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Auspicious Days for Weddings in 2021 According to the Hindu Calendar


Fri Oct 9

With all the uncertainty in the year 2020, many couples decided to postpone their wedding to the next year. A new year brings new hopes and we are certain that the year 2021 is going to be the year of weddings. Well, the ongoing pandemic is increasing day after day. Well, it will keep on spreading until the vaccine is developed. By the end of the year 2020, many believe the vaccine would be developed. Well, we are not certain about anything but, the weddings postponed in 2020 are ought to happen in 2021. So, to help the couples out there waiting for this year to be over, we have some of the most auspicious days for weddings in 2021 according to the Hindu calendar.

As we know, a huge number of weddings are going to take place in 2021. Bookings for hotel, caterers, decorators, and other vendors need to be done priorly. Well, you can always find vendors at SetMyWed but, it is important to make the prior bookings. Therefore, it is important for the couples looking forward to tying the knot, in 2021 to pick a date. We have a date for your wedding in every month of the year and this would help you to book your venue and other vendors on time. So, make sure to check out our list of auspicious days for weddings in 2021.

  • Wedding Dates in January 2021

If you wish to tie the knot in the very first month of 2021 then, these are the most auspicious days for weddings in 2021 January.

18th January 2021-Monday

20th January 2021-Wednesday

24th January 2021-Sunday

31st January 2021-Sunday

  • Vivah Muhurat in February 2021

Well, February is the month of love and what better month to get married in than Feb? The stars are listening to you and we have a wedding date of valentine’s day for our love bids.

01st February 2021-Monday

07th February 2021-Sunday

08th February 2021-Monday

14th February 2021-Sunday

15th February 2021-Monday

16th February 2021-Tuesday

21st February 2021-Sunday

22nd February 2021-Monday

28th February 2021-Sunday

  • Wedding Dates in March 2021

March is the month with the most pleasant weather conditions. No harsh winter and no sweaty summers. So, if you want a march wedding then, check out the auspicious days for weddings in 2021 March.

03rd March 2021-Wednesday

04th March 2021-Thursday

05th March 2021-Friday

08th March 2021-Monday

14th March 2021-Sunday

  • Wedding Dates in April 2021

April is perfect for you to tie the knot if you are recently engaged. This would provide you with enough time to spend with your other half before the wedding.

16th April 2021-Friday

17th April 2021-Saturday

22nd April 2021-Thursday

23rd April 2021-Friday

24th April 2021-Saturday

25th April 2021-Sunday

26th April 2021-Monday

27th April 2021-Tuesday

28th April 2021-Wednesday

29th April 2021-Thursday

30th April 2021-Friday

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  • Vivah Muhurat in May 2021

Waiting for the summers to get married? Well, the month of May comes with no disappointments. It is filled with auspicious days for weddings in 2021. Pick your favourite day now.

01st May 2021-Saturday

02nd May 2021-Sunday

03rd May 2021-Monday

07th May 2021-Friday

08th May 2021-Saturday

09th May 2021-Sunday

13th May 2021-Thursday

14th May 2021-Friday

21st May 2021-Friday

22nd May 2021-Saturday

23rd May 2021-Sunday

24th May 2021-Monday

26th May 2021-Wednesday

27th May 2021-Thursday

28th May 2021-Friday

29th May 2021-Saturday

30th May 2021-Sunday

  • Vivah Muhurat in June 2021

June weddings are mostly known as the poolside or beach weddings because it is summertime and who wouldn’t love a destination beach wedding anyways?

04th June 2021-Friday

05th June 2021-Saturday

16th June 2021-Wednesday

19th Jue 2021-Saturday

20th June 2021-Sunday

21st June 2021-Monday

  • Wedding Dates in July 2021

July weddings are mostly filled with humidity and sticky weather but, if you don’t have any other option then, make sure to avoid beach weddings. These are the auspicious dates for weddings in July 2021.

2nd July 2021 – Friday

7th July 2021 – Wednesday

13th July 2021 – Tuesday

15th July 2021 – Thursday

16th July 2021 – Friday

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  • Wedding Muhurat in November 2021

Well, according to ti the Hindu calendar, time from august to October was not good for the weddings due to the pitra paksha, hence, we jumped straight to the auspicious month of November to find you the best day to tie the knot in winters.

15th November 2021 – Monday

16th November 2021 – Tuesday

20th November 2021 – Saturday

21st November 2021 – Sunday

28th November 2021 – Sunday

29th November 2021 – Monday

30th November 2021 – Tuesday

  • Vivah Muhurat in December 2021

Lastly, the month of December is perfect for those who wanted to get married in winters but due to the coronavirus 2020 was no good to get married. Hence, these are the auspicious days in December for your Hindu wedding.

1st December 2021 – Wednesday

2nd December 2021 – Thursday

6th December 2021 – Monday

7th December 2021 – Tuesday

8th December 2021 – Wednesday

11th December 2021 – Saturday

13th December 2021 – Monday

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