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Things To Do To Avoid Wedding Postpone/Cancellation Stress


Wed Apr 29

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the world in great disturbance and it seems like all the living has paused for a while. People are not going to work anymore, children are being home schooled, all the events are either canceled or postponed which includes your wedding too. We know it can be a difficult time for all the couples who were planning to get married this year.

Well, to make sure you are not stressing too much during this lockdown we have got something that might help. All the brides and grooms to be who are finding it hard to deal with the postponement or cancellation of their wedding can follow these simple yet effective tricks to de-stress themselves. It is important that you utilize this free time and work on yourself to be a better and healthy version of yourself. So, make sure to check out our simple trick below and follow them right away. Let’s get started.

Meditate your stress away

Yes, we know every yoga or health-related article would suggest you meditate and keep your stress away. Well, meditating actually helps if done on a regular basis. If you have anxiety issues then, meditation will bring peace to your mind. If you are someone who doesn’t find it effective then, you can try some spiritual activity like chanting some mantras or praying to the god once in a day. All these spiritual activities are meant to bring peace and keep you away from stress.

Follow a skincare routine

Stress can make your skin dull and you don’t want to go out with that dull face once the lockdown is over. So, in the meantime, you can make sure to follow a simple skin-care routine. Try washing your face twice or thrice a day, exfoliate your skin twice in a week or just put some homemade face mask and eat healthy foods to make sure your skin stays healthy and glowing.

Eat healthily, stay healthy

When we talk about being healthy and fit our diet is what makes the most difference. Well, you must be missing junk food but, eating fried food every day can lead to unhealthy eating habits and this lockdown has already made many people eat fried food on a daily basis. Make sure to avoid it to keep yourself fit even in this lockdown but, don’t stress over it as the main point of this is to keep you destress and happy.

Learn to cook

During this lockdown, we have seen many channels over youtube with different recipes. Dalgona coffee is one of those trends and not just that we have seen people making gol gappas, momos, and whatnot at home. So, make sure to learn cooking some of the most unique dishes for your spouse and impress them with your cooking skills once the lockdown is over.

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Lots of phone calls with your groom/bride

Yes, that’s right. You get to spend this lockdown talking over call with your special one. Well, thanks to technology, video calls are a blessing for all the love birds out there. This time is special for you to strengthen your bond with your partner and if you are in an arranged marriage then, this would be your perfect time to get to know your partner better.

Bookmark some amazing outfit ideas

There is never enough time to select the best wedding outfits and this lockdown is a blessing for all those who were finding it hard. You have plenty of time to take all the inspiration for your wedding outfit from the internet.

Practice your bridal entry walk

Well, this one is for our brides to be. Every girl’s wish is to make an astonishing entry on their wedding day. Well, there is never much time for brides to practice their entry walk but, guess what? This lockdown is your chance to practice that bridal entry you have been dreaming of.


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