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Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi- Get Free Quote Now!!!


Tue Sep 10

Now after your engagement, when the diamond is glittering on your finger and you have enjoyed all the celebrations. It’s time to start the wedding day! And here we came to help you out with the best wedding photographers in Delhi.

Amongst all things you are planning for your wedding from lavish venues to perfect outfits, the biggest fish in the small pool is having an Applaudable Photographer.

Your wedding day photographs will last a lifetime. They are the wedding photographs that you will show your children and your grandchildren. They will always stand the test of time.

best wedding photographers in delhi

After finalizing perfect outfits, you might feel that you have just accomplished the struggles of planning your wedding. The most important part of your entire wedding would be “that perfect photographer“.

But if there is anything that remains forever amongst all the fun, it is the everlasting memories that should be captured. When choosing your wedding photographer, you want to ensure they create the wedding album you have always fantasize about.

He would ensure that the sweetest moments of your wedding are captured and are stored for your lifetime. But, choosing that ‘Perfect Photographer’ is no less than winning a war. Who would store your ‘Happily Ever After’ in his lens and obviously you need that picture-perfect posts for your Instagram!

best wedding photographers in delhi

We firmly believe in investing in a wedding photographer as even after all the ceremonies get over. Wedding pictures something which lasts forever and is stored for a lifetime!

Now, saving you from the burden of providing that perfect photographer, we provide you along with the best wedding photographers in Delhi.

  • Happy Flashbacks

Founded by a filmmaker and a journalist, Anish and Noopur, Happy Flashbacks is a creative collaboration between two professional documenters who created a wedding photography services studio. Since its inception in 2014, the company’s prime focus has been to fulfill their desire to tell stories through wedding photography.

best wedding photographers in delhi

They are someone who is interested in the people in front of their lens. Their passion for photography drives them to work out of the box and shot those ‘picture perfect’ photographs. Through creativity, innovation, and performance, he tries to deliver the best to their clients.

Their expertise lies in capturing candid moments to be cherished as memories for a lifetime. The duo also specializes in:

  1. Candid  photography
  2. Wedding photography
  3. Concept photography
  4. Videography and cinematography services

  • Hand in Hand Films By Ashu Kalra

Work in a variety of photography and videography styles including real to life and customary styles.

Hand close by Films is a well-known photography and videography organization situated in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi. So, if you’re looking for wedding photographers in South Delhi, then you should definitely check out.

best wedding photographers in delhi

The team are extremely passionate about what they do and ensure that their clients are able to enjoy and relive the fruits of their work as much as they do in creating them. They do their best to induce as much creativity in each of their tasks as possible.

The Hand in Hand team has catered to several weddings and wedding-related functions, across the city and outside the city as well and have received an immense amount of positive feedback for their exemplary work.

best wedding photographers in delhi


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With a team of 6 photographers who are extremely talented and hardworking, you can expect to have the best of services served to you on a platter consisting of stunning images.

Head to his Instagram to have a look at his work!

  • Photo Tatva By Suri

Photo Tatva is a brand based purely on passion and zeal to capture and create art through photos. They offer some specialized services for weddings and cover all your ceremonies capturing each moment, and creating absolutely beautiful moments.

With an extremely professional team and many years of experience under their belt, this wedding photographer will put an extra effort to make sure every detail is captured with precision and utmost sincerity.

Photo Tatva is a Delhi based photography company, which specializes in capturing your special moments of your D-day.

best wedding photographers in delhi

All the pictures captured by the team of Photo Tata by Suri Photography depict those special moments in stunning backgrounds that you will remember forever. They have a level of creativity that you can see in their work.

And, indeed this goes without saying that they are one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi.

Head to his Instagram to have a look at his work.

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  • Ram Sham Wedding Photography

The Ram Sham Wedding Photography is here to capture the best moments of your life be. Be it the pre-wedding fun shoots or wedding family portraits, The Ram Sham Wedding Photography is the way to go. Located in Delhi, The Ram Sham Wedding Photography is the obvious choice when it comes to weddings.

best wedding photograhers in delhi

They are the ones who understand the value of those tangible moments and the emotions connected with each passing second.

They are certainly the photography team you would want to have for your special days.

Their team of expert photographers is adept at calling the right shots. Book them for your wedding day celebrations, pre-wedding photoshoots, and post-wedding romantic shots. Let the best occasion of your life be captured in the most beautiful way. After all, what better way to create memories than photographs!

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  • Shashank Images

Shashank Shekhar is a style and wedding picture taker situated in New Delhi India. His work has been depicted as Classic, sentimental and clean. These are three characteristics that make up an ideal picture and Shashank nails it inevitably.

The dynamic blend of understanding and association reflects in every one of the pictures he makes today. Their companionship proceeds as they stay dear companions. Each having the incredible fortune to have discovered their significant interests in their specialty.

best wedding photographers in delhi

Consolidate these characteristics with his tense, sharp lighting and you have the formula for photography that anybody can acknowledge and relate to, in many cases finding a piece of them in every one of his photos.

Head to his Instagram to have a look at his work.

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  • Nalin Balutia Photography

This photographer provides you with the best possible pictures that you can cherish for a lifetime. Their team has the latest technology and modern ideas to give you the best and the most captivating pictures from your BIG DAY.

best wedding photographers in delhi

With creativity he makes your special days precious as it ought to be, we know and understand the depth of creating a memorable experience. They believe in creating beautiful stories and sagas, for the to-be-wedded couples. The wedding is the most important day in one’s life.

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best wedding photographers in delhi

Not only is the wedding day crucial but also the days when your relationship started to embark on a new journey.

  • My Visual Artistry

This brand that stands for a home of treasured photographs was born out of fervor towards capturing love stories. Founded by George Gupta way back in 2014, now known for remarkably painting each moment from behind the lens.

best wedding photographers in delhi

With diligent and talented photographers, cinematographers and editors, the brand offers turnkey solutions. Each wedding they believe is a clean slate, a fresh story.

They constantly redefine creative limits and strive to highlight the ‘Something unique’ in each. Further, coupled with their extensive skill set is the warm and caring attitude that enables them to get the best and the most cherished out of ‘The D-day’!

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  • Jatin Dua

Jatin Dua is extremely talented photographer who is a pro in both candid and traditional photography. He makes sure that all your precious moments are with impunity kept with you to cherish forever.

best wedding photographers in delhi

He and his team work with complete dedication and put all their heart and soul to make your wedding memories even more special.

best wedding photographers in delhi

In addition, they are ready to shoot your pre-wedding pictures and with a sole aim to push the pause button of your life and store them forever.

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  • Artistic Lens

Their sole aim is to provide a once in a lifetime experience to their clients, to make sure you leave not just with the absolutely stunning imagery from your wedding day.

The beautiful and everlasting memories of having someone you and your families can completely trust by your side all through it.

They have a real, evocative and captivating approach to shooting weddings &they believe is a fusion of fine-art, minimalistic and elegant imagery that you can surely expect. Also, their team will make sure to capture the best moments of your life in Pictures.

best wedding photographers in delhi

Careful attention to every detail and an absolutely unbreakable commitment to providing consistency in terms of quality, service, and creativity of utmost importance to them.

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  • Kanchan Studio

To bring all these together in images that tell a story that gives you an essence of not only what your wedding looked like, but also of how it felt – is the true job of a photographer.

The photographs have to speak to you, inspire the happiness that was created when two hearts committed when loved ones blessed.

Especially when friends and family cheered and rejoiced the wonderful union.

Kanchan Studio being into the industry since 1971, they design one’s life’s great moments with the latest technologies. They are renowned because of the special moments they create for their customers which are unforgettable. Conveniently situated within the heart of  Delhi.


  • Pegasus Eye Production

Pegasus Eye offers professional photography services for all occasions. They specialize as in :

  • Wedding,
  • Candid Wedding
  • North Indian Wedding
  • South Indian Wedding
  • Couple Portraits
  • Pre-wedding Shoots
  • Engagement
  • Reception photography


They have been in the business for 5 years now. Apart from regular photography, we offer products and services such as :

  • Calendar
  • Coffee Table Book
  • Poster, Photobook
  • Frames
  • Shortfilms
  • Documentary
  • HD Videos
  • Promo Videos.

We cover events in NCR and All Over India, depending on the requirement. We are comfortable communicating in Hindi and English.

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  • Lights, Camera Shutter

Mohit Dogra is a Delhi based photographer who specializes in candid wedding photography. With over 4 years of photography experience.

Creating beautiful images is something we’ve been deeply passionate about for years.

He brings his own perspective into play when he captures that shutter, combining skills to create photographs that he feels define a wedding’s special moments in life.

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best wedding photographers in delhi

Mohit believed in continues growth and is experimental with new tricks and techniques. He keeps himself updated with the trends but still try to maintain the traditional elegance in the snapshots.

And this goes without saying that Light Camera Shutter is indeed one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi.

  • Clicks By Garry

Garry is a freelance candid photographer currently based in Delhi, India. Has been doing photography for the last 8 years and started working for clients 2014 onwards.

best wedding photographers in delhi

He did a number of workshops to enhance photography skills, like:

  • Fashion photography workshop with Dabboo Ratnani
  • An advance wedding photography workshop along with Abhishek Singh ( Nikon India Photography mentor ) and also many more.

  • Mayank Malik

Each special moment between the loved bride and groom. Also between family members, friends, lovers or simply individual is captured & preserved as stunning memories.

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This photographer is both passionate and enthusiastic photographer.

He makes sure that customers get the best of what their brand can offer each and every time. His work is no less than an absolute delight to the eye. And also be sure to give him the privilege of capturing your big day and we promise you won’t regret choosing him!

So, that was the list of the best wedding photographers in Delhi, hope your search for the same ends here!!!

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Before finalizing best wedding photographers in Delhi, there are few points you should keep in mind before choosing one.

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  • Do Your Homework

Carefully review potential photographers’ websites, their social media to check out photos of other weddings they have shot, etc. Also, talk to your friends about their experiences with their wedding photographer and try to consider and use the tips and advice.

A skilled photographer will always be able to give you a testimonial from previous clients upon request or show you their portfolio.


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  • Establish A Relationship 

In order to get the perfect images of one of the most important days of your life. It is extremely crucial that you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence.

You can usually tell within the first five minutes of meeting someone, whether you feel a connection. First impressions are key and if you instantly strike a bond then you both are on the same page.

  • Choose Your Style!


Before you begin searching for photographers, you will need to first decide what type of photography style you prefer.

Do some research! Get an idea of what kind of photographs and themes you want for your D-DAY. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to settle in only one style, in particular.

Many wedding photographers can do a mixture of portraiture and documentary-style shots.

But if there’s a special style you love, make sure to keep the focus on photographers who specializes in it.

  • Value For Money

Your photographer should offer a variety of packages to suit all and should always also be flexible with pricing and what is included within each and every package.

Your photographer is providing a service and each couple will have unique expectations and requirements. So do make sure that your photographer can tailor make a package to suit your needs.

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