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Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas – Bookmark Now


Fri Jul 8

Pre – Wedding photoshoot is not only a photoshoot but the emotion. It’s as important as another wedding ceremonies photoshoot.

If you are browsing for creative pre-wedding photoshoot ideas then you are landed in the correct place.

Today we come up with some really very unique and beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot ideas which will mesmerize you.

Scroll down for the treasure 

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you are a Harry Potter lover then why not add this to your creative pre-wedding photoshoot. You both can try Harry Potter costumes and try to pose like Harry Potter. It will be a very unique and great idea.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Want to recreate the Bollywood scene. We have ideas for you. You will definitely recreate gerua scene and become each other raj and Simran

Coming out from the sunlight

Slipping from the shade…

The place where we met…

Time stopped right there.

The sky melted…

It turned into glass…

When it froze then…

It took the shape of your face…

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you want something simple and romantic then this rain of flower photoshoot will be perfect for you. It’s very romantic and sweet.

Seasons of spring, shower with flowers, my love has arrived

my love has arrived

Winds sing away to the tunes, my beloved has arrived

my love is here

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you want something romantic and cozy. Then this idea will be perfect for you. Plan a pre-wedding shoot trip to the mountains and enjoy the snow and click some beautiful shots with white snow. You can also shoot near-born fire.

Your breaths are flames, your body is fire

They snatch away my peace, they steal away my sleep.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Make a tent house and add some fairy lights and flowers around it. It will be a perfect idea for a pre-wedding photoshoot in a pocket-friendly manner.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

let’s take you to the city of stars

You can also create a cozy corner at your home too. Use fairy lights and some heart shape props to add additional blink. And your pre-wedding photoshoot corner is already. It’s a very pocket-friendly idea and also very romantic too.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

You can also recreate Aashiqui’s signature pose too.

Hum tere bin ab rehe nhi skte…

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Also the jab we meet scene also.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

You both can also use Mickey and Minnie’s balloons too to add more fun to your creative pre-wedding photoshoot.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you’re a gymholic and don’t want to miss a single day. Then this idea will be great for you. Try to use more and more tools as a prop to achieve the best shot.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

You guys can also choose holi colors as your prop. Play with the colors. Trust us, the end result will definitely mesmerize you.

Do me a favor let’s play Holi


Rangon mein hai pyar ki boli


Ho mere pichhe pichhe pichhe kyon aaye


Mera jiya jiya kyon dhadkaaye


Jaa re jaa dont touch my choli


Uff yeh Holi hai yeh holi

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

We also have an idea for shopper Holi. Yes, guys, you saw it right. You can go to a shopping mall and take a very playful picture. Use trolly as a prop and use it in a different manner to get some perfect shot.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you’re someone who likes the rain. So why can’t add this to your pre-wedding photoshoot? You can create a fake rain and make some very romantic and cute poses to get some mesmerizing shots.

Tip tip barsa pani…

Pani m aag lgani …

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


Prove your sayings right by breaking stars and moon for your bride-to-be. You can definitely take this idea for your pre-wedding shoot.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Unleash your inner Masterchef and cook together for some really sweet and beautiful shots

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Add some colors to your pre-wedding photoshoot by using colorful smoke. It gives a great punch to your photoshoot.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

You can also use your cars for a pre-wedding photoshoot. It’s a very pocket-friendly idea. You just need a car and a good photographer and the end results are really mesmerizing.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you afford to go abroad for a pre-wedding photoshoot then it will be a great idea.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

And if you can’t don’t worry. We have ideas for everyone. You can go to some nearby archeological places. These historical places really look very beautiful and will definitely help you to achieve some stunning shots.

Creative Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding poses ideas

Just lay in the garden and make a heart from flowers and it’s all. Trust us, the end result will definitely mesmerize you.


You both can also go to a disco or game zone for some stunning shots.

Kisi disco m Jaye…

Kisi m hotel m khaya…

Dekh n le hume koi…

You already know better

So these are some creative pre-wedding photoshoot ideas. Let us know in a comment box which one is your favorite. Mine is a harry potter one…

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This can be answered by taking some consideration what you are looking to achieve with your pre-wedding photography. The number of pictures taken is not more important than the quality of the pictures. In your pre-wedding shoot, it is good to have some photos where you are both together and somewhere you are separate. So in total, you can have around 60 of your pre-wedding session.

1. Select the date and time, when it is best to take photos. But don’t forget to take into consideration the weather conditions. 2. Discuss with your photographer, where exactly you want to shoot. 3. Plan your outfit, in accordance with the time of the day and the place of the shoot. 4. Discuss the details like gifts, props, etc, so that there is no confusion or delays during the shoot. 5. The photo shoot should be done as per the time and schedule decided upon because there are many other things to do and you don’t want your pre-wedding photoshoot to be delayed or canceled. 6. As the arrangements will be done in advance, the photographer & his team should reach on time because if not you will have to bear the loss. 7. Arrange and decide on the editing, so that the photos are not affected by your decision.

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