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Best Makeup Artists in Jaipur- The Ultimate Guide


Mon Nov 25

best makeup artist i jaipur

In the middle of all the struggles which a Bride-to-be has to go through from selection of that perfect lehenga to booking the perfect photographers and makeup artists, the list seems never-ending!! Finding someone who can make you look the best on your Big Day is a very hectic task. But, here we are with some of the best makeup artists in Jaipur, which will help you to give the best look which you always dreamt of.

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 And you thought only picking a life-partner was challenging! Then you should know the race has just begun. Apparently, Pinterest isn’t going to sweep down and plan your amazing wedding on your own!!!

Amongst all the to-dos list, you should always keep in mind that your list will not restrict to only the best photographers and videographers!

With a sumptuous number of talented designers, stylists, and makeup artists to choose from, the Bride is spoilt for choice when it comes to putting together a team of fashion and beauty experts to help her look her best on her BIG day.

So if the wedding bells are tolling, knock your socks up!!

Considering in middle of everything, having an astonishing makeup artist is a must!

Because Makeup is obviously a necessary part of it all, and it all depends on the bridal makeup artist right?

The entire look of your LARGER THAN LIFE lehenga and that OH-SO-BEAUTIFUL Jewellery will mean nothing if you do not invest in a good makeup artist! It really just makes or breaks your look!

Grab your pen and papers to-Be-Brides, because before suggesting you the comprehensive list of best makeup artists in Jaipur, there are some few tiny details you should keep in mind before choosing that perfect person who will do magic with his hands to hide all that dark circles which you are getting after staying up talking to your beloved hubby-to-be.

Things to keep in Mind while Booking The Best Makeup Artists

1. Trial is Essential 

It’s important to know your makeup artist and their style of work before you sit with them before handing over your complete trust to them on your wedding day. Meet with them, have them try a look which you could use for envisioning. Look at all the kinds of stuff they are using because after all your skin is just as important as your big day!

2.Know Them First

Find someone you can get along with and trust completely. Find someone you think has a balanced temperament with a good attitude. It’s extremely important to find someone you feel comfortable with. Find someone with whom you can be honest and you could discuss with whatever styles you prefer whether it’s about your hair or your makeup.

3.Well-Informed About Your Dresses and Venue

You and the makeup artist are on the same page. You should inform them entirely about your venue and the dresses you are planning to wear on your BIG DAY! The different styles of your outfits and colours, so they can do their homework before coming to your venue.

4.Quality Products

Do not hesitate to ask for proof of education. You are investing your money in the

salon and artist you chose. You should be investing wisely and have the gain the best possible experience. Of course, most of them will give you the look you desire, but it’s still best to know what you want before approaching someone.

These are some of the points you should keep in mind before making your actual decision!

Without further ado, consider yourself fortunate if you live in Jaipur or have your wedding planner in Jaipur. Here, we from Setmywed, we provide you with a master list of Best Makeup Artist in Jaipur.

best makeup artist i jaipur

 List of Best Makeup Artists of Jaipur

1. Jyoti Bhaya

Natural glow and the makeup that is subtle yet gorgeous, Jyoti Bhaya is the one you should be considering if you are planning to have your wedding in Jaipur! She is based in Jaipur and Mumbai.

She makes sure that the service to her clients should be on point and according to their face and skin type. Making people look more prepossessing is not an easy task and she is a master in it.

Perfect for Haldi makeups and day functions, keeping it subtle yet elegant. So, indeed she one of the best wedding makeup artists in Jaipur.

There won’t be any tinch of disappointment.

2. Vashika Sethi  Makeover & Academy

best makeup artists in Jaipur

Planning to cause a stir? With glamorous eyes and bold lips? To have that perfect sangeet attire? Then, Vashika Sethi should be the one in your final list.

From smokey eye makeup for your sangeet and looking absolutely stunning till you drop dancing! With a team of professional fashion photographers, Stylists, Makeup artists, Hair-dresser, she has been doing the job of making brides look beautiful and gorgeous for a quite long time.

There’s nothing she can’t do with her magical hands! So, indeed she is one of the best Makeup artists in Jaipur.

3. Rinky Vijay

best makeup artists in Jaipur

For flawless and minimal makeup, we should definitely be considering Rinky Vijay, she definitely knows how to give you that OH-PERFECT-LOOK! Her work will definitely leave you stunned! They are continuously striving to provide you with the best of services always.

With their entire spotlight on creativity, quality and consistency, they want to provide the best services of hairdressing and beauty services. Making their customers happy with their services and making brides look effortlessly pretty is what they believe in.

And it is not wrong to say that she is one of the best makeup artists in Jaipur.

It’s just better to have a look at her amazing work as it will speak for itself.

Explore her Instagram

4. Arneeb Malik

best makeup artists in Jaipur

Colors that leave you mesmerized, and stokes that flatters you the most! Arneed Malik surely knows how to play with colors and enhance the beauty of his bride while hiding all the flaws, because isn’t that we all want to look?FLAWLESS!

Leaving no stone unturned and making his bride look effortlessly gorgeous, he surely knows how to play it all well Sometimes it’s not all concerned with concealing a face its way beyond it.

She believes in bringing out the enhanced beauty, one face at a time. And guess what girls!! You can actually learn makeup from her too.

best makeup artists in Jaipur

5. Women’s Era Makeover

Don’t we all want to look like we just have stepped out of a movie set or a red carpet?

Undeniably yes! Especially on our BIG DAY.While women’s era makeover exactly the place where you should be heading!

With dramatic eye makeup to bold lips, they provide it with all. Making women look absolutely stunning is what her only motive is and she makes sure that every bride looks much more confident and ready to rock her wedding.

best makeup artists in Jaipur

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