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Checkout These Handsome Grooms Killing It In Their Sabyasachi Outfit


Mon Jun 15

When we talk about weddings, the major focus is always on brides. The clothing trends, the jewellery, makeup and whatnot. Well, this time we are focusing on the handsome grooms out there as they need just as much of pampering as a bride. Celebrating your bond with the love of your life is what a marriage is all about. A wedding is one of the most special events in anyone’s life. So, we are here to make sure it is as special for the grooms as it is for the brides. This article not only has some inspiration for the grooms but also for the brides to check the ongoing trends for their grooms.

As we know, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a big name in the bridal wear industry. Well, not just for the brides, Sabyasachi has got everything ready for the dashing grooms too. So, we took some time out for our handsome grooms and picked out some of the most stunning outfits from Sabya’s collection. Make sure to check out these stunning pictures of grooms killing it in their Sabyasachi outfit. Also, don’t forget to bookmark these super handsome outfits for your wedding inspiration.

  • Handsome grooms in pastels

Sabyasachi Mukherjee made sure that not only brides but also the grooms look fabulous in a pastel outfit. Pastel colours are in trend since, 2019 and we are sure the trend is on for coming years. We loved how these handsome grooms are making sure their pastel sherwanis are complimenting their brides’ outfit too. We are definitely getting Virushka vibes from the first picture below.

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  • The blushing Sabyasachi grooms

Who said that men don’t blush? Well, these adorable grooms are surely nailing the blush pink Sabyasachi sherwani. These handsome grooms are looking no less than a royal prince, all dressed up to take their princesses with them. Make sure to check out the pictures below and adore these grooms in blush pink Sabyasachi outfit.


  • The most classy Sabyasachi groom

If the word ‘classy’ was a person, this groom is surely how it would look like. We are in awe of this dashing groom and his swag style on his wedding day. This groom took his wedding look to an entirely new level. We absolutely love how the groom is wearing a stylish pair of black aviators and a proper beard along with his royal green Sabyasachi sherwani. Make sure to check out the picture below and take all the inspiration you need for your wedding day.

  • The royal grooms

If brides look no less than a queen on her wedding day then, grooms are no less than a king. These royal and elegant grooms are nailing it in their Sabyasachi outfit. A pagdi or turban with royal patka is all you need for a royal look. We are sure these looks are goals for every groom and so, make sure to check the picture of these royal grooms below.

  • Grooms in floral Sabyasachi sherwani

Going floral is never out of trend and so our grooms in their floral sherwani are rocking it on their wedding day. We are adoring these handsome grooms going floral with their brides, giving us major summer wedding goals. Don’t forget to check out the pictures of these breezy grooms in their floral Sabyasachi sherwani.

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  • Sabyasachi grooms in ivory

Ivory is one of the most classy and elegant shades for a groom to wear on their wedding day. Well, Sabyasachi, as we know, is the king of wedding fashion and outfits and so, he has given the beautiful ivory shade a new life with his ivory sherwani. Light shades always give your complete look a decent and elegant vibe and so, these grooms are some of the most handsome grooms of all time. Make sure to check out the pictures of these handsome grooms in ivory below.

  • Grooms of Sabyasachi in beige

Not only in bridal fashion but also in the groom’s fashion the colour beige is highly popular and trendy. With the change in trends and fashion from the past few years, nude shades have gain popularity be it in makeup or outfit colours. Well, these grooms surely didn’t miss out on the trends and went for the chicest colours of all for their wedding outfit. Check out the pictures of these handsome grooms below.


**All pictures belong to there respective owners. No copyright intended only for inspiration purposes.

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