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Brother of The Bride Wardrobe: to Get That Killer Look on Your Sassy Sister’s Wedding


Thu Jun 4

An Indian wedding is filled with emotion and drama. Every boy in their sister’s wedding is one of the most emotional men in the room. He never shows his emotions until the very last moment and burst in tears during bidaai. Well, showing your emotion is not an option when you have so much work to do. The bride’s loving brother has to take care of everything from receiving guests at the airport to setting up the tent.

Well, it can be quite exhausting for you to take care of everything at your sister’s wedding and you hardly get any time to get your wardrobe for your sister’s wedding-ready. If you are the next most eligible bachelor of your family then, looking your best self on your sister’s wedding is all you need to steal the hearts of all the girls on the groom’s side. Well, we have something that would come handy while prepping up your wardrobe of essentials for your sister’s wedding. Yes, a list of all the essential items you need to pull off that killer look. So, make sure to check our complete list below and start preparing as you don’t have much time left.

  1. A stylish outfit for a dashing look

Well, the first thing on our list of essentials is obviously, a handsome outfit for you to wear on your sister’s special day. Boys have many options to choose from when it comes to wedding outfits. You can go for an Indo western set or a sherwani or just a classy suit in your favourite shade. Make sure to choose the shades trending this season for your outfit to get that ultimate chic and dashing look.

Sister of the Groom Wardrobe: for That Sassy Look on Their Bhai’s Wedding

  • Well-groomed beard

A guy looks a hundred times more attractive in proper beard and moustache. You cannot go with a bushy beard in your sister’s wedding with a stunning outfit. It’s a serious fashion crime, to be honest. Well, worry not as all you need is a beard grooming session in your favourite salon just a day before all the wedding functions. You can also get yourself a beard grooming set to make sure your beard looks perfect on every occasion.

  • Hair gel to set your hair

Well, just like your beard, your hair needs special attention too. A boy with a proper hairstyle never fails to steal every girl’s heart. So, get yourself a suitable haircut and set those strands of hair falling on your forehead now and then, with a hair gel to get that gentleman look. You can also watch some YouTube videos to get a guide on how to set your hair with a gel perfectly.

  • A classy watch

Men without a classy watch are, as incomplete as, women without makeup on any wedding function. So, if you don’t have a classy watch yet then, make sure to start looking for it now as selecting a good-looking watch is a task that seems simple but isn’t simple at all. You need to check whether the straps are matching your outfit or the dial is too small or large for your wrist. So, begin your search now, and find your classy watch to wear at your sister’s wedding.

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  • A pair of shoes that are chic and comfy

One thing that all men love to collect different pairs of shoes. If you are someone who has a huge collection of shoes in all the categories from sportswear to party wear then, we think you are sorted but, if you don’t have a pair of shoes, that are super comfortable and stylish then, you need to start searching now. Make sure to choose a comfortable pair of shoes matching with your outfit to complete your dashing look.

  • We can’t miss out on the pagdi

When you belong to the girl’s squad, you cannot miss out on the pagdi for your look. An Indian guy in pagdi looks no less than a raja. So, make sure to select your pagdi corresponding to your outfit on your sister’s wedding.

  • A royal broach or a classy tie, you decide

Lastly, don’t miss out on adding a royal broach or a classy tie in your wedding essentials wardrobe list. Always go with a classy tie on a suit and a royal broach with a sherwani or Indo western, to complete your whole look.

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