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Confused About Where to Host an Intimate Wedding? Check Out Some Amazing Venue Options


Fri May 22

With the arrival of this global pandemic, the government of India has come up with various guidelines and rules for different sectors. One such guideline includes the solution for the couples who were planning to get married at the start of 2020. Well, the wedding sector has been drastically affected during this global pandemic and the new guidelines have come off as a blessing for many. Several wedding vendors available on SetMyWed to help you out with the preparation of your intimate wedding. SetMyWed provides you with an easy and hassle-free way to plan your wedding during the lockdown. Make sure to contact us now for a hassle-free wedding planning.

A wedding venue needs to be booked months before the wedding but, this pandemic was a major reason for the cancellation of all the prior venue bookings. Well, we know you must be concerned about finding a wedding venue in such a short time for your intimate wedding. So, if you are a couple who wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity of hosting an intimate wedding of 50 members then, we have just the right wedding venue for you. It is our duty to make sure you get every possible help with your wedding during this lockdown and so, we have a list of all the amazing venues for you to host an intimate wedding. Make sure to check out our list below.

  • Home sweet home

What could be a better and a safer place than your own home during the coronavirus pandemic? Your home sweet home is a special venue to host your wedding as it has all the childhood memories you are going to miss after marriage. Hosting an intimate wedding during the lockdown at your house is much easier as you would need minimum permissions and hence, no need to hassle. You can either video call your relatives or invite them to your place according to your convenience.

  • Gardens or parks with some floral décor

If you are someone who lives in a society with beautiful gardens or parks or has a park nearby then, hosting a beautiful floral wedding wouldn’t be any difficulties during the lockdown. You can connect with your decorators and if you don’t have one, you can always look up on SetMyWed for some of the best vendors without even having to step outside your house.

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  • What could be better than a temple wedding?

Indian weddings have always had a special place for the blessings of gods and goddesses and hence, many people host a Jagran or kirtan before the wedding. Well, in this case, you can have a blessed wedding in a nearby temple. Make sure to take all the prior permissions needed to host the wedding in your nearby temple. A wedding is such a sacred place is a dream for many and this lockdown has given you the chance to make this dream come true.

  • A beach wedding is all you need

If you are among the luckiest couples who reside in coastal cities with beautiful coral beaches then, this lockdown has come as a blessing for you. Having a beach wedding is a dream of many and yours is just about to come true. A big fat Indian wedding is sure famous in our country but, an intimate beach wedding is what the millennials crave. So, make sure to get all the permissions and host your dreamy beach wedding during this lockdown.

  • At the terrace or lawn

Weddings usually need an open space and especially, during the times of coronavirus, an open space wedding is everything you need. So, why not make use of that beautiful terrace or lawn you have as a venue for your wedding. Set up a beautiful mandap in the centre and take those wedding vows without any problem during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • Community halls

Many community halls with the smaller area are coming useful during these times. Hosting an intimate wedding with a max of 50 people is what community halls are meant for. Get in touch with your nearby community halls and take all the permissions you need to host a wedding during this lockdown. Don’t forget to check out our list of top decorators and caterers in your city to make sure your intimate wedding is not missing out on any details.

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