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10+ Best Makeup Artists in Delhi You Need To Know About


Sat Apr 13

So are you searching for the best makeup artists in Delhi?  Within your budget?  But perfectionist and professional makeup artists in Delhi?  Then lemme make this task easier for you. I have a list of the best makeup artist in Delhi NCR.

book bridal makeup artists in delhi


I know the worth of your every single second as a bride and I don’t want you to rush and run here and there. And It’s quite tough to find a professional makeup artist in the hustle and bustle of Delhi. Delhi has many makeup artists and choosing among them is also a hectic task to do.

This will also lead you to confusion and chaos. And I can only save you from this. Just sit back at home and contact the following makeup artist in Delhi. You will find out the best, professional and perfectionist. And that too in your budget.

Are you searching for a professional makeup artist in Delhi? You can find them on the most trusted names in the industry, and it is Setmywed. Picking up the right bridal makeup artist is essential, and one just cannot take any chance here.

Everyone is looking for the best makeup artists in Delhi for the wedding of their daughter or a friend or relative, they ensure that the makeup artist’s work has to be the very best indeed. Makeup completes the bridal look.

Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi:


1. Shikha Makeover

Shikha Makeovers is a Delhi-based venture that offers innovative makeup services and specialized in bridal makeup. She is a celebrity makeup artist who has recently done real bridal makeup for the Bollywood actress and believes in enhancing your natural features and giving special attention to your skin type. She customized her services in precision to your demands and the spirit of the event.

best makeup artists in delhi

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best bridal makeup artists in delhi

Always pay keen attention to your skincare and skin type. They only use high-end class products. Rather than projecting convenient designs on your face, she enhances your natural features and believes in doing it according to your demands.

Service Offered:

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Engagement makeup
  • Themed  makeup
  • Natural makeup
  • Party makeup
  • Festive makeup
  • Traditional makeup

best makeup artists in Delhi

best bridal makeup artists in delhi

best makeup artists in delhi


2. Indu Sangwan Makeovers

best makeup artists in Delhi

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Indu Sangwan Makeovers, situated in Delhi NCR gives you the possibility to look totally perfect on your big day. She is one of the main cosmetics specialists in the city, she’ll feature your best highlights and improve your natural beauty with expert procedures and appropriate item application. Indu Sangwan bridal package consists of a wide range of customized solutions regarding all the bridal makeovers.

best makeup artists in delhi

best bridal makeup artists in delhi

Services Offered:

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Engagement Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Traditional Makeup
  • Festive Makeup

best makeup artists in Delhi

best makeup artists in delhi

best bridal makeup artists in delhi


3. Leena Bhushan’s Face Stories

best makeup artists in Delhi

Face Stories by Leena Bhushan is a cosmetics administration situated in Sector 61, Noida. On the off chance that you are searching for a one-stop answer for all your marriage makeover needs, at that point she is the decision that you should make. It is an inborn want of each young lady to put her best self forward and remarkable for all the wedding capacities and for this, you have to pick a decent makeover craftsman to give you a fantasy-like makeover.

best makeup artists in delhi

best bridal makeup artists in delhi

best makeup artists in delhi

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4. Makeup by Yoshita

best makeup artists in Delhi

 best makeup artists in delhi

Yoshita is a Delhi-based independent makeup artist and beautician and big-name cosmetics artist. She has a modern encounter of around 3 years and is known for making wedding searches for the customers the nation over. Having an inside and out learning of cosmetics items, skin tone, type, and their use, she has a group of well-prepared individuals. She offers brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC, cosmetics upset, cosmetics everlastingly, NYX, PAC, and Maybelline.

best bridal makeup artists in delhi

best makeup artists in delhi

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Makeup is one of the most essential parts of any wedding, and the final result relies a lot on the type of makeup artist you hire. There are some freelance makeup artists in Delhi who can travel to the location of the wedding. It is very easy to contact them and all you need to do is just browse them online.

Different Types of Services Offered By Makeup Artists in Delhi top makeup artists in Delhi offer the following services: Pre-bridal Skin CareSome of the best makeup artists in South Delhi offer pre-bridal services like de-tan, detoxification, hair wash, haircutting, clean-ups, threading, full body waxing, manicure, pedicure, facials, etc.

Best bridal makeup artists in delhi

Bridal Makeup You can only rely on an expert bridal makeup artist who can make you look extremely beautiful on a very special day and is proficient in regular makeup as well as airbrush makeup and HD makeup.

Hair-dos and pin-up most of the top makeup artists in Delhi have their own team that is specialists in different areas. You can ask them for a hairdresser to get that perfect hairstyle for your bridal finery.

Guest makeup artists not only the bride but the bride’s’ and groom’s mother and his sisters, aunts and the relatives who too want to look at their best.

Take the best services of the guest makeup service provided by the makeup artists. Sari/lehenga draping makeup artist and his team can also help you with the sari or lehenga draping for the bride as well as the guests.

How to Hire Top Makeup Artists in Delhi? 


Searching and hiring a makeup artist for your wedding can be hectic and confusing tasks. So, you can just visit the Setmywed portal and we have a number of various make artists also in different price ranges.

So what are you waiting for now?  Don’t keep calm it’s your wedding!!!

Confused about how to contact them?  I will tell you don’t panic. Visit SetMyWed and get the best makeup artist in Delhi of your choice, with ease, and budget.

Don’t forget that quality comes with a price tag. And don’t become miserly. It’s your wedding you have to spend a good amount of money in order to get that perfect look you always dreamed about.

Your josh should be high.

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Makeup is an art and to get the best make-up artist in Delhi , you should look for someone who understands the person you are and understands how you want to look, and can make you the person you have always dreamt of! In the field of makeup, what one person likes another may not like, so it all depends on the person and her choice. That is why there are so many makeup artist available in Delhi, but if you ask me, I can mention a few names including Shikha Makeover, Leena Bhushan and Yoshita who are the best in the field!
Makeup artists charge according to the type of work, make-up used, the time taken and their experience. A professional makeup artist may charge you anything between ₹2000 to ₹6000. An amateur makeup artist can charge anything between ₹1000 to ₹3000.
The bridal makeup price in Delhi starts at INR 15,000 (Indian Rupees) and goes up to INR 25,000. However, depending upon the type of makeup you want, the prices can vary. For instance, if you want your makeup to be natural, it will cost you less than the one that is heavily made up.

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