it looks.

  • Floral Hangings Are A Must

Floral hangings are one of our favourite decor elements, especially when wrapped around a jhoola.

  • The Forest Vibes

This jhoola is giving us major forest vibes with a beautiful bride surrounded by the beauty of lush green nature.

  • Keep It Simple with Marigold

A simple traditional swing covered up with some marigold strings is a perfect intimate mehndi decor element.

  • Oh! So Vibrant with Neon Shades

Vibrant decors are super trendy when it comes to mehndi or haldi decor. From neon tassels to dream catchers, this jhoola has got every bit of vibrancy to it.

  • An Extraordinary Backdrop is All You Need

A backdrop is what makes the jhoola decor even more special. You can choose from colourful kites to tassels and create your own jhoola decor.

  • Little Love Birds to Decorate Your Swing

Decorate your pretty swing with a pair of love birds on top and let them be the central decor element on your intimate mehndi.

  • Swing It on A Backyard Tree

Got a backyard with slushy green trees? Well, use the woody branches to tie up your floral swing.

  • Lanterns and Confetti Can Never Go Wrong

Well, this jhoola decor has got everything you need. Colourful confetti, lanterns and floral decor. It is basically everything you need for your intimate mehndi jhoola decor.

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