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Beautiful Wedding Mandaps Inspiration for Your At-Home Wedding


Fri Sep 4

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world with some of the most distinct wedding rituals. From Christians to Sikhs, weddings in India have always been special. Well, every religion has one element that makes them even more special. When we talk about Hindu weddings, wedding mandap is one of the most beautiful parts of it. It is a sacred place under which the wedding rituals take place. Apart from being sacred, the wedding mandaps are one of the most stunning décor elements in any Hindu wedding. With the increasing wedding trends, the décor elements have also changed. Wedding mandaps are more beautiful than ever nowadays and with this article, we would help you to level-up your wedding décor game.

With the introduction of intimate weddings in India, the wedding trends have changed too. People are looking for simple yet astounding décor elements to skip the struggle part and move directly to the presentation. Well, we are here with some of the most gorgeous yet simple wedding mandaps inspiration for your intimate wedding. From floral to traditional we have got every inspiration of wedding mandaps for you. So, make sure to check out our list of beautiful wedding mandaps below and pin your favourite ones now.

  • A Floral Paradise

We are swooning over this floral dom looking no less than paradise. The pastel colours fused with green leafy decor is an absolute stunner. It is one of the most gorgeous mandaps of all and we are in love with it. Make sure to save it now for future inspirations.

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  • A Beautiful Wedding Mandap with Cyan Hues

A cyanic affair is exactly what this mandap looks like. the gorgeous cyan hues accompanied by the minimal floral decor is giving us the ultimate minimal wedding mandap goals. Check out the beautiful mandap below and take all the inspiration you need.

  • The Simple One with Hanging Kaleeras

Well, this stunning wedding mandap looks simple at first but then, you see those little golden kaleeras hanging beautifully. This little kaleera decor adds so much into the beauty of this wedding mandap and we can’t appreciate it enough.

  • The Most Colourful Floral Wedding Mandap

We have found you the most stunning and colourful floral wedding mandaps of all. The colourful flowers are its major attraction with gorgeous green leaves bringing the sobriety and freshness to the decor.

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  • The Traditional Wedding Mandap

Well, as we promised earlier, we have found you this mesmerisingly beautiful tradition South-Indian vibe wedding mandap. The banana leaves and gajra hangings, this wedding mandap is surely one of the most stunning minimal wedding mandaps of all.

  • Gorgeously Blue Wedding Mandap

This is what life underwater might look like. The gorgeous hues of blue with minimal floral decor are absolute bliss to our vision. We loved this aqua coloured mandap and it is definitely pin-worthy too. Make sure to save it now.

  • An All-White Wedding Mandap

We loved the simplicity and elegance of this all-white wedding mandap. It looks like a decor element extracted from a fairytale and we are obsessed with it. The little matkis and white flowers are making this wedding mandap look like an ivory bliss.

  • Everything Beautiful and Floral

Well, we cannot get over the floral wedding mandaps and here we are with the ultimate floral mandap. The wedding mandap has all the gorgeous pastel shade flowers fused with one another. The hues of pink and purple with white floral hangings are perfect for a day wedding. We are in awe of its beauty and mesmerising decor. Check out the image below.

  • A Simple Yet Astounding Wedding Mandap

Well, we have every kind of wedding mandap inspiration for you. From the minimalists to the OTD (over the top) ones. This simple and astonishing wedding mandap is perfect for all the minimalist couples who wish to keep it simple yet beautiful. A hint of floral decor accompanied by gorgeous leaf-covered wooden pillars. This wedding mandap is perfect for your at-home wedding.

  • The Enchanted Forest Vibe

Wanted to have a forest wedding but coronavirus ruined it for you? No problem. All you need is to add some leafy branches and make a wedding mandap out of it. Well, we have found the perfect inspirational photo for you to make your dream of forest wedding come true.

**All pictures belong to their respective owners. No copyright intended only for inspiration purposes.

Source: Pinterest

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