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Easy DIY Facemasks With Kitchen Ingredients to Get That Special Glow


Thu Jul 2

Many brides are sulking over the postponement of their wedding. While some brides are investing this time on their fitness and skin. Well, we would suggest you be the latter. This pandemic has taught us many things which also includes cooking numerous kinds of recipes and of course, how can we forget the dalgona coffee trend. Well, this article is not about the dalgona trend rather it will help you get rid of all those acne and pimples the lockdown stress has gifted you. A bride should feel special on her wedding day and clear skin is what all the brides wish for. So, we are here to help you achieve that glow and radiance on your skin before your special day with these magical DIY facemasks.

The very first advice we would like to give out to all our brides is to relax and destress themselves. This pandemic is a major cause of stress especially, for the brides whose weddings are postponed. So, make sure to meditate or do things that make you happy. A happy and stress-free day would keep the blemishes and pimples away. Well, for our next advice we have a list of all the amazing DIY facemasks you can try at home with the kitchen ingredients. So, make sure to read our complete article to get that glow.

  • Skin tightening DIY coffee face mask

Coffee scrubs and masks are quite popular these days. There are thousands of coffee masks available in the market that would burn a hole in your pocket. Well, we have an easy solution to that problem. All you need is two teaspoons of coffee powder, 1 teaspoon of yoghurt and half a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients together and make a paste-like consistency out of it. Now, apply this paste evenly on your face, avoiding the eye area. Keep it for about 15-20 mins. Rinse off with cold water and you’re done. You can apply this DIY facemask all over your body as well. All you need is a slight increase in the proportion of ingredients.

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  • DIY Ubtan we swear by

Every Indian mother taught her daughter the secret formula of their natural beauty. Yes, the all world-famous Ubtan. Every Dadi and Nani swear by this nuskha and the result is undoubtedly amazing. You are just a step away from getting that radiant and glowing skin. all you need is two teaspoon gram flour (besan), two teaspoon of yoghurt, a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of turmeric (haldi), few drops of lemon, and rose water. Mix all the ingredients together and make a thick paste. Apply this mix all over your face and body and let it stay until it dries out completely. You can either scrub it out or wash it off with cold water and tada! You got that beautiful and radiant skin.


  • Honey and oatmeal facemask

It is one of the easiest face masks there is. All you need is a teaspoon of oats and a teaspoon of honey. Mix the two and make a paste out of it. Add a teaspoon of warm water if required and apply the mix on your face. wash it off after 15 mins and welcome your newly moisturised skin.

  • DIY Chandan pack to brighten up your skin

Sandalwood is known for its cooling effect on skin and is also known as a skin brightener. Well, this facemask is everything your sunburnt and dull skin needs. All you need to do is take a teaspoon of sandalwood powder (Chandan powder) and a teaspoon of rose water. Make a thick paste and apply on your skin evenly. Keep it for about 20 mins and rinse off with cold water. Apply this mix daily to see visible results.

  • Cinnamon and honey mace mask for your acne

If you are tired of your acne and scars then, this face mask has come to your rescue. Mix in a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, a teaspoon of honey, few drops of coconut oil and vitamin E oil. Mix the ingredients and make a paste out of it. Apply this mix all over your face and let it stay for about 10-15 mins. Rinse off with cold water and apply this mix to your acne and scars twice or thrice a week to see the results.


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  • Banana yoghurt face pack for flawless skin

Lastly, the all-rounder fruit banana has a solution to all your skin and hair issues. So, take a ripe banana, a teaspoon of yoghurt, half a teaspoon honey and blend them together. Now apply this mixture over your face, body or even hair to get flawless skin.

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