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Best and Quirky bride entry ideas

Ridhi Ridhi

Tue Jan 14

The bride has to be the most important person at the wedding, even more than the groom. Because she is going to leave her whole world behind to start a different life in a new world and family. The bride goes through a lot of emotions during the whole process of the wedding. From shopping to planning, everything has a real attachment to the bride. She goes through so many struggles. Such as from finding the right lehenga to finding the jewelry that goes with it, from finding the right shoes to doing the right makeup. Everything is a bit overwhelming when you see it from the perspective of the bride.

So, when it comes to the wedding day, she has to look the best. The bride is going to have all the attention towards her on the wedding day. And the first impression should be amazing to all the people who are at the wedding. Therefore, the entry of the bride holds great importance at any wedding. There are so many brides slaying their entries in their own way. And we have come up with some ideas you can take inspiration from to slay your entry at your wedding.

1. The Royal Doli:


Making entry his beloved sister in the Doli is every brother’s dream. The royal feel of Doli’s entry with beautiful music fills every guest’s heart with love. The bride looks more elegant than ever with her brothers carrying her to the mandap. So brothers, carry your sister to the mandap in Doli and be the star in her eyes!


2. Phoolon Ki Chaadar:

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Bright and colorful, perfectly matched with the bride’s outfit– the traditional roses and jasmine garlands look stunning at the entry of the bride. Plus, everything which has flowers is always better than anything else.

 bride entry ideas

Flowers add the colors and the fragrance in the bride’s entry just as she is going to in her future family home. So get your favorite flowers and go all out on your entry with the phoolon ki chaadar.

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3. Entry with your furry friend:


If you got a furry friend and that too a dog, then what can be cuter than your dog go holding the sign “Here is Your Bride” while you walk up the aisle? Dogs are really attached to the family they have brought up in and it goes without saying that if you have got a dog, then you are going to love it even more than your child.

 bride entry ideas

So, including your dog in this major event of your life will give you a lifetime of memories. And this idea will leave everyone in awe!

4. Dance your way with your girlfriends:

What is a bride without her bridesmaids right? If you are a bride who wants to make her way through the mandap all lively and happy then grab your girlfriends and move your booties to make a perfectly fun entry. Your friends will love to join you and dance your way to the mandap. Plus, it will give you all a sweet memory to cherish for the rest of your lives.

 bride entry ideas

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5. Ride your way to the mandap:

 bride entry ideas

This is the 21st century and all of our brides out there have got some swag. So why not ride a scooter or a jeep to your mandap and be the coolest bride ever? At this time, most of the brides want to make a cool and quirky entry. We know you love the idea. So make sure to try it out!


6. With your parents by your side:

 bride entry ideas

All these years, you have been a princess to your parents. They have showered you with all their love and affection. You can’t ever thank them enough for whatever they have done for you throughout these years. So, this will make a really cute and memorable gesture if you include your parents in your wedding entry.

This will warm up the hearts of every guest at your wedding. Your parents will feel like they are on the top of the world when you walk down the aisle with them on your side.


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