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8 Amazing Easy-Peasy Nail Art Designs for The Brides to Master at Home


Tue May 12

It is important for a bride, to get that ultimate glow and shine by focusing on all the elements of her look. From ethnic jewels to comfy heels, everything needs to be perfect. One of the most attractive features of any bride is their hands with beautiful motifs of henna on them. With the beautiful henna design, your hands hardly need any other enhancement but we all love the engagement ring shot, and to make it, even more, you need to take care of your nails too. Nail art is in trend from the past few years, giving your hands a glamorous look.

So, here we have some of the most beautiful nail art designs and patterns you can master at home during this lockdown. If you are a bride who is planning to get engaged after this lockdown and there isn’t any nail art salon to glam up your nails then, worry not as this article would be your savior. Check out these beautiful nail art designs that you can master easily at home and give your nails a touch of glam and glitter.

  1. All glitter and shine

When we talk about Indian brides we think of everything that glitters and shine. This nail art design is exactly what you need to enhance the beauty of your nails with minimum effort. All you need is a silver glitter nail paint and a transparent nail gel to set your design with a touch of shine. Just add the glitter nail paint to the tips of your nails and wait for it to set. Then, put a coating of transparent nail gel to give it a glossy finish.

nail art

  1. Nude and sparkle

One of the easiest and most beautiful nail art designs we have come across is the one with a mix and match of gold glitter nail paint with nude paint. All you need is your favorite nude nail color and a golden glitter nail paint. Apply them alternatively to your nails and you are good to go.

nail art

  1. Velvet red and metallic gold

Don’t we all love the texture of velvet red nail paint with the red bridal outfit? Well, this one is exactly what you need. Get your hands on your favorite shade of red velvet nail paint and gold metallic paint for this nail art design. Apply them alternatively to your nails and put some beads with the help of nail glue to your ring fingernail. You can make any pattern you like and master the art of nail design.

nail art

  1. For the love of red and gold

The ultimate color combination we love on a bride is red and gold. While red is the symbol of love and boldness, gold adds a royal and sparkle to your complete look. Pick your favorite matte red nail paint and glittery gold paint. Apply the gold one to your ring fingernail and the matte red color to the rest of your nails. You can also put golden beads for that classy look.

nail art

  1. Everything pink

If you are a bride planning to wear something in blush pink or any other shade of pink then, this one is your perfect choice. Pick your favorite base nail paint in pink color and sparkle pink nail paint to add over it. Don’t forget to put a layer of transparent gel paint to get that ultimate finish.

nail art

  1. Try the pattern making

If you want to go over the top with your nails then, this one is your perfect choice. Cut out some shapes in paper and apply the nail paint in your favorite color combination making a pattern on your nails.

nail art

  1. Subtle nude with a touch of gold

If you want to go subtle on your nails with a hint of sparkle then, this would be an ideal pick for you. you can choose your favorite nail color and add a hint of gold paint to it. You can go for a pattern or leave it simple.

  1. Lavender love with ice blue

We are in love with this color combination and so, if you are planning to wear something in lavender or slate blue then, this would be a great option for you.

nail art

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