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Beautiful 20+ Ideas for Your Juda hairstyle


Mon Jul 18

We all know that choosing the perfect hairstyle is very difficult for us ladies. Some women prefer open-headed hairstyles, while others prefer braids or buns.

Today we have come up with some beautiful Juda hairstyles that will really mesmerize you. The Buns/Juda hairstyle really looks very beautiful, stylish and traditional too. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to leave your hair for a long time, then you will definitely go for the buns/Juda hairstyle. There are so many different types of buns for different occasions and outfits, like a messy bun, sleek bun, floral bun, high bun, low bun, French bun, etc.

Puffed up messy bun

juda design

Juda design

This beautiful puffed-up messy bun really looks stunning. The peach color floral wretch adds glam to this puffed-up messy bun. You can definitely choose this bun for Pooja, sangeet and for relative’s wedding ceremonies. You can also use extensions to make your puff look voluminous. This juda design goes perfectly with sarees and lehengas

Twist up braided bun

simple juda hairstyle

This one-sided twisted braided bun really looks amazing. This one side twisted up braid adds volume to the hairstyle which looks really beautiful and accentuates the whole hairstyle. You can also add some tiny Lillies to make this hairstyle look more elegant. This bun goes perfectly with a saree and gown. You can wear this bun hairstyle to an evening reception party.

Donut bun

simple juda hairstyle

Simple juda hairstyle

If you have short hair, don’t worry. We have a solution to your every problem. If you have short hair, you can definitely go for a donut bun in a donut bun. One just has to tie their hair around a donut tie band. You can also add a floral wretch around the bun to make it look more beautiful. Donut buns go beautifully with every outfit. You can dress it up or dress it down according to the occasion.

Side swept low bun

simple juda hairstyle

Juda hairstyle for saree

This side swept low bun really looks very classy. You can definitely choose this bun hairstyle for a Pooja and for any daytime functions. This side-swept low bun goes perfectly with a saree. You can also add some white or red roses to make it look more elegant.

Braided side bun

simple juda hairstyle


Side buns always look very stylish and beautiful, and these are very much in style nowadays. This braided side bun really looks stunning. To make this hairstyle look even more gorgeous you can also curl your side flicks. It will give you a more fresh and youthful look. This bun goes perfectly with a gown.

Floral bun


simple juda hairstyle

Just look at this beautiful floral bun isn’t it look mesmerizing. If there is a flower theme party and you don’t want to add real or artificial flowers, then you will definitely choose this floral bun. You will definitely get everyone’s attention. This will look different and super stylish.

To set this hairstyle, you can use a hair-setting spray.

Pearl accessorized bun

juda hairstyle for saree

This volumes pearl accessorized bun looks very adorable. You can definitely choose this hairstyle for any eve function. This hairstyle goes well with lehengas and gowns.

You can use volume spray to add volume to your hairstyle.

Both-sided French braided bun

juda hairstyle for saree

simple juda hairstyle

This both-sided french braided bun really looks very classy braids on both sides making this hairstyle perfect for traditional and western both themes. This hairstyle goes perfectly with almost every outfit. To accentuate this hairstyle, you can definitely add a floral chain around the bun.

French bun

juda hairstyle for saree

This French bun really looks very sophisticated and adorable too. If you want a clean look, you can definitely choose this French bun. To accentuate its beauty, you can add some flowers. This hairstyle goes well with a saree and gown.

One side rose

juda hairstyle for saree

This bun with one side rose all overlooks very pretty and elegant too. You can definitely catch everyone’s attention. This hairstyle well with almost every outfit.

Floral wretch bun

juda hairstyle for saree

Juda hairstyle for saree

Flowers and floral wretch are never out of trend. These floral wretch buns look very beautiful always. You can definitely choose this floral wretch bun for your wedding ceremony.

Floral bouquets Juda

juda hairstyle for saree

This floral bouquet Juda really stoles all our hearts. This Juda really looks mesmerizing. You can definitely choose this floral bouquet Juda for your D day.

Gold accessorized Juda

juda hairstyle for saree

simple Juda hairstyle

If you want something more traditional, then you will definitely add some golden accessories. This golden accessorized Juda hairstyle really looks very royal and traditional. You can definitely choose this bun for your wedding day.

Note: Try to use artificial flowers instead of using real ones.

Keep the oceans blue, the planet green, and the animals safe


All these are some setmyed approved buns. We hope that your search for buns ends up here.

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Juda hairstyle is a hairstyle that originated from the juda tribe in India. Juda tribe people are from the Jaipur district of Rajasthan and also from neighboring states. Juda tribe people are also said to be living in certain parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The juda tribe people are in great demand for their colorful costumes, especially for weddings. The juda tribe people are the descendents of Rajputs. Their customs, traditions, lifestyle and costumes are similar to those of the Rajputs.
Sample The French bun is similar to the ballerina bun, where your hair is divided in half and the two sides are twisted around the base of the ponytail.
Well, there are lots of ways to do hairstyles on sarees. Sometimes you can wear two braids and sometimes you can wear a ponytail. However, you can always wear it the traditional way. Just make a simple bun, securing it with a hairpin. That's it!









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