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Effects of Covid-19 On Wedding Vendors and How They Are Coping with It to Save Their Wedding Business


Sun May 31

The global pandemic coronavirus is spreading all over the world and increasing its spread in every part of our country. As we proceed towards lockdown 4, many new rules and regulations are enforced by the government. With this uncertainty, many businesses are getting affected with certain amounts of loss. The global pandemic has not only affected the large scale businesses but has also had a greater impact on small scale businesses.

From start-ups to small vendors, everyone is getting affected by the spread of this virus. One of the major industries affected by this pandemic includes the wedding industry with thousands of wedding vendors finding it hard to cope with the after-effects of this pandemic.

So, to cope up with this global pandemic many wedding vendors came up with different ideas and advice to help the wedding industry get back on their feet. Not only the vendors but, the couples who planned to get married at the start of this year are affected by this pandemic. The work is done on booking the vendors and caterers priorly went in vein too.

Well, its time that we all look for solutions to this problem rather than getting depressed over it. So, to give our input to the wedding industry and help to deal with the drastic effects of this pandemic we have some great suggestions for the wedding vendors and disappointed couples. Make sure to read the complete article to know more.

When should you start planning for the wedding?

Well, the new guidelines for lockdown 4 have been shared by the government and an intimate wedding with 50 members is allowed. So, if you are in desperate need to get married and postponing your wedding is not an option then, this is your perfect time to start sending out invitations to the close family members. Planning an Indian wedding was never easier than today but, keeping in mind all the norms of social distancing is the key to a hassle-free wedding.

For more inspiration and advice on how to plan an intimate wedding, you can get in touch with our wedding planners.

What should be the norms you must follow?

The government of India has provided a number of guidelines to be followed while organising an intimate event. Our team of wedding planners have the following advice for couples to get married during the quarantine.

  • Prepare a designer mask for your guests to keep them safe and stylish.
  • Make sure to sanitize the wedding hall before the arrival of your guests
  • It is advisable to check the temperature of your guests at the entrance via thermal screening.
  • Everyone should be provided with hand sanitizers at the entrance.
  • It is extremely important to request your guests to follow the social distancing.

What can the wedding vendors do for the clients?

Various wedding vendors at SetMyWed came forward to help the confused wedding vendors with their clients by suggesting the following advice.

  • Keep in touch with our client via various social media platforms as it may be possible for them to host an intimate wedding and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to assist them.
  • Have a new or improvised refund policy for the ease of your clients and your business.
  • Grow your services via any digital platform with the help of SetMyWed.
  • Do not panic even in these crucial times as we are in this together and this shall pass too.

How to Prepare for a 50 members wedding?

In this hour of panic, a 50 members wedding is not something you should worry upon. Indian weddings tend to be much bigger and complex to plan for. Take this as an opportunity and invite some of the closest members of your family and friends to your wedding. Arrange for the wedding either at your house or book a small hall for the wedding functions. You can opt for caterers to deliver the food to the venue.

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Prepare new payment policies?

Many Wedding vendors have enrolled in SetMyWed to grow their business digitally and due to the pandemic, going digital is your best option. Starting up new payment policies for your clients and accept the payment online is one of the most convenient options these days. You can simply start an online payment service for your clients and provide them with the necessary services by following the guidelines of social distancing. Become a vendor at SetMyWed and boost up your business even in the times of coronavirus.

What about the bridal fashion industry?

Every wedding vendor from fashion to décor has been affected by the arrival of this pandemic. To cope with it, many vendors are going digital and joining SetMyWed digital platform, to grow their business even in these crucial times. If you are a bride, planning to have an intimate wedding during the lockdown and doesn’t have a bridal outfit yet then, make sure to get in touch with some of our favourite bridal fashion stores to book your lehenga online.


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