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Anniversary Ideas Beyond Dinner And a Movie – Set My Wed


Wed Jun 22

Anniversary Ideas Beyond Dinner And a Movie

In today’s busy world, I think one of the most dominant things we can do is to make the explanation of special days. And what could be more important than your anniversary?

After all, it’s the day that you pawn your love for one another. The day you started a new life with each other. The day you went from it being You and I to Us.

When you think of celebrating your anniversary, you probably think of a candlelight dinner that may be followed by a movie.

We are coming up with all new and budget-friendly ideas to make your wedding anniversary as special as your wedding day.

Anniversary Ideas

Create an “actual re-enactment”

If you’re short on time and money then this is one of the best creative anniversary ideas to give you all the sense.

First of all, get a written copy of your ceremony. If feasible have two copies of it each.

Secondly, sit down together. Play the music that you walked down the corridor to.

Then take turns doing any readings or other sections that were not done by you originally.

However, when it comes time for the promises, it’s all about you speaking those promises you made – whether it was one year ago or ten years ago.

Once you have ended your promises, then go through your wedding album together, and think back about your special day.

Anniversary Ideas

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Memory box

Collect all the memorable things and photos and store them in an easily accessible box that you can take out and enjoy time and time again.

You can also create a new box every year.

Anniversary Ideas

Make a time capsule 

Yeah guys you can also make a time cause. All you need to do is write your wishes, promises, why you love each other, and your hopes and dreams for the future.

Aim to dig it up in another five, ten, or twenty years.

Anniversary Ideas

Go back to the place where you meet first

Isn’t it so romantic and memorize all those conversations, feelings, and the vibes of that time. According to me, it’s the best idea for your wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Ideas

Romantic photoshoot

The romantic photoshoot is a great idea to make your wedding anniversary perfect. Hire a photographer and choose a romantic place and get inspiration about the poses.

Try to set a theme and dress accordingly.

Anniversary Ideas

Anniversary Ideas

Shadow photoshoot is also very much in trend and also look very dreamy. You can also try it out.

Anniversary Ideas

Go on a long drive

If you’ve been wondering where to go for your anniversary, why not make the experience a little more fun?

It’s important to not just relive old memories but to create new ones as well.

To do this activity well, you need to set a few guidelines. The activities you write down should be of roughly equal travel time, and total duration and also applicable to the same time of day.

Take some small slips of paper.

On each slip, write down a place and activity you would like to go to.

When we did this recently, we wrote down “a freak shake in City A,” “lunch at a café and a walk along the beach at City B,” and “fish and chips in City C.” These were all suitable for lunchtime / early afternoon and each location was between 45 and 90 minutes from our house.

Fold over the pieces of paper and put them in a bag.

Jump in the car with the bag.

At the end of the driveway, pull out the pieces of paper. That’s where you’re going!

Anniversary Ideas

Do some daydreaming

This is one of those loveliest anniversary ideas that cost you nothing yet gives you all the feels.

Sit down with your honey and start to brainstorm all the things you’d like to do in the next week, next month, six months, year, five years, and ten years.

Once you’ve done that, talk about how these dreams might become a reality.

Make a solid plan of one action you can take within the next 24 hours to kick start one of those dreams.

Anniversary Ideas

You can also plan a rooftop dinner at your home only and cook with your hand. Nothing seems more romantic than this.

You can also give your old love letters to your honey and revive your old memories.

Anniversary Ideas

Anniversary Ideas

If you know how to write shayaris then you can also do this for your honey.


Anniversary Ideas

We hope this blog helps you to make your special day very special.

For more connect with us.

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