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Add A Little Twist with These Mouth-Watering Dishes to Your Wedding Menu


Sat May 30

Indian weddings are famous for many things and one such thing is the food. Indian cuisine is famous around the globe for its authentic flavours and delicious taste. The spices and herbs used in Indian dishes are what makes it even more special. We all once in our life went to a wedding just because of the food and that is the importance of food at weddings in India. People would hardly remember anything from a wedding but, the wedding menu. The taste of delicious wedding food would savour in their mouth for a long time.

Well, we all know how important it is to choose the correct food menu for a wedding to make it more memorable for the guests. To add a more delicious touch to your wedding menu, you must be looking for various dishes you can add to your wedding menu. Well, if you are reading this article then, stay assured that your search ends here. We have curated a list of all the mouth-watering dishes you can serve on your D-day and make your wedding food a thing to remember. Make sure to pick your favourite food item from our list below.

Savoury dishes for your wedding

  • American Corn Chaat In a Cone

One of the most famous counters in weddings include the chaat counter. American corn chaat is loved by all Indians. It fills your taste buds with exotic flavours of herbs and spices with the creamy taste of mayonnaise and cheese. With this simple and flavorful dish, you can add a little twist to it by serving it in small cones to add the much-needed crunch and your guests are going to love it for sure.

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  • Mini tacos

Taco is a Mexican dish introduced in India a few years ago and since then, its popularity has been increasing in no time. You can go international on your desi wedding by serving these crunchy mini tacos as appetizers to make sure your guests are enjoying the continental flavours.

  • Papdi Chaat In Style

Who doesn’t love papdi chaat in India? if you are a Delhiite then, you must be aware of the mouth-watering chaat of Delhi and we are going to take it to the next level by compiling some of the best elements of papdi chaat and serve it in a martini glass. So, your guests can enjoy the desiness in the videshi style.

  • Sev Puri Tarts

Another delicious chaat that Indians love to savour is the all-rounder Sev puri. Sev puri has always been the best appetizers for Indians at weddings and we are about to add a little western touch to it. All you need is to serve it in a tart and astound your guests with this extraordinary presentation.

  • Veg/ Non-Veg Cheesy Lasagne jars

Lastly, in savoury dishes, it is important to keep in mind the serving size of the dishes at any wedding. Lasagne is not much famous among Indians but we Indians love anything with cheese. So, you can serve the cheezy lasagnas in small mason jars with lots of cheese and love to your guests.

Dessert dishes for your wedding

  • Rasmalai Pannacotta

We have heard of many sweet dishes but this one caught our eye. We are certain it is new for you to hear this version of ras malai. Well, its one of the most unique desserts you can serve at your wedding. Rasmalai pannacotta is an incredible amalgamation of desi and videshi dishes.

  • Waffle sticks

The popularity of waffles has increased enormously in the last 3-4 years in India. You would find waffles in every café these days and that’s the beauty of this western desert. It has made a place in our hearts with its crunchy and chocolaty taste. Make sure to serve these delicious waffles sticks to put a big smile on the faces of little ones attending your special day.

  • Popsicle with a twist of alcohol

This dessert cum alcohol is perfect for a Punjabi wedding where people are always looking for celebrating your special day with some liquor. Well, bring this unique liquor popsicle to your wedding menu and see the Punjabis go crazy for it.

  • Moti Choor Rabdi Parfait

Moti choor with rabdi is a combination made in heaven just like you and your partner. This westernized style of presenting Indian deserts is perfect to make sure your guests are enjoying the food at your wedding.

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  • Gulab Jamun Shots

Gulab jamun is everyone’s favourite dessert so, you don’t need to add any twist to its flavour but, presenting it uniquely is all you need to win the hearts of your guests. Serve the little balls of heaven in shots glass and you are good to go.

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