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7 Tips to Plan Your Delhi Wedding Amidst the Pandemic


Wed Oct 21

Planning a Delhi wedding has always been difficult. With all the expectations of an OTT Delhi wedding, it can be stressful to meet all the expectations. Well, with the pandemic around, weddings in Delhi have taken a new shape and form. All the OTT weddings in Delhi has been shifted to the intimate ones. Well, it can be a quite hard job to keep the essence of a Delhi wedding alive amidst the pandemic. Therefore, if you need a wedding planner to handle your wedding preparation then, make sure to check out our list of Best Wedding Planners in Delhi to Plan Your Intimate Wedding.

With the winter season around the corner, planning an intimate Delhi wedding is not going to be easy for you. So, here we are to help you out with some interesting and extremely helpful tips to plan your intimate Delhi wedding. This list includes all factors to keep in mind while planning your wedding. Well, you can always opt for the Best Wedding Planners in Delhi to Plan Your Intimate Wedding. But, if you want to plan your wedding on your own then, these tips are going to be of great help to you. So, make sure to check out our list of 7 tips to plan your Delhi wedding amidst the pandemic.

  • Make Some Hard Decisions About the Guest List

Well, the most important thing to keep in mind while planning an intimate wedding is to keep a short guest list. A Delhi wedding guest list is mostly more than 500 but to minimize it to 50 or even 100 is a task you have to take care of. Well, making a guest list is the very first task of planning a wedding and therefore, you have to be prepared to make some hard decisions. So, try to minimize your guest list as short as possible.

guest list

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  • Make Sure to Keep Your Wedding Vendors and Outfits Ready

You cannot take any risks involving your wedding outfit and vendors. One of the most important things in planning a wedding is to keep your wedding vendors and outfit ready. Any last-minute decisions would lead to difficult situations while planning your intimate Delhi wedding.


  • Choosing the Right Venue Size

Well, as the new rules regarding Covid 19 suggest, opting for a double-sized venue compared to the number of guests is necessary. Also, the wedding venue should follow the coronavirus rules and advisories provided by the government. So, make sure to opt for a larger wedding venue with proper sanitisation facility.


  • Rules and Regulations Are All That Matters

As important it is for the venue to follow the coronavirus advisories, it is important for the bride and groom to keep the rules in mind too. A wedding without taking the necessary measures can lead to a mass Covid outbreak. Well, worry not as you can always check out Best Wedding Planners in Delhi to Plan Your Intimate Wedding.


  • Keep It Classy & Trendy

Niti Taylor just showed us how to plan an intimate wedding in style and you should take all the inspiration from her wedding. The way this gorgeous actress kept all things classy and trendy on her intimate wedding, you can do it for your wedding too. Not to forget, this pandemic has shown us how less can be more and intimate weddings can be so much fun.


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  • Be Realistic with Your Expectations

Well, one of the most important things while planning an intimate wedding is to keep your mind healthy. A healthy mind can do wonders and so, it is important to prepare your mind for a realistic wedding. As a Delhi couple, you must be having higher expectations but, it is important to have real ones too. So, make sure to prepare your mind to have realistic expectations for your intimate Delhi wedding.


  • Let the Wedding Planners Do the Job

Lastly, the easiest and most convenient way to plan a successful intimate Delhi wedding is by hiring the Best Wedding Planners in Delhi to Plan Your Intimate Wedding. You can leave all your worries and responsibilities on professionals and enjoy your wedding to the fullest.


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