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7 Tips & Tricks to Make Your Wedding Menu Memorable for Your Guests


Wed Nov 4

Hola brides and grooms to be. Today, we have some amazing tips and tricks ready for you to prepare a perfect wedding menu for your guests. Well, with the wedding season around the corner, you must be super busy planning your wedding. A guest list for your intimate wedding needs to be prepared, wedding outfits, wedding vendors and the wedding menu. Well, we are here to make your work easy and unload you a little. We have got some extremely helpful tips to make your wedding food memorable one for your wedding guests. So, do make sure to check out our informative tips now and decide on a splendid wedding menu. Well, the wedding feast is one of the most important things to keep in while planning a wedding. As they say, a wedding guest may not remember your outfits but, they would always remember a good wedding menu. So, to impress your guests and make your wedding memorable for them, follow these easy tips and tricks to create a perfect wedding menu.

  • Go with the Latest Trends

Well, we have seen a lot of food trends going viral during the lockdown and even after it. People are crazier about food than they ever were. With the lockdown, a number of people are missing their favourite food. So, you can simply include some latest food trends to your wedding menu and make your wedding guests happier. Check out the latest food trends now and add your favourite ones to your wedding food list.

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  • Never Forget the Classic Dishes

We all love the classic dal makhani, shahi paneer and butter naan combo. Well, we are sure your moth is filled with water just by hearing about this epic combo. So, as we know, these classics are never out of trend you cannot forget to add them to your wedding menu. No matter the age group everyone loves the classic dishes at a wedding and we are sure your guests would love them too.

  • Take Season Requirements In Consideration

With the season changing the food requirements change too. We are all set to say goodbye to the summer veggies and welcoming the winter ones. Well, we surely, cannot forget gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun as the perfect winter wedding desserts. Although, summer weddings see more of ice creams and kulfi. Well, we are sure you understand what we are trying to deliver here. So, keep the season in mind while planning your wedding menu.

  • Add Some Twist with Themes

What fun are weddings without themes? Well, weddings in India are getting fancier and so, the trends are changing accordingly. Nowadays, deciding on wedding themes is common in India. Well, with the wedding theme planned, you must plan a theme for your wedding menu too. This would the much-needed twist to your winter wedding and would make your wedding menu worth remembering.

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  • Always Keep the Budget Constraints In Mind

A wedding without a budget can go quite wrong. Everyone has a budget planned for different aspects of a wedding. Be it the wedding outfits, decor or the food. Well, when it comes to the wedding menu, it is necessary to keep your budget in mind. As going over budget with your wedding menu could be a reason for big-time stress and we are sure no one wants that.

  • Know Your Crowd And Plan Accordingly

Every wedding sees crowd from different age groups and liking. Well, with the coronavirus around, a lot of people form your wedding guest list must be cut off to meet the coronavirus guidelines. So, a smaller guest list gives you a better opportunity to plan your wedding menu according to the crowd. Keep the age variation in mind and please both kids and elderly on your wedding.

  • Add the Crowd-Pleaser Foods to Your Wedding Menu

As we know, there are some dishes that just puts a huge smile on everyone’ face. For instance, everyone loves pizza, live pasta station, gol-gappe and so on at weddings. Well, now you have an idea about the dishes that are people-pleaser and we are sure these food items would do the trick for your wedding menu.

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