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27+ Aesthetic Bridal Mehndi Shots to Bookmark Right Now


Mon Feb 22

Every bride spends hours sitting idle getting their bridal henna done and well, its all worth it once the mehndi is completed. So, surely every bride to be, wants some aesthetic bridal mehndi shots to capture those stunning henna designed hands. Well, we have seen some of the most classic and henna shots but not all of them gives you that aesthetic look. So, we are here to help you get some of the most aesthetic bridal mehndi shots for your D-day. Make sure to check out these adorable brides showing off their mehndi in the most artistic ways possible.

Aesthetic Bridal Mehndi Shots to Bookmark Right Now

The Classic Hand On Hand Bridal Mehndi Pose

Well, some classic bridal trends are never going out of fashion. The classic hand on hand mehndi shot is one of the most favourite shots of all time. You must have seen your mother’s bridal photo with the same pose and now it’s your time. So, all the lovely brides to be, take all your inspiration from the golden era and show off those gorgeous henna designed hands.

Bridal Mehndi Designs That Are Too Awesome to Ignore

Adjusting Your Hand Jewellery Candid Shot

This one is not so different from the first one but its definitely more aesthetic looking. Well, if you want the most epic aesthetic bridal mehndi shots then, these are a must for you to bookmark right now. Also, if you are planning to add that gorgeous hathphool to your bridal jewellery then, do get a shot like this at your wedding. Check out the images below for more reference.

Show Off Your Henna with Groom In The Shot

Well, we loved the idea of including your groom in the frame and get some awe-worthy shots of your mehndi clicked. We are totally in for this one and well, you must be intrigued with them too. You can show all your love for your man in the frame and show your bridal mehndi off at the same time. Take all your inspiration from the images below and take a screenshot of your favourite ones.

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Well, We Love The “Pose With Your Mehndi” Shot

A mehndi shot is incomplete without that pretty smiling face of the beautiful bride. So, here we have some adorable aesthetic bridal mehndi shots for your inspiration with the bridal glow in the frame. Do check out all the images below and pick your favourite bride in the frame shot now.


How About The Aesthetic “Hiding Face” Shot?

Another, old but gold, bridal mehndi shot is when a gorgeous bride hides behind her beautiful henna designed hands. Well, you must have seen the old version of this pose in your mother’s bridal photos but the new version is more aesthetic and chic. So, check out the images below and get yourself mehndi pose ready.


Don’t Forget to Include Your Henna Designed Feet In The Frame

Well, how you cannot miss out on including your beautiful henna designed feet in the frame, right? So, we have some perfect inspirations for you to include both bridal mehndi designed hands and feet in the frame. Take a look at the gorgeous images below and add this to your “bridal mehndi photoshoot ideas” now.

Play With Your Dupatta for The Aesthetic Bridal Mehndi Shots

We absolutely loved these aesthetic bridal mehndi shots of brides with their dupatta. Well, we cannot stop ourselves to adore these alluring bridal portraits and you are going to love them too. So, make sure to take your bridal mehndi photoshoot inspiration from the images below.

The Perfect Mehndi Shot for The Millennial Brides to Look Extraordinary

Lastly, we found this epic and chicest bridal mehndi shot for the millennials to get those unique bridal portraits on their D-day. Well, all you need is a deck of cards and expressions like a queen on your face. We absolutely loved this unique way of showing off your bridal mehndi in a shot.

**All pictures belong to their respective owners. No copyright intended only for inspiration purposes.
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