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21+ Drool-Worthy Bridal Gowns We Spotted On Real Brides Giving Us Major Princess Vibes


Tue Dec 1

Every girl aspires to look like a royal princess on the most special day of her life. Well, a bridal lehenga makes sure to make a bride feel regal while a bridal gown makes gives you those princess vibes. You cannot always wear the lehenga choli at all your wedding ceremonies hence, there are bridal dresses or gowns as your perfect options. Well, if you are a bride to be on the way of finding that perfect princess bridal gowns for your Roka ceremony or reception or even your wedding day then, this article has got all the inspiration you need.

We are here to make sure you look the most stunning bride ever. So, we have handpicked the most amazing looking bridal gowns that gave us major princess feels. Well, these include all colours and shades that are perfect for any wedding ceremony. We found the red ones perfect for your engagement or reception while some gave us perfect cocktail dress vibes. So, brides if you don’t wish to waste your time looking for that perfect bridal gown then, make sure to check out our complete article. Well, we are certain that you will find your perfect bridal dress from our list of stunning bridal gowns below.

  • All That Glitters Is Gold In This Bridal Gown

Well, whoever thought that gold is too tacky for a bridal outfit should see this bridal gown. We are in awe of this bride’s glittery gold bridal gown. This one is surely a perfect combination of glimmer and elegance. Check out the image below.

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  • That Sparkling Princess Gown And Pose with The Prince Charming

We are so in love with this couple, looking as they have come straight from a fairytale. The aww-worthy couple shot with one of the most stunning bridal outfits on this bride. Look at this adorable couple shot and take all the inspiration you need.

  • An Elegant Metallic Ball Gown In Pink And Wine Shade

Could this bride be more elegant? Well, as we know, metallics are super in and this bride has taken her metallic bridal gown to another level. We love every aspect of this bridal dress and can’t stop admiring it.

  • Glittery Grey Bridal Gowns Are Worth Looking At

Well, we always love the subtle grey fused with tones of sparkles and shine. These brides are making sure to give us fairytale vibes in their bridal ball gown and we just cannot stop swooning over their outfits.

  • How About A Princess Gown with Long Trail?

Oh! So pretty. These are the exact words that came into our minds when we first saw this stunning gown. A long trail with that perfect flare. This is one of the most adorable bridal gowns we have ever seen on a real bride.

  • That Perfect Red Coloured Bridal Dress for Your Reception

Well, we have often admired brides in the colour red on their reception. We found these surreal looking bridal gowns in red that is perfect for your reception party. What do you think?

  • An Extraordinary Onion Pink Metallic Bridal Gown

Ah! Metallics trend is going viral when it comes to bridal fashion. Well, this bride is making sure to give us some major metallic bridal gown vibes with her outfit. Check out the image below and adore the metallic bridal attire we loved so much. Also, you can check our customised lookbook meant for a metallic wedding below

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  • We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Of This Stunning Princess Bride

Ain’t it the most perfect fairytale pose of a princess ever? Well, this bride is making sure to give those princessy expressions to justify the gorgeous bridal gown on her. Check out the image below for inspo.

  • Fluff And Feathers with A Long Trail In Red

  • The Most Royal Looking Bridal Gown In Blue

  • Add Some Flare Layers to Your Bridal Gown Like This

  • That Perfect Red Sparkly Princess Gown with Adorable Flare

  • A Champagne Gold Bridal Ball Gown for Your Roka Ceremony

  • The Most Unique Bridal Dress In Green

  • Take The Cinderella Feels In A Blue Ball Gown

  • Regal In Deep Wine Sparkling Princess Ball Gown

  • Look At This Not So OTT Yet Adorable Princess Gown

  • The Most Fairytale Giving Feels Princess Gown In Pink

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