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Awe Adorable Kaleera-Dropping Pictures of Brides We Find The Cutest


Thu Feb 25

One of the most special parts of the kaleeras is the kaleera-dropping ceremony with your besties and sissies. Well, these are some of the most precious moments you experience with your bridesmaids during your wedding festivities. The excitement of dropping kaleera on your best friend is incomparable. So, we have found you some adorable kaleera-dropping pictures of brides that would make you go awwww! Also, we are sure these would help you find your perfect kaleera dropping moment you want to experience with your BFF. So, do make sure to check out these cutest candid kaleera-dropping pictures of brides and take all the inspiration you need for your wedding pictures.

Kaleera-Dropping Pictures of Brides We Find The Cutest

The Happy And Excited Bridesmaid Shot

We are in complete awe of these shots with the exceptional excitement and happiness on the faces everywhere. Well, the bridesmaids are literally living in the moment and we find this a pure happy candid shot perfect.

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Awe So Adorable! Dropping Kaleera On Your Furry Friend with Paws

If cuteness overloaded had a photo this must be it. Well, if you are a bride with a furry friend then, this is your perfect kaleera dropping shot.

“Please God Not Me” Shot But Deep Inside You Wanted That Kaleera Drop

LMAO! These kaleera-dropping pictures of the brides are one of the most relatable to all bridesmaids and brides to be. Praying to the almighty for kaleera to not drop yet deep inside they want the kaleera on them.

Let’s See Who Gets Married Next In Your BFF’s Squad

Well, if you are a bride with a big squad of bridezillas then, your kaleera drop moment is going to be epic. Check out the images to take the hint!

“When The Kaleera Drop Tangles With Your Hair” Shot

No other shot could be more relatable than this. Well, the kaleeras do mess up with the bridesmaid’s hair and everything is fun and games till the kaleera falls on you.

How About Dropping The Kaleera On Your Dearest Bhai?

Could it be any cuter? Brides picking their brothers to drop the kaleera on is absolute goals. Check out the cuties below.

We Cannot Get Over The Expressions of This Bridesmaid, Awwdorable!

Well, just look at the expressions of the bridesmaid and adore her expressions. This is one of the best candid shots everrr!! *Meanwhile the aunties keep on trying to force the kaleera to fall on you so, beware!*

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When The Bride Is More Excited About Dropping Kaleera

These two kaleera-dropping pictures of brides made us think if the bride is more excited about her wedding or dropping kaleera over her BFF. What do you think?

The “I Submit” Shot, Let The Kaleera Fall Please!

We are totally gushing over these cutest bridesmaids submitting to the kaleera drop. Isn’t it adorable?

The Moment of Truth, Did The Kaleera Fall Or Not?

The most epic candid shot ever. Well, not only epic it is so relatable as well. The moment of truth of whether the kaleera fell on you or not, lol! *Meanwhile the bride enjoying this moment to the fullest*

A Black And White Shot to Capture These Precious Moments

Well, kaleera-dropping is one of the most memorable parts of your wedding especially, because its the only part you experience with your soul sisters. So, a black and white shot is a must to capture the precious moment.

Dropping Kaleera Right After Haldi Shots Are the Cutest

We love these yellow coloured faces of the brides too excited to drop the kaleeras on her bridesmaids.

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Source: Pinterest

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