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#DiwaliSpecial: 15+ Diwali Decor Ideas to Make Your House Shine this Diwali


Thu Nov 12

We all are super excited for Diwali and on this day of Dhanteras, we have some exciting ideas for you to decorate your home this Diwali. As we know, Diwali is all about beautiful lighting and delicious sweets. On this day everyone tries to make sure their house looks the best to impress the god of prosperity, Goddess Lakshmi. Well, we are sure you must have cleaned your house from nooks and corners to prepare your house for the arrival of Lakshmi Ji. So, we are here to help you decorate your lovely house this Diwali. Check out our Diwali Decor Ideas to make sure your house shines out.

Well, with the pandemic around it could be a little difficult for you to gather all the decorative materials for your house. So, we have some ideas in which you can simply DIY some amazing decorations. Well, if you also want to make sure your house is all prepared for the Goddess to bless you then, make don’t forget to decorate it with love. Here we have some beautiful Diwali decor ideas ready for you to take all your Diwali decor inspiration from. So, make sure to check out the Diwali decor ideas below and make your homes Diwali ready.

  • Diya Stands to Light Up the Corners

Get yourself a beautiful pair of some standing light holders and light up the corners of your home. Well, you can also add some flowers to your corner decor too.

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  • A Special Puja Room Decor

We have a special Pooja room decor inspiration for you. Check it out below and decorate your pooja room this Diwali.

  • Hang Those Dupattas to Decorate Your House

Well, we all love the dupatta decor and this list of diwali decor ideas isn’t complete without it. Check out the images below to get inspiration for dupatta decor.

  • Light Up Your Dining Area with Diyas and Flowers

How about you use glasses for diwali decor? Well, check out this perfect diy for your dining area decor and light up your house.

  • The Infamous Matki Decor We Love

We love these matka and marigold string decors. We have seen this decor in various wedding events and this is one of our favourite Diwali decor ideas of all.

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  • A Floral Rangoli to Keep Your Doorway Fragrant

Check out this floral rangoli with some lights on it. Well, we loved this idea to add a floral touch to your diwali rangoli. How about you?

  • Add Some Design to Your Diyas

Want to show off your creativity? Well, put all your creativeness on those plain diyas with acrylic paints. We are absolutely loving this decor element for Diwali.

  • Floral Strings to Decorate the Doors and Balcony

Well, this one is the most common and beautiful Diwali decor ideas. Hang some floral strings to the doors and balcony of your home and voila! You get a perfect diwali home decor without much effort.

  • Make Your Own DIY Leaf Parrots

Check out this amazing idea of creating parots with leaves. We are all in for it and found it perfect for this Diwali decor.

  • Hang Those Pots with Lights Inside

Hang those unused pots to the ceiling of your balcony and add tealight inside them. Well, you can also use a sprinkler and add fairy lights to them.

  • The Beautiful Diya Decor with Flowers

Take some diyas and decorate them with flowers. This diya decor is effortlessly beautfiul.

  • DIY Diya Hanger Wall Hanging

Well, we have this DIY diya hanger for you. All you need is a wooden hanger, some clips, strings and same sized containers. Cover these container with decoraitve paper and add the tea lights to them. A perfect Diwali walll hanging for your home.

  • A Corner Full of Lights and Flowers

A beautiful corner decor idea for your home with flowers and diyas. Check out the image below to take your diwali decor inspiration.

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