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Do These Easy Tasks To Boost Your Bridal Makeup Business By 5x


Tue Jun 23

The wedding business is greatly affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With the growing fear among wedding vendors, the bridal makeup artist business is highly affected by all. As we know, the new rules of unlocked India have some new guidelines for salons and beauty parlours. Even though the salons are allowed to start operating, clients are still sceptical about going to the grooming centres. As a result, the bridal makeup artists are finding it hard to cope with the after-effects of the pandemic.

Well, we are here to help you and get your bridal makeup business back on track. We are all in this together and lifting up our wedding vendors is all we care about during these hard times. So, make sure to read our article and do these simple and easy tasks. If you are a bridal makeup artists and you are finding it hard to get clients then, setmywed can help you get clients every day. Check out the complete list of tasks and find out how you can give your bridal makeup business a great start.

  • Keep posting on social media

One of the major sources of clients is social media platforms. Some of our brides took all their inspiration from Instagram. Not only Instagram but Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook play a bigger role in expanding your bridal makeup business. It is essential that you keep posting your work on different social media platforms and give your clients a better idea about your work as a bridal makeup artist.

  • Do live sessions for your clients

Many wedding vendors did live sessions on social media, mainly Instagram to keep their business going. Well, that’s what you have to do to boost your bridal makeup business. You can also come live via setmywed Instagram handle to reach a greater number of audience. This would help your clients judge the precision of your work and get your named renowned as a bridal makeup artist.

  • Keep up with the new makeup trends

Having a good knowledge of the latest trends and fashion as bridal makeup artists is necessary. A bride would always want to keep up with the latest trends and so, you should be aware of them too. You can use this time to get more knowledge about the ongoing makeup trends and give your brides the suggestions accordingly.

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  • Stay in touch with your clients

With the outbreak of coronavirus in India many weddings got cancelled or postponed. If one of your brides’ wedding got affected due to the pandemic then, make sure you keep in touch with her. It can be a difficult time for everyone in the wedding industry including the couples aspiring to get married this year. Well, all you need is to stay in touch with your clients and let them know you are available to groom them on their wedding day.

  • Install the new social distancing guidelines

Many bridal makeup artists and salons have found a way to cope up with the coronavirus. With proper sanitization and new techniques, the bridal makeup artists are all set to give their business a head start. So, if you own a bridal makeup business then, you must ensure the safety of your workers, brides and yourself. Keep a proper sanitization process with all your makeup tools and brushes. Don’t forget to provide masks and PPE kits to your workers and use disposables sheets and towels. This would ensure complete safety for your clients and your bridal makeup business.

  • Bring on some new discounts and offers

To boost up your business, you need to introduce new offers and discounts for your customers. Every client is attracted towards discounts and coupons and so, bringing on some new offers and combos would ensure more clients for your business. Also, don’t forget to advertise those new discounts on your social media networks.

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  • Register as a vendor on SetMyWed

Lastly, the one solution to all your problems is here. Setmywed makes sure that our wedding vendors are getting new clients daily. we are here to hold your hands during these hard times and boost your bridal makeup business by up to 5x. Brides are furiously looking for bridal makeup artists online and this is your chance to grab the opportunity. Get yourself enrolled as a vendor on SetMyWed and enjoy the ease of online business with us.

It is super easy to register as a vendor on SetMyWed. All you have to do is click here and fill your details. So, what are you waiting for? Become a professional wedding vendor at SetMyWed now and give your wedding photography business the ultimate boost.

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