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Best Makeup Artists In Chandigarh – Book Now


Mon Aug 26

If deciding the outfits, jewelry and booking a venue on time was not enough! there is always a pressure of choosing the  Best makeup artists. Which bride in the world does not want to absolutely nail her look on her big day? So, if you are having your wedding in or around Chandigarh. So, here are we with the list of best makeup artists in Chandigarh which will give you the best look.

But choosing the perfect and skillful makeup artist who could match your style is not as easy as pie. After finally deciding on that perfect outfit and the jewelry that will add all the glam to your look, makeup is something that can totally make or break your look. Every bride on this earth wants to absolutely nail her look.

After all, you’ll have the photos and memories forever. You want to be able to look back and not see smudged and untidy eye makeup, and over the shiny forehead, patchy face or any of the many other beauty blunders that could take place on your wedding day.

List of  The Best Makeup Artists In Chandigarh

If your wedding is in a few months, and you’re asked to pick one Indian bridal makeup artist from more than 1000 different makeup artists. This is a back-breaking task for sure.

But, relax all the To-Be-Chandigarh Brides!

We have curated a list of best Makeup Artists In Chandigarh for your Big Day!

Before, before we jump into the list, there are certain points you should keep in your mind before choosing that one perfect makeup artist!

1. Know Them First

Find someone you can get along with and trust completely. Find someone you think has a balanced temperament with a good attitude. It’s extremely important to find someone you feel comfortable with. Find someone with whom you can be honest and you could discuss with whatever styles you prefer whether it’s about your hair or your makeup.

2.  Trial is Essential 

It’s important to know your makeup artist and their style of work before you sit with them before handing over your complete trust to them on your wedding day. Meet with them, have them try a look which you could use for envisioning. Look at all the kinds of stuff they are using because after all your skin is just as important as your big day!

3.Well-Informed About Your Dresses and  Venue

You and the makeup artist are on the same page. You should inform them entirely about your venue and the dresses you are planning to wear on your BIG DAY! The different styles of your outfits and colors, so they can do their homework before coming to your venue.

4.Quality Products

Do not hesitate to ask for proof of education. You are investing your money in the salon and artist you chose. You should be investing wisely and have the gain the best possible experience. Of course, most of them will give you the look you desire, but it’s still best to know what you want before approaching someone.

Now, without biding your time, let’s get into the list of best makeup artists in Chandigarh!

  • Tripti Malhotra

Tripti Malhotra, along with her team, reaches out to the bride prior to her functions to understand the type of makeup and the style she wants according to her skin type and facial features. Her talented and extremely professional hair and makeup artists work to international standards.



Consistently updating their skills and techniques, so that their work stays fresh, elegant and are up to date. Indeed, she is one of the best makeup artists in Chandigarh.

Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh


Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh

Head to her Instagram handle and have a look at her magical work!

2. Makeup by Nav Brar

A certified and experienced makeup artist from the UK, she is based in Chandigarh. She has different packages for bridal and party makeup. Extremely cordial and understands just what the bride desires and wants for her wedding look.

best makeup artists in chandiagarh

best bridal makeup artists in Chandigarh

She has always managed to do wonders with her skills. She is the one who is very passionate about her work and provides the most satisfying results. Her clients can never stop praising her for always lighting up everyone with her talent.

Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh


Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh

best bridal makeup artists in Chandigarh

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Head to her Instagram to see more of her work!

3. Amanat Gill Makeup Artist

She is based in Chandigarh and has done her masters in party makeups, wedding makeups from the London School Of Fashion.

Along with that she always understands the kind of look you have in mind for your special day and gives flawless and exact results. She is extremely talented and knows her art very well.

best makeup artists in chandigarh

Her unconventional taste and extremely warm conduct make her the perfect choice for your special day. Book her and get ready to receive endless compliments.

Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh

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Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh

best bridal makeup artists in Chandigarh

Head to her Instagram to know about her work!

4. Hair and Makeup By Zareen Bala

Hair and makeup by Zareen Bala is an upscale bridal makeup professional based in Chandigarh.

Offering a pool of services like bridal and party makeup, hair styling, draping, engagement makeup, she is patient, cordial and understanding and believes in bringing out the best in her clients.

best makeup artists in chandigarh

She also travels to your venue, making her an ideal choice for destination weddings.

She tries to always understand your style and tries to match it with her elegant and subtle style making you look like a princess in your fairytale.


Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh

best bridal makeup artists in Chandigarh

Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh

Head to her Instagram to have a look at her work!

5. Vanity By Shreya 

With years of experience and refinement in her skill, she’s mastered the art of making one look subtle yet super gorgeous, all at the same time.

best makeup artists in chandigarh

best bridal makeup artists in Chandigarh

Her focus has always enhanced the bride’s most beautiful features, also which are highlighted and emphasized upon in all her looks. Shreya always focuses on giving the best to those who have put their faith in her.

So be it a destination wedding or any venue in the city, you can always count on this her to be there styling and completely transforming the bride as well as her relatives and friends. Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh Best Makeup Artist In Chandigarh

best bridal makeup artists in Chandigarh

Head to her Instagram to have a look at her work!

So, that was the list of the Best Makeup Artists In Chandigarh

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Makeup is best when it’s natural, which is why you should go with a professional makeup artist in Chandigarh. But, the best makeup artists in Chandigarh are the ones who are highly skilled and have a wide range of experience. From film celebrities to bridal makeup, a makeup artist should be able to work on any kind of face and look perfect. If you know of a makeup artist in Chandigarh who’s done a good job for you or any of your friends, you can look up at Makeup Artist India :
For bridal makeup, choose from the following: 1. For wedding - Bobbi Brown : I have a very fair skin tone (NC10 or NC15) and I use the sheer foundation in Ivory. I then use the dark foundation in Cappuccino (if it's a summer wedding) or Espresso (if it's a winter wedding). I use the bronze shimmer brick on my cheekbones and the dark brown halo shade as my eyelid colour. 2.For a party - Estee Lauder: 3. For everyday - Smashbox :
HD Bridal Makeup is all about enhancing natural features. Makeup should be used to brow-bone, not to cover. It should be used to enhance shape, not to create something new. We should use makeup to enhance and NOT to change. HD Bridal Makeup aims to achieve the following: 1. Light reflection and highlights 2. A natural color and texture 3. A sheer, non-cakey, and lasting finish 4. A soft and radiant glow 5. A natural and airbrushed look 6. Easily achieved results

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