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Easy Breezy Looks for Your Intimate Beach Wedding You Should Check Right Now


Thu Jul 9

With the trend of intimate weddings going around, having an intimate beach wedding is your best option. Couples are looking for ways in which they can make their intimate wedding special. It is one of the best times to host an intimate beach wedding. There is a shortage of wedding venues across the country and it is hard to even find one during these times. So, if you are someone who wanted to have a destination wedding at the beach but, couldn’t find the possibility of it due to the number of guests. This is your time to live your dream and have your dream intimate beach wedding.

Well, to help you with your look we have something special waiting for you in this article. You cannot just plan a beach wedding without deciding your beach wedding look. If you are wondering what’s the big deal and you would just go for the traditional look then, we think you need to read this article once. Having a normal wedding and having an intimate beach wedding is a lot different than what you imagined. So, to help you with your easy breezy intimate beach wedding look we have some of the best inspirations coming up for you. Make sure to read the whole article and check out the easy breezy intimate beach wedding looks below.

  • Go coral with floral motifs

When we talk about beaches and the sea, the beautiful coral reefs are always the first thing that comes to our minds. Taking some inspiration from such beautiful corals you can make your beach wedding look entirely coral with orange hues. It would not only look stunning with the background but, you would also carry on the tradition of wearing something in the shade of red on your wedding day. Check out the gorgeous coral bride on her beach wedding and take all the inspiration you need.

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  • As white as pearls

Sea and pearls are two things that would always go together. Just like we find pearls in the depth of the sea, our brides should look no less than an exotic pearl. So, taking the inspiration from the beautiful pearls we have a magical pearl white look for your intimate beach wedding. It would not only complement the marine waves but would also make your beach wedding look extraordinary and inspiring. Make sure to check out one such pearl bride below.

  • Be easy and breezy

As we mentioned a beach wedding should be different and unique than a normal traditional wedding. So, here we are presenting you the easiest and breeziest beach wedding look of all times. Go with a non traditional look with a floral skirt and a entricately designed top to pair with it. Go with untied hair and let those strands dance with the  breeze. We are sure it would be one of the most exotic looks for a modern Indian bride. So, do check out the picture below for more inspiration.

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  • An amalgamation of coral reefs and marine blue

How about we mix the two most stunning and beachy colours in one outfit and make it your easy breezy beach look? Well, we have just the right amount of coral and marine to add in your lehenga and make it a perfect option for your intimate beach wedding. A fusion of sea and the beautiful reefs in the depth of it is all you need on your outfit. So, here we are with an amalgamation of blue and coral pink for your beach wedding look. Do checkout the below picture for reference.

  • Retro in beige

The subtle colour beige is now ruling in both modern and ethnic fashion trends. We love the subtleness and classiness in this colour. It also complements the Indian skin tone with perfection and so, going retro in beige on your intimate beach wedding is your way to subtleness. All you need is a light floral beige lehenga and a pair of shades with minimal nude makeup to complete your retro beige bridal look. Check out the picture below for more inspiration.


  • All marine look for your beach wedding

Talking about a beach wedding look and not including the colour blue is a bit unfair. So, we have just the perfect outfit and look for our marien brides. Take a gorgeous marine blue lehenga and pair it with some light nude makeup and floral hair accessories. It would make one of the finest and most beautiful beach wedding look of all.

  • A red lehenga is all you need

Lastly, a treat for the traditional and red lovers. A red lehenga is all you need with minimal jewellery to complete your intimate beach wedding look. Don’t forget to get a twirl shot in your light weight red bridal lehenga on the beach.

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Source: Pinterest

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