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40+ Gorgeous Floral Buns that Are Perfect for Your Bridal Hairstyle Inspiration


Thu Nov 5

Hey there our beautiful brides! We are sure you must be busy in the preparations of your wedding and if you have found this article on your way to find that perfect bridal hairdo then, stay assured you would find the best on here. Bridal hairstyle trends are always changing year after year. Well, the one hairdo that stayed no matter the generation is the ultimate floral bun as the bridal hairstyle. We have seen gajra decorated floral buns to red roses ones. Well, the tradition of buns as bridal hairdo may have been constant but, the decoration of flowers has changed completely. Brides nowadays, are super into the latest bridal trends and follow them for their big day.

Well, if you are a bride wanting to keep up with the latest bridal fashion trends then, do make sure to check out all our bridal fashion articles and get inspiration from the latest trends. As far as the bridal hairstyle is concerned, we have got you a heck lot of inspiration for your floral bun. From minimal ones to over the top ones, we have all kinds of floral buns selected for your bridal hairstyle. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our favourite picks of gorgeous floral buns below for your bridal hairstyle now.

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The Minimal Ones for A Chic Bridal Look

If you are looking for a chic and simple floral bun on your special day then, these beautiful ones are perfect for you. From blush pinks to reds, we have picked all the gorgeous floral buns for your chic and simple look. Well, you can also accessories your bun with a broach to complete your bridal look. Make sure to check out all the images below for inspiration and choose your favourite one for your D-day.

  • Blush Pink Floral Ring

  • Exquisite Flowers Scattered Over the Bun

  • Pearl White Ivory Flowers Around the Bun

  • The Epic Combination of White &  Red

  • Add A Broach On Your Floral Bun

  • Rose Flowers for Your Big Day

  • Extravagant Pinks And Reds

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The Heavy Ones for An OTT Bridal Look

Well, a floral bun is meant to be over the top. Every bride wishes to look at the most glamorous one on their wedding day. An over the top floral bun to complete your bridal look is a must. So, to make sure you get the most stunning OTT floral bun we have selected some astonishing OTT floral bun inspiration for you. Well, make sure to pick your favourite one from our list below and get a glamorous look on your D-Day.

  • All White Floral Bun

  • A Bun Full of Roses

  • An All Red Gorgeous Floral Bun

  • Pretty Pink OTT Floral Bun

  • How About Some Intricate Floral Decor

  • Accessorize Your Floral Bun

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