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Brides Who Ditched the Colour Red for An Extraordinary Look on Their Wedding Day


Wed Jul 29

From ancient times, it is a tradition for Indian brides to wear a red traditional lehenga or saree. Well, traditions have changed, and so have the Weddings in India. The brides, grooms and their families are evolving with time. Even in today’s times, most brides prefer to go all red and traditional on their special day but, there are many who want to go for something new and unique. The brides who look for all the beautiful colours available to explore and ditched the colour red on their wedding day. Well, it takes real courage to try something different and unique and we think these brides did a pretty amazing job on that.

So, if you are someone kinda sceptical about wearing the colour red on your wedding then, this article would help you decide whether you wanna ditch the traditional red colour or not. Make sure to check out these gorgeous brides who ditched the colour red and preferred something different to carry on their special day. Well, we sure you would rock in any colour you decide to wear to your wedding. All you need is a big smile on your face to work the charm.

  • Royal Bride in Blue

This bride went for royal blue lehenga to wear at her wedding and we think she looks stunning in the colour. The gorgeous blue looks extravagant and unique especially, on an Indian bride.

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  • Go Pastel in Green

From a long time now, pastels are ruling at the wedding fashion trends and so, this bride ditched the colour red for a more pastel shade to wear on her day wedding. We are in awe of this bride in pastel green bridal lehenga.

  • The Ivory Bride

So, many brides find it hard to wear ivory on their wedding but not this one. We absolutely adored the bride in ivory looking divine on her wedding day. Check out the gorgeous ivory bride below.

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  • Glitter in Gold

Apart from red, gold is among the most popular colour for Indian brides to wear on their wedding. Well, a gold lehenga is perfect to wear on your golden day and we think this bride nailed her golden lehenga look.

  • Fresh in Orange

We hardly find any Indian bride in orange. It does sound fresh and springy and extraordinary but, not many have the courage to carry an orange bridal lehenga. Well, this bride looks amazingly fresh and unique in her orange lehenga.

  • The Peacock Lehenga

This bride went for one of the most unique colours of all, the peacock colour. We adore the beautiful feather of peacock and this bride is looking as beautiful as a peacock in her unique lehenga.

  • Vibrant in Yellow

Yellow is among the prettiest and most vibrant shades of all. Well, this bride looks serene and radiant in her yellow bridal lehenga and ditching the colour red was the best decision for her.

  • The Bride in Silver

We always look for something different and ye-catching. Well, this bride went for a silver lehenga to wear on her special day and we are crushing over it. This lehenga looks gorgeous as well as unique for an Indian bride.

  • The Fairy Tale Bride in Grey

If you love to wear a lehenga with a princess gown like flair then, we are sure you would like this bride’s outfit. The gorgeous bride who ditched the colour red for a lehenga in greyish hues and baby pink dupatta would make a perfect outfit for an intimate wedding.

  • The Colourful Bride

So, why choose a single colour when you can go for all? Well, this bride ditched the colour red for all the other colours to add in her bridal outfit and we think it is super adorable and beautiful.

  • The Bride in Hot Pink

Pink is yet another colour popular among Indian brides to wear on their wedding. Well, this bride chose to wear her pink lehenga in a contemporary style. So, to add that uniqueness to her look, the bride went for a combination of pink and blue which looks stunning.

  • The Turkish Rose Bride

The Turkish rose bride took over the internet with her unique and fresh colour choice in the bridal lehenga. We are in love with how the whole look turned out and guess what? This colour has gone viral and is one of the most popular unique and fresh shades in bridal lehengas of 2020.

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