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24+ Gorgeous Mang Tikka Designs Every Bride Should Lookout for This Wedding Season


Mon Jul 13

Every girl wants to look the best of herself on her special day. To make sure she looks no less than a royal princess a perfect outfit and jewellery is all she needs. An Indian bridal look is never complete without a gorgeous Matha Patti or mang tikka. It gives completeness to your bridal look with minimal effort. You can go for a full Matha Patti or a mang tikka according to your face and forehead. No wonder an Indian bridal look is one of the most glamourous of all. There are various mang tikka designs available in the market but we are presenting you with the best of them.

So, to make sure you select the best mang tikka according to your forehead we have come up with this helpful blog. Well, as you know we are always here for our brides whenever a fashion emergency comes up and so, we have compiled a list of some of the most gorgeous mang tikka designs ever. So, don’t forget to read the complete blog and pin your favourite mang tikka designs from our list below. Also, choose a mang tikka for your wedding according to your outfit to get that flawless look.

  • For the Love of Minimalistic Mang Tikkas 

For all the brides who like to keep it simple and elegant, these minimalist mang tikkas are a perfect choice. The simple and sober designs of these mang tikkas make you stand out in the crowd. We love the simplistic and minimalist touch to these bridal mang tikkas. Check them out below.

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  • The Enchanting Chandbali Mang Tikkas

We all love how the chandbali earrings give a fuller and complete look and so, a chandbali mang tikka is all you need to complete your bridal look. These gorgeous chandbali mang tikkas would suit the beautiful brides with a more enhanced and broad forehead. So, make sure to check out the images below for more inspiration.

  • Royal and Traditional Borla Mang Tikkas

The Rajasthani brides complete their look with a royal Borla styled mang tikka. We love the simplicity and the traditional look these Borla styled mang tikkas are giving the brides. So, if you wish to wear one on your wedding day then, make sure to choose it if you have a narrow forehead to give a fuller look to it.

  • The Ruhaani Paasa Style Mang Tikka Designs

Many brides are pairing these paasas along with the mang tikka with their bridal outfit. The paasas would definitely add a new glam to your whole bridal look giving it a Mughlai touch. We are drooling over these brides adding shine to their bridal look with these paasas. Make sure to check out the pictures below for inspiration.

  • Keep It Over the Top Mang Tikkas

If you are a bride who wishes to keep every aspect of your bridal look over the top then, these over the top mang tikka designs are for you. We love the jadau, Kundan and pearl work in these mang tikkas. These are on the heavier side and are recommended for the brides with an enhanced forehead. Check out the beautiful brides flaunting theirs over the top mang tikkas below.

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  • Single Layered Matha Patti Designs

If you wish to wear a math Patti on your wedding day but want to keep it simple then, these single-layered Matha Pattis are meant for you. The elegance and sleek look of these gorgeous Matha Patti designs are surely winning over our hearts. These are perfectly assembled for the brides with a narrow forehead. Check out the images below.

  • Chic and Gorgeous Kundan Mang Tikkas

Kundan jewellery is one of the most famous among bridal jewellery due to its ethnicity and extrinsic designs. Well, these Kundan mang tikkas are one in a million and you should check them out right now.

  • The Round Shape Mang Tikka Designs

A little something for every face shape and forehead. The round-shaped mang tikkas are super in these days. It gives you a fresh look with new designs. We are in awe of these brides choosing a different shape of mang tikka to make their bridal look extraordinary.

  • Over the Top Matha Patti Designs

Looking for a heavy Matha Patti design to wear on your wedding day? Well, we have got you covered with these over the top matha Patti designs that would give your bridal look a charm like no other. Check out the pictures below for inspiration.

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  • The Unique & Extraordinary Mang Tikka Designs

Lastly, a little something for the brides who wish to be unique and make their bridal look an extraordinary one. Well, these unique designs are surely a way to make your bridal look stand out. So, check them out below and pin them right now.

**All pictures belong to their respective owners. No copyright intended only for inspiration purposes.
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