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An Outfit for Every Wedding Function: from Roka Ceremony to Reception


Wed May 27

One of the most difficult and important tasks for a bride is to pick the right outfit for every wedding function. It is a dream of all the brides to be to look gorgeous in all their wedding functions and make every eye in the room stuck on them in awe. Every year the wedding industry is growing and updating and keeping up with the updated trends is all that a bride can wish for. Be it her wedding lehenga or Roka outfit, everything should be trendy and chic.

Well, we know your dilemma of picking stunning wedding outfits, and to help you with that we have something that would come to your aid in this time of need. If you are a bride to be with so many wedding functions ahead and so little time to pick your dream outfit for every ceremony then, this article is your one-stop destination. In this article, we have mentioned all the lovely outfits suitable for every wedding function. So, make sure to read our elaborated list below and take all the inspiration you need for your wedding outfits to sparkle on all your wedding ceremonies.

  • Dazzling Roka Outfit

Roka is also known as engagement in many cultures and this is the first time you will be introduced to your groom’s entire family and you want to look the best of yourself. But you also don’t want to leave behind your girlish look on your Roka by wearing something in bold shades and heavy work so, we have the perfect colour option for you. Every girl looks like a princess in a gown and that’s your dream look for the Roka ceremony. Make sure to go for light pink or lilac or any other pastel shade on your roka to keep your youthful look and look stunning.

Accessories to Dazzle Up Your Bridal Outfit

  • Traditional Jagran outfit

Every Indian wedding includes some kind of auspicious ceremony before the wedding. It can be a Jagran or kirtan or Ganesh sthapna so, on this occasion no other outfit then, a suit would be your perfect choice. No, don’t worry we are not asking you to select an ordinary salwar suit rather you can go with a floor-length Anarkali or sharara suit whichever is comfortable is a good option. Don’t forget to accessorize to achieve that perfect look.

  • Floral mehndi outfit

Well, we all know that mehndi means something in green with floral pattern and that is exactly what you need for your mehndi outfit. A floral tiara and jewellery would act as a cherry on the cake. If you want to style your mehndi outfit then, you can opt for a short skirt which would not only add a sassy touch to it but will also be easy to dance in with henna on your legs.

Bridal Mehndi Designs That Are Too Awesome to Ignore

  • Classy cocktail outfit

A cocktail party is the heart of every wedding with family enjoying their time dancing and getting talli. So, you should always choose an outfit that is peppy and stylish for your cocktail party. You can also go for a stylish saree with frills or a flared skirt with a stylish top would be your perfect cocktail outfit.

  • Groovy sangeet outfit

Sangeet is the only wedding function in which you can express your love for your groom in front of the entire family so, the outfit for this occasion should be special and comfortable too. Go for something that is flared and light so, that when you twirl, your whole outfit would twirl with you. also, go for a bolder shade to catch all the spotlights on your special day. We absolutely loved the royal blue lehenga that would be a perfect option for your sangeet.

  • Vibrant haldi outfit

Haldi ceremony is all about vibrant colours and backdrops. The yellow colour is one of the most popular ones to be worn on your haldi but if you want to go for something other than yellow then, choosing a bright and vibrant colour will do the trick. We always love brides in yellow saree on their haldi and would recommend you the same. It gives you a perfect ethnic vibe and you can flaunt your yellow chiffon saree without having to move much.

These Haldi Ceremony Outfits Are Making Us Week in The Knees

  • Gorgeous bridal lehenga

Well, every girl has an image of their dream bridal lehenga and many of them are in ethnic red shade. Other brides wish to keep it unique and classy and ditching the traditional red colour is what they wish for. Well, we have the perfect three shades for all the brides who want to wear something other than red or pink on their wedding. Check them out below.

  • Elegant reception outfit

Lastly, your reception outfit is the one you wear after your marriage and what can be a better colour than red to flaunt your newly married look. So, if you ditched the colour red on your bridal lehenga then, this is the perfect time to wear this colour in style. You can opt for a fish tale gown in red colour or can even go with the classic red saree as Anushka did on her reception party.

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