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Cutest Candid Haldi Shots of Brides That Are Making Us Awestruck


Thu Mar 4

When it comes to weddings, the haldi ceremony is gaining popularity day by day and so, we are here to make sure yours is a blast too. Well, we have seen so many brides looking such cuties on their haldi. So, we have handpicked some adorable candid haldi shots of brides that made us awestruck. Also, we are sure you must be looking for inspiration all over the web to nail your bridal photoshoot. So, do make sure to check out our collection of candid haldi shots of brides looking super aesthetic and take all your bridal haldi photoshoot inspiration from the shots below.

The Cutest Candid Haldi Shot with Your Friend with Pawws

Well, this is one of the cutest candid haldi shots of a bride with her furry friend. Dos are already super adorable and when you add a bride to the frame the picture becomes unbearably adorable. Check out the image below and adore the cutest duo ever.

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How About Candid Haldi Shots of Bride With The Dulha?

These brides are killing it in their haldi pictures with their grooms-to-be. Well, we loved the super romantic and cute shots of the couple at their haldi. So, if you are planning to have a combined haldi ceremony with your dulha then, below are the shots for your inspiration.

The Happy Bride Candid Shots At Haldi Are Awwdorable

We love and adore the happy brides and so, we have found these cuties looking sparkling in their candid haldi shots. Well, check out the images below and adore these cutest brides with all yellow haldi face.

Oh So Aesthetic! The Most Beautiful Candid Haldi Shot Ever

Well, we have found you the most aesthetic haldi bridal shot ever. We are totally in love with this one as it is giving us such astonishing vibes. Don’t forget to take inspiration from the image below.

Some Adorable And Fun Candid Haldi Shots With The Bridemaids

Any bridal haldi shot is incomplete without the bridesmaids colouring the bride yellow from top to bottom. Well, these are the most admirable haldi shots of the bride with her squad.

The Sad Bride Haldi Shots Is Our Favourite

Aww, this candid shot of the bride giving such adorable sad expressions is melting our hearts away. Well, haldi ceremonies can be super emotional and this shot seems so apt for the occasion.

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Gorgeous Candid Haldi Shots of Brides At Mangala Snanam

The Mangla Snanam ceremony always looks astonishing and well, we have handpicked out two favourite candid haldi shots of brides at their Mangla Snanam. Check out the images below.

How About An Artistic Yellow Hands Shot for Haldi?

We found this super artistic haldi shot of the bride with all the yellow coloured hands around her and we instantly fell in love with it. Check out the image below.

The Most Aesthetic Flower Shower Haldi Shots Ever!!!!

This new trend of showering flowers at the bride on her haldi is our favourite of all. We have seen so many brides looking super cute in the floral shower at their haldi. So, brides make sure to include this at your haldi too for epic haldi shots.

The Swagger Bride Candid Shot At Haldi Is All You Need

This bride is giving us major swagger haldi bridal shot goals. Well, all you need is a pair of shades, a yellow haldi coloured face and a pretty smile on you.

Mother of The Bride Showering Love On Her Is So Beautifully Emotional

This picture is so beautifully emotional with the mother of the bride showering all her love and affection with the flowers on the bride.

Well, We Love How Cute This Bride Looks With All Yellow Face

Lastly, we found the most relatable haldi shot with the bride getting super annoyed while the others are having fun colouring her yellow in haldi. Also, the expressions are so cute that we couldn’t help but post them on the blog.

**All pictures belong to their respective owners. No copyright intended only for inspiration purposes.
Source: Pinterest

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