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Bachelorette Party Theme ideas! – Set My Wed


Mon Jun 27

Drafting a bachelorette party but don’t have any idea where to start? Choosing a bachelorette party theme is the top way to get started with bachelorette party planning. Bachelorette party themes help make other bachelorette party planning decisions effortless. The bachelorette party theme decides the bachelorette party location, decorations, food, drinks, outfits, activities, and games you play at the event.

Bachelorette Party

There are many options when it comes to bachelorette party themes, we’ve rounded up a list of top bachelorette party themes you can’t say no to. Read through the post and find a theme that fits the bride-to-be’s style and personality.

Nautical theme ( last sail before the veil)

It’s a stunning idea if your girl ( bride-to-be ) likes going on cruises. With this nautical theme, you can decide to dress up as sailors and rent a boat and decorate your place like a ship, and you can also dedicate it with the last sail before the veil banner.

Bachelorette Party Idea

You can put water like this. It looks unique and gives the vibes of a cruise.

Bachelorette Party ideas

Destination theme

Yeas girl’s destination bachelorette parties are becoming more popular by the day. Pack your bags and go on a weekend trip to another city or state. Look up fun places and things to do while in that city. You can also decide to rent a bus and take a weekend road trip with the bride-to-be. This will give her time to bond with her girls and take some time off from the wedding planning stress.

You can also go on a  road trip with your girls gang.

Bachelorette Party Idea long drive

karaoke theme

If you girl like music, then go for this theme. You can go to a restaurant or bar where karaoke is available, or you can also set one at your home too. It will be a great idea that will help the bride to relax and have the best night of her life.

Bachelorette Party idea karaoke

Wine theme

If sipping a glass of wine while munching on cheese and fruit is the bride’s thing why not consider throwing her a wine-themed bachelorette party. The bachelorette party can involve going to some local wineries decked in wine-theme bachelorette t-shirts are setting up a DIY wine tasting bar at home, just put wine labels on the wine bottles and complete the set up with fruit and cheese for people to munch on.

Bachelorette Party booze


Mexican bachelorette theme

If your girl like colorful affairs then this theme will be perfect for you. Set up a taco bar with margaritas. Put up some colorful Fiesta-themed decorations. Throw in some temporary tattoos and don’t forget the bride’s sash.

Bachelorette Party


Disney theme

A Disney theme party seems very dreamy and very royal too. You all can dress up as Disney princesses and decorate your place like a Disney kingdom.

Bachelorette Party mini bar

Beach theme

Who can say no to sun, sand, and booze? A beach-themed bachelorette party can never go out of season. Grab some beach towels, coolers of cold beer or beverages, sunscreen, sunglasses, and finger foods, and have a fun party at the beach. You can also throw some games and a friendly beach ball game. If you can’t make it to the beach you can have the party at a pool just grab some colorful pool floats and swimsuits.


Black and white theme

This theme looks simple yet elegant. Set up your room with some black and white balloons and add some metallic accents. You can also add some white and black t-shirts.

Bachelorette Party for women


Country bachelorette theme

If the bride would love a rustic affair then she would love a country-themed bachelorette party. Throw on some cute cowboy boots and hats and head out to the country or western bar for a nice time.

Bachelorette Party ideas for women



80s theme

If you want a retro-themed bachelorette party an 80s-themed party is always a hit. Decorate the bachelorette venue with retro decorations.  Guests can come to the party dressed in 80s costumes. Make a playlist of 80s music you can dance to at the party.

Bachelorette Party like 80's

Western theme

What about the western theme? Think of whiskey, high-thigh boots, great food, bling, and plenty of games.



Las Vegas theme

Try out this unique theme decorate your place like casinos and dress up with Vegas-themed t-shirts.

Bollywood Bachelorette Party

Hollywood theme

If your girl is fond of Hollywood then go for this theme. You all can dress up as different characters of Hollywood and play your favorite Hollywood music.

Enjoy your last night of freedom.

For more ideas connect with us. We hope these ideas help you to make your bachelorette party awesome







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